How to use Easypromos to Create an Interactive Experience in a Museum

Miquel Bonfill
Miquel Bonfill
Easypromos’ Multi-Stage promotions are a flexible, easy, and simple solution to enrich in-person visits to museums or any other kind of exposition. The main idea is to create an online activity that will go along with the physical visit. Our recommendation is to go beyond merely offering additional content to the visit and add an interactive and gamification layer.

Here are some practical cases to guide and inspire you to create an Easypromos’ interactive experience in a museum. These actions will help enrich the visit with an online experience to complement the exhibitions.

Family experience in a museum with online interaction

Let’s say a family with children visits a museum. We all know kids can look at paintings for a little while, but they will need more than that. So, we could include a Q&A game (quiz) that takes place in every hall of the museum. What’s more, the parents wouldn’t have to download any app and everybody will be able to enjoy a fun experience connected to the museum’s exhibition

In the first hall, they will have to find an object depicted in one of the paintings. For the second one, answer a question about a painter or a painting. In the third, solve a puzzle depicting an important painting in the room. Upload a selfie recreating the scene of a painting in the next one, and so on until the end of the visit. This is a way to keep the little ones entertained and participating in the visit. Finally, by the end of the visit, and having completed all the activities, a “Museum expert visitor” certificate can be automatically sent by email, along with a discount voucher for the gift shop.

Easypromos museum interactive experience

Interactive visit 

It is not necessary to be a kid to enjoy the museum’s interactive activities. Along the same line as before, every hall or piece may have a QR code (or any other visual cue) that indicates the existence of an associated interactive activity. Visitors use their phones and participate in the activity without the need for any download. Hence, the activity can consist of a challenge, uploading a photo, answering a question, playing a game, or simply getting additional information on the exhibition through multimedia content. Additionally, participation can be incentivized through instant win prizes, discounts for future visits, or free entrances.

Advantages of implementing interactive experiences

Visitors’ information

The museum can collect general and contact information of the visitors that participate in any of the proposed online activities. Thus, by proposing a participative action, the museum achieves two objectives. From the visitor’s perspective, an enriched visit. From the museum’s perspective, the possibility of getting to know its audience better in order to prepare and segment its campaigns according to visitors’ preferences, interests, and needs.

Make the visits more memorable

Interactive dynamics get the visitor more involved in the exhibition. Multimedia games, quizzes, challenges, rallies, or fun facts about the artists or exhibition are different ways to connect with the visitor and reinforce the exhibition’s message. Therefore, and depending on how the action is presented, the whole experience doesn’t need to be circumscribed to the museum’s visit itself. The experience can be extended in time. For instance, once the visit has concluded, and since the museum holds the visitor’s contact details, it can send the visitor a link to a game that promotes the museum and gives away free entrances for the next exhibition.

Easypomos museum interactive experience

Limitless autonomy and flexibility

With Easypromos, the museum’s curators and communication department have total autonomy to create itineraries or digital routes associated with the exhibition. There is no dependence on the technical department to create these digital experiences. Easypromos allows for the creation of complex dynamics without the need for programming skills.

There is no limit to the number of dynamics that Museums can create for temporary or permanent exhibitions or itineraries. Which is to say, temporary and permanent exhibitions can be covered with a single license. Furthermore, Easypromos is not limited to the creation of digital itineraries, the license includes all the platform’s dynamics related to communication objectives as well as customer acquisition, loyalty, and engagement.

How to create a virtual itinerary in 4 steps:

  1. Create an Easypromos account. Creating an account is free and does not require any kind of payment. Once the account is created, you can access Easypromos’ administration panel.
  2. Log into the administration panel, locate and press the “Create new promotion” button and select the “Multi-Game” option. This is the kind of promotion that will allow you to create an itinerary with a single registration and several stages.
  3. When editing the Multi-Game promotion, you can add as many dynamics as you want. The dynamics that you can choose from are:
    • Games: Memory, Hidden Objects, Match it, Puzzle, Slide & Match, Timed Quiz, Word Search.
    • Spin the Wheel
    • Quizzes: Knowlegde Quiz, Survey. 
    • Multimedia contests, photos, videos, texts. 
  4. The last step is to activate it and make the virtual itinerary available to the visitors. Provide an easy-to-remember URL or a QR code to the visitor or print it on the exhibition’s leaflet. Additionally, you could display the URL or QR on the museum’s signs to remind the visitors to access the virtual itinerary.

Easypromos interactive museum experience

Try this DEMO of a virtual itinerary at the technology museum. Take a look at how to present challenges for each hall and get some inspiration for your project.

The creation of multi-stage interactive experiences is part of Easypromos’ White Label plan. Signing up is a completely self-service process but our live chat team and tutorials and templates are available to help you out. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to set up a conference call to give you more detailed information about the possibilities that Easypromos offers to enrich your visitors’ experience in your museum.

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