Interactive Halloween Promotions to boost your brand

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Halloween is almost here! And it's one of the best dates in your content calendar. Try these freakily effective ideas for Halloween promotions on social media to improve brand awareness and boost sales in no time! We've even given you some free templates and social media designs to get started! Read on for Halloween promotion ideas and learn how to launch yours in a few simple steps.

Let’s begin by sharing the most important fact: any brand can launch Halloween promotions and benefit from them greatly. You don’t have to be directly linked to Halloween, pumpkins, or spooky costumes to run Halloween promotions, contests, and giveaways for your social media followers and clients, simply because Halloween is like Christmas – everyone’s in! It’s a perfect occasion to increase brand engagement, reactivate social media followers, and give that little bit extra of publicity to your products or services. There are many different creative ways to do it and today we talk you through them all. Sit back, relax, and read on for the most popular Halloween promotions and apps.

halloween promotions

Boost engagement with Halloween promotions on social media

If you’re new to running promotions, then a social media giveaway might just be the simplest, most effective option to get you started. Organizing Halloween promotions on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter is quick and easy, normally taking just a few minutes. New followers, enhanced engagement, and a spike in sales are within your reach – all you need is an attractive Halloween prize.

Let’s take a look at a captivating example of an Instagram giveaway. This Halloween comment-to-win giveaway was organized by an Instagram influencer in collaboration with two other Instagram accounts. Instagram collaborations are fantastic for growing your following and reaching a wider audience, and it’s all because organizing brands get to grow off of each other’s audiences. So if you’re not directly linked to Halloween products take a look at the following example.

Halloween promotion ideas on social media: giveaways

The organizers asked interested participants to follow all the organizing accounts and tag their families and friends. In return, they all had a chance to win a festive bundle. Notice how perfectly the prizes were presented! Putting some extra effort into designing your Halloween giveaway post always benefits your giveaway by spiking the interest of more social media users, and therefore, attracting more participants to your Halloween giveaways.

Would you like to see more examples of comment-based Halloween giveaways on social media? Head to our blog post with real examples of Halloween giveaways.

Think about all the interactions that high-quality content generates on social media. How about converting that engagement into marketing leads for your brand or client? Promotions with integrated registration forms are very easy to set up and tend to be quite popular with social media communities. So opting for this promotional dynamic it from time to time is a great way to expand your mailing list.

Entry Form Giveaways are one of the best tools for converting social media followers into leads. The idea is pretty straightforward: users participate for a chance to win prizes and freebies. However, unlike in comment giveaways, participation happens outside of social media; in order to participate, users fill out a registration form with their contact details.

halloween promotion idea: entry form giveaway

Here’s an example of a Halloween promotion app that you can fully customize with your corporate image and therefore further expose your audience to your brand.

Launch a Halloween giveaway with a registration form and share the promotion with your followers. Raffle fun prizes, discount codes, vouchers, or even best-selling products that will help you promote your brand further.

Another example comes from a brand we all know, KFC. KFC looked for a fun way to increase footfall in their Portuguese restaurants. Right in time for Halloween, they announced a special Halloween promotion, in which clients could purchase 30 hot wings at a lowered price. To opt in for the discount, customers had to present a coupon downloadable from KFC’s promotion app after registering.

Halloween promotion idea: KFC's Entry Form Giveaway

Boost sales with a Halloween Spin the Wheel promotion

Let’s stay with the topic of boosting sales for a moment longer… We just love branded prize wheels!

Do you want to give away discount codes or vouchers? Or maybe you want to award your customers with product samples, Halloween costumes, or your best-selling products? The next example is for you.

Halloween prize wheel promotions can do a lot of good for your marketing strategy and objectives. Did you know that with prize roulettes you can boost sales, grow a mailing list, reinforce customer loyalty, and even drive traffic to your website? That’s right!

halloween promotion ideas, halloween promotions

The above example shows you how a supermarket can launch a Halloween promotion to celebrate the spooky season with its customers. How does it work? Participants register to spin the wheel for a chance to win discount codes and prizes.

Ideas for Halloween promotions: entertain and engage your audience with customizable games

Branded mini-games have become a new marketing trend adaptable to brands of all sizes. Incorporating gamification into your marketing campaign is a great idea if you haven’t done so already.

If you want to show off your brand’s creative and innovative side, then this section is for you. Branded games are fantastic for increasing brand engagement, entertaining your online community, and generally working on your brand image. And luckily for you, we have Halloween promotion apps that can be fully customized with your brand image. Take a look at what Halloween games you can launch with Easypromos:

Halloween promotion ideas: showcase new products and bestsellers with a branded Memory game

Memory games are one of the most popular forms of gamification, and they tend to attract a lot of players. Here’s an example of a Halloween Memory game that you can launch using our customizable Halloween template.

Halloween promotions Memory Game

All you have to do is edit the text, introduce prizes, upload branded images and share the link across social media channels to reach more users and convert them into sales leads.

Don’t forget to incentivize participation to attract more entrants! Halloween promotion apps won’t only entertain and engage your audience, but they will also improve brand and product awareness, and that normally leads to increased sales and reinforced customer loyalty.

Try all the promotion DEMOS and download the ready-made Halloween templates to create your own, Easy!

Halloween Slide & Match game that engages and converts

The all-time classic match-three puzzle can be fully customized with your corporate image and used to generate engagement and visibility for your brand. We created a Halloween version of the Slide & Match application so that you can incorporate it into your Halloween campaign with just a few clicks.

slide & match halloween game

In the above example, you can clearly see how the game is adapted to the Halloween campaign. Users participate by connecting the same icons in lines and rows, getting points for each combination. Note, that there are also special combinations worth more points. You can raffle prizes among the fastest participants, organize a random prize draw for all registered users, or give away discounts and coupons to each participant.

Ideas for Halloween promotions: launch a branded Puzzle game

If you don’t want to test your followers’ memory skills, challenge them to an interactive Halloween Puzzle. Choose an image that will be cut into pieces and presented as a branded jigsaw.

Halloween promotions Puzzle

This example shows how to promote a scream park or haunted house, but remember: you don’t have to be directly linked to Halloween to launch converting Halloween promotions. Simply give your audience a reason to remember your brand next time they need your product or services!

This Halloween promotion idea will do its job if you’re looking for an engaging game for your audience. Here are just a few ideas of images that you can use for your Halloween Puzzle:

  • Scary image
  • “Happy Halloween” message
  • Picture of a discount code that users get once they complete the game
  • Showcase your new collection or bestsellers

Learn more about your audience with Halloween quizzes

We all know that lead generation is one of the most desired marketing objectives. But we also know that everybody would like to qualify their newly obtained leads, too. We’re about to share with you a great Halloween promotion that not only helps you build your database but also learn some information about your new prospects.

Halloween quizzes can help you do that. Apart from entertaining and engaging your followers, and giving them a chance to win attractive prizes, you can also learn important information about your participants. You can for example launch a Product Recommender campaign, in which you learn the likes and preferences of your audience. At the end of the quiz, you can display products that best match each participant’s likes and you can even offer a discount code for that product! Personality Quizzes work exactly the same. So apart from collecting contact details you also increase the chances of converting leads into paying customers because your future marketing communications can be more targeted.

So let’s take a look at an example of a Halloween Knowledge Quiz. Just ask your audience some Halloween-themed questions (or even some questions about your brand) and collect leads for your future marketing campaigns.

halloween promotion ideas, halloween quizz

Promote your Halloween promotions

Lastly, how can you encourage customers to enter your Halloween promotion? How do you make it more visible? The truth is that it’s easier than it seems. Here are just a few examples of how you can disseminate your Halloween promotion:

  • Social media posts: organic and paid.
  • Banners, pop-ups, and widgets: promote the contest on your website in any form to convert visitors into leads. You can even embed the promotion on your e-commerce side or a new landing page to promote it.
  • Newsletters: do you have an existing database with the contact details of your loyal customers? Send them a direct link to access the promotion for a chance to win.
  • Leaflets and posters: are there many customers visiting your store daily? Print posters and put them up in your store, or simply hand out leaflets promoting your online promotions. Make sure you include a QR code in them so users can access your promotion by scanning it.

We hope this article and examples have inspired you to use our Halloween promotion ideas and apps to launch your campaign! Do you have questions or doubts? Don’t hesitate to chat with our Support Team!

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