Halloween Contest and Giveaway ideas

Looking for Halloween Marketing Ideas? You've arrived at your destination! Halloween is just around the corner, and it's one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year. So we've decided to bring you some creative Halloween promotion ideas and resources to get you inspired! Bring your target audience under your spell this Halloween with the full range of Easypromos apps and tools. Learn how to incentivize sales, expand your database, increase followers, and encourage engagement.


Run a Halloween social media games and contests to re-animate zombie followers, organize a scary photo contest to share your followers' Halloween costume ideas, or channel their creativity with a Halloween hashtag contest. Entertain your audience with spooky Halloween games and promotions and treat loyal customers to discounts and prizes.


Get ready to discover our favorite Halloween Marketing ideas for 2023!

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Halloween Contest Ideas

Ideas for your Halloween Contests

  • Boost social media engagement with Halloween Contests

    Halloween is the perfect time to boost engagement and grow your social media audience. Launch Halloween giveaways to reinforce social media presence or collect leads with an Entry Form Giveaway. Here are some inspiring ideas and resources for your Halloween giveaway:


    halloween social media giveaway

  • Halloween Marketing Ideas to Obtain UGC

    User-generated content is the most authentic and trustworthy content brands can gather. Take advantage of Halloween contests and encourage social media users to share their photos and videos for a chance of winning something in return! Incentivize participation to wake up your audience's creative side and watch your Halloween campaign go viral!


    halloween contests

  • Entertain your audience with Halloween Social Media Games

    Gamification is the latest trend in digital marketing and Halloween is the right time of the year to gamify your Halloween marketing strategy. Launch branded mini-games as part of your Halloween marketing campaign, collect leads, and boost brand and product awareness, all by inviting your users to interact with branded content. 


    halloween branded mini-games

    • Generate engagement with a branded version of a popular match three game. Try our Halloween Slide & Match game to see what it's all about.
    • Looking for Halloween campaign ideas that will help you promote your newly launched or best-selling products? Try our Halloween Memory game.
    • Our spooky Halloween Puzzle template will help you engage and entertain your audience like never before.
    • Do you want to engage your audience over a longer period of time? Organize an online Halloween Tournament Bracket and invite your audience to vote for the scariest movie characters.
  • Get in the spirit with Halloween Contests based on Quizzes

    Do you want to collect new leads and qualify and segment them straight away? You can do it with Halloween quizzes! Launch an interactive questionnaire or survey as part of your Halloween marketing campaign and collect vital information about your customers. Use the information to better target your audience and improve customer relationships.


    halloween quiz

  • The Mexican way: Day of the Dead Contests

    Would you like to celebrate in a more unique way? The Mexican Day of te Dead has seen an increased popularity spanning beyond Mexico and is becoming an internationally recognized holiday. Make the most of this colorful celebration celebrated on the 1st and 2nd days of November, right after Halloween!


    dia de muertos

    • Celebrate this increasingly popular festivity with your audience. Launch fun and engaging promotions with day of the dead games and contests. 

Halloween Contests Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I launch my Halloween campaign?

    Timing is important! Tap into the Halloween buzz by launching your Halloween marketing campaign two weeks before Halloween. Two weeks give you enough time to attract participants to your Halloween promotions and get the most out of your campaign. Download our Halloween Checklist and make sure your campaign is ready to launch! 



  • Almost 70% of Americans celebrate Halloween, therefore, it’s a perfect time of the year to reconnect with your audience and strengthen customer relationships. Halloween marketing campaigns help reengage with your online communities and increase sales and footfall. They're also a fantastic occasion to collect new leads and reinforce brand awareness. 

  • Halloween social media giveaways are fantastic engagement boosters, while Halloween contests allow brands to collect user-generated content. You can also launch branded Halloween games, such as Memory or Puzzle to entertain and engage your online community. See more Halloween promotion ideas

  • Of course! Any brand can run a Halloween marketing campaign. Simply update your website with some spooky images, share Halloween content on social media, and organize an interactive Halloween promotion as part of your marketing campaign. Even if your brand is not directly associated with Halloween, the holiday is still a great opportunity to boost brand awareness and sales, as people are on the lookout for new deals and bargains. 



  • Gamification is the latest trend in digital marketing. Launch a branded Halloween game to engage and entertain your audience, while also exposing them to your corporate image. Incentivize participation to attract more participants and make your Halloween promotion go viral.