The Easypromos API is Designed for Data-Driven Marketing

Randi Jensen
Randi Jensen
We've launched an updated version that makes it easier to use our API and set up integrations. The Easypromos API allows developers to automatically export a list of promotion participants, and integrate the promotion data with external platforms.

Most developers use the Easypromos API to export and manage data about the participants in their promotions. Some of the most common uses include:

  1. Integrate user data with CRM systems
  2. Validate user data in real time, against an external database
  3. Integrate users with third party platforms (for example, Salesforce)
  4. Create customized displays of competition entries, such as photo and video galleries

That’s why the Easypromos API is so essential to what we do. It enables brands and agencies to actually make use of the leads they collect through promotions, contests, and social media giveaways.

Below we’ll explain the latest updates to our API, and how we will support developers going forward.

How to access the Easypromos API

The API to export user data is only available for White Label promotions. White Label is the most complete version of Easypromos, with extra features for developers:

  • API access
  • webhooks
  • customization via CSS, JavaScript and custom HTML.

Premium users still have access to some third-party integrations, but no direct connection to the Easypromos API. With a Premium account, you can sync promotion data with:

Linking the API to brand accounts, not individual promotions

In previous versions of the Easypromos API, promotion administrators could extract user data. This was performed through an access token that changed for each promotion.

The big news is that we’ve moved this access token to account level in Easypromos.

Account-level access is more intuitive, more secure, and gives administrators a better experience for data integration and software development. For example, now developers can create a unique access token to access all users from all promotions linked to a single account.

This redesign of the API allows us to expand it with new functions and endpoints. Administrators will now have access, on the API level, to the same features you can access through the Easypromos web interface.

New security controls for API access

The update also offers improved control and data security. Access permissions to the API can be defined by promotion (endpoint), and by time.

This makes it easy for the account administrator to create new access tokens and define limits for access. The administrator can revoke and eliminate an access token at any time. For security reasons, a log of access tokens and access to the API is also saved internally.

New online documentation for the Easypromos API

The new API comes with new documentation to help developers and administrators adjust to the changes – and prepare for new expansions. Discover the online documentation for the Easypromos API.

Additional specification with Webhooks

Our specification in response to API calls is fully complementary with Easypromos Webhooks. Webhooks is a feature that allows to send user data from individual promotions to an external server, in real time. Learn more about Easypromos Webhooks.

Individual support for external and third-party platforms

If you need support to integrate data from third-party platforms, Live Chat with us, we’ll be happy to help.