Online Prize Wheels to Efficiently Give Away Prizes to Customers | Success Case

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
It is common practice for many brands, shops, and malls to have product samples to give away. In other cases, businesses with extensive catalogs allocate products to include as gifts. If any of these is your case, we recommend you to use our Spin the Wheel app to optimize prize distribution among your clients. It’s a fun way for users to try their luck and win gifts or discounts. Learn more about this success case of two Saint Valentine’s Spin the Wheel campaigns.

The Agency

Bannister Global

Bannister Global is a marketing, communication, and PR agency specialized in shopping malls. Its highly experienced team of professionals provides shopping malls with the strategic capacity and execution of tactics and marketing actions necessary to achieve the goals and objectives set by top management.

The Client

Carmila España

Carmila España is a company that owns and manages a portfolio of more than 78 shopping malls in Spain. They work to connect shop owners and clients by promoting closer and more accessible shopping malls.

This success case is centered on two shopping malls owned by Carmila Spain: Carrefour Camas – Aljarafe and  Carrefour San Juan de Aznalfarache.

Carrefour shopping malls

The campaign: two Spin the Wheel promotions to give away prizes on Valentine’s

Under the Valentine’s Day campaign umbrella, the agency organized two Spin the Wheel promotions to give away prizes in collaboration with Virgen del Rocío Jewelry shop and Masterly Cosmetics perfume shop. The objectives of the promotion were:

  • Increase the shops’ visibility among potential customers in the malls (Carrefour Camas – Aljarafe and Carrefour San Juan de Aznalfarache).
  • Present gift suggestions for Saint Valentine’s day
  • Draw visitors to the shops to collect the prizes or redeem the discounts given away through the promotion.

These two shops were specifically chosen as their products fit with what couples give each other on Valentine’s Day.

Online prize wheel success case

The solution: Spin the Wheel app to give away prizes.

Thanks to Easypromos’ Spin the Wheel app, the agency was able to create a promotional campaign easily and in a short time. The result was an entertaining and attractive promotional campaign for the clients’ target audience. Moreover, the tool makes the participation process simple and intuitive, which positively impacts the participation in the campaign. Consequently, this dynamic fitted perfectly with the campaign’s objectives and the current situation

The idea was to replicate the traditional physical setup but avoid queues. It also aimed to avoid contact between users and a physical prize wheel. Therefore, with the Spin the Wheel solution, clients were able to participate without having to be at the shopping mall in person and use their own devices.

Online prize wheel success case

The campaigns’ advertising

To reach the malls’ target audiences, the campaign was communicated through several channels. On the one hand, it was published on each of the malls’ websites along with all of the Prize Wheel information and a link to participate.

Online prize wheel success case

On the other hand, they ran an advertising campaign on social networks and complemented it with a newsletter to the malls’ mailing list.

Online prize wheel success case

Additionally, a print banner in the shopping mall added visibility to the campaign. It also displayed a QR code for visitors to participate.

The campaigns’ results

Adding up both Spin the Wheel promotions, over 1,000people participated. Most of whom were incorporated as new contacts in malls’ databases. What’s more, 98% of users that won a prize visited the shops to redeem it. Finally, he campaign’s communication channels reached over 40,000 people from the areas around the shopping malls.

Do you want to set up your own Spin the Wheel promotion but don’t know where to start? Check out ready-made downloadable templates. We have more than 8 designs to choose from!


At Banninster Global we are able to develop custom-made solutions for complex and long-lasting campaigns. However, Easypromos’ solutions provide us with agility and quick response capacity when we seek to run several effective promotions with different clients. Easypromos’ applications allow us to connect with our clients’ target audiences in an entertaining manner. Moreover, they are so intuitive and easy to use that participation levels are always outstanding. In this particular case, the objectives were successfully reached. That is, a high amount of reached people, a very good participation level, and a sizable conversion of visits to the malls.

Cristina Fernández Freire
Account Manager, Bannister Global