St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway Ideas

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
On 17th March, you'll see social media dressed in green to celebrate St Patrick's Day. The festival started out as Ireland's national day, but has now spread across the globe as a celebration of Celtic culture. Here's how you can get involved - with just 5 minutes of set up time.

Everyone has heard about St. Patrick’s Day. And even if you don’t know the whole story behind this holiday, you can connotate St. Patrick’s Day with green decorations, tons of beer, and four-leaf cloves. So just like every year, the 17th of March is the day to celebrate and party. And we suggest you do it not only in a local Irish pub but also with your online community! So here are some St. Patrick’s Day giveaway ideas and examples

Continue reading to discover how to organize a St. Patrick’s Day giveaway on social media to engage your audience and boost social media engagement!

St. Patrick’s Day giveaway ideas: Pick the right prize

The most important element of your giveaway is the prize. St. Patrick’s Day is a golden opportunity because it offers many themes and symbols for you to play with. Shamrocks, Leprechauns, Celtic crosses, and green. Lots of green!

Remember, you organize a giveaway to delight and excite your followers, but you should still focus on promoting your brand. Social media sweepstakes are a fantastic tool to showcase your products, no matter if they’re your new releases or bestsellers. The incentive is the main motivator to participate in your promotion, so make sure you choose an adequate prize!

Offer participants a chance to win a sample of your new collection, your bestselling product, a gift box, or a discount voucher. Beauty shops can offer free treatments, while coffee shops can give away free coffees and St. Patrick’s Day-themed cupcakes!

If your product is very specialized you can still create a St. Patrick’s Day promotion to create excitement and increase social media engagement. All you have to do is put together a bundle of gifts from brands you like.

Take this example of a St. Patrick’s Day Instagram giveaway by a small business owner. The giveaway post talks about his Irish roots, which is a great starting point. And the prize is just right for St. Patrick’s Day: two green shot glasses decorated with shamrocks, designed with Irish whiskey in mind.

St. Patrick's Day giveaway ideas

In this Twitter giveaway, a makeup brand has used the traditional green and gold colors to match the St. Patrick’s Day theme. Remember, your brand doesn’t have to have an obvious connection to Ireland or St. Patrick’s Day. With a clever selection of prizes and publicity, any brand can get involved.

St. Patrick's Day giveaway ideas

Another example comes from a home building company that simply wanted to join in the fun. They raffled a $100 Visa gift card among those that followed them, liked the post, and tagged three friends in the comments.

St. Patrick's Day giveaway ideas

St. Patrick’s Day giveaway ideas: Mind the design

Once you’ve chosen a prize, you need to set up the contest. Creating a St. Patrick’s Day giveaway is as simple as posting on social media!

Remember to include the competition dates, rules, and terms and conditions. If you run a giveaway on Facebook or Instagram, you must include a disclaimer that the giveaway is not officially endorsed by the social network.

But now the fun part: how do you want users to take part? To enter the contest, ask them to comment on your post. Comment-based social media giveaways are the best to increase social media engagement, and they encourage real conversations between your brand and your audience, which is something that social media algorithms like.

St. Patrick's Day giveaway ideas

Open questions tend to create more engagement, and you can get creative. You could ask any question related to the holiday, such as people’s favorite St. Patrick’s Day tradition, or experiences of Ireland. You can even be more personal and ask for your audience’s childhood memories with St. Patrick’s Day. This way you will create an emotional connection that will turn into a stronger relationship with the brand.

In the example above, a cake decorating brand asked followers who they feel “lucky” for. Remember that mentioning friends can be one of your entry requirements. It will automatically disseminate the promotion, promote your brand and giveaway, and also increase the number of potential participants.

Or you could create a challenge. In our next example, followers had to guess how many four-leaf clovers were in the picture. The closest guess would win a bottle of Shamrock Green tattoo ink.

Instagram post announcing an St Patrick's Day giveaway. The image shows lots of small green shamrocks

Another popular entry requirement on Instagram is to tag a friend in the comments. It’s the best way to ensure your St. Patrick’s Day giveaway reaches as many people as possible. In the following example, you can see how a Californian spa engaged its followers and celebrated St. Paddy’s Day.

st patricks day giveaway on instagram

Are you looking for something more complex? Find out how to create engaging St. Patrick’s Day promotions for your brand!

Launch a St. Patrick’s Day Instagram Stories Giveaway

Instagram Stories 24-hour format fits just perfectly for holidays like St. Patricks Day, when celebrations take place for a single day. With Easypromos you can now organize a fully automated and reliable Instagram Story giveaway. Ask your followers to post a story of their St. Patricks Day celebration on their profiles mentioning your brand as a requirement to participate in your giveaway. This dynamic will help you give you reach a wider audience on Instagram and boost brand awareness!

Don’t forget to share your giveaway and announce the winners!

Make sure you maintain the excitement with regular updates on your social media feed. Add posts or create Stories to thank the participants, count down to the prize draw, and remind your followers of the prize on offer. Also, share the giveaway information on your other social media accounts to send more traffic to your promotion.

Last but not least, once you have picked the winners of your giveaway, make sure you announce them publicly and contact them directly. The Easypromos platform provides a certificate of validity to ensure its fairness and transparency as well as the possibility of publishing a winners page. Want to give the result a little more flair? Use the Show Mode to create a video announcing the winners!

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