Instagram Story Giveaway

Carry out a random giveaway among responses or mentions on Instagram Stories, making your profile appear at the top of users' feeds, boosting engagement and visibility. There are two available mechanics to carry out the prize draw: among users who have interacted with your Stories or among those who have posted a Story mentioning your brand. With Easypromos, the entire process is automated, ensuring complete transparency in the draw results.


Easypromos has the only fully automated tool to carry our giveaways on Instagram Stories!

Learn about other ways to run Instagram giveaways.

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Instagram Story Giveaway

What kind of giveaways can you create on Instagram Stories?

Story Replies Giveaway

Run a giveaway among the users who respond to a Story published on your Instagram profile during a certain period of time. You can also filter the replies that will be imported into the draw by the use of a particular hashtag.

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Story Mentions Giveaway

Run a giveaway among all the users who publish a Story on their Instagram profile and mention your brand during a certain period of time.

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Instagram Story Giveaway Main Features

  • Retrieve interactions up to seven days old

    Collect all the interactions made on your Stories during a specific period with just with one click! Import interactions up to seven days old or choose to monitor interaction in real-time for up to seven days.
  • Real-time monitoring and auto-replies

    Use the app to monitor all replies and mentions in real time for up to seven days. You can also activate the auto-reply option; an automatic ‘thank you’ message will be sent to each participant that enters your giveaway. Run your giveaway on auto-pilot!
  • Exclusion rules

    Apply participation requirements before selecting the winners. Exclude previous winners, black-listed users, etc. You can also apply a filter hashtag so that only those that used it can enter the giveaway.
  • Random winner selection with Certificate of Validity

    Easypromos generates and publishes a Certificate of Validity which demonstrates the winner selection process was 100% automatic, transparent, and random. Avoid complaints and guarantee the fairness and transparency of your giveaway.
  • Manage winners and alternates

    A comprehensive system to manage the giveaway results and winners: announce the winners, substitute winners by alternates, and tools to notify and communicate with the winners. Additionally, it includes the "claim your prize" option to gather winners' data.
  • Animated video to announce the winners

    Announce winners with an animated and customizable video and download it in a vertical or horizontal format. Create templates and save them for feature giveaways.

Instagram Story Giveaway is available in the following plans:

This product uses advanced features, therefore there is no free version available.

Available from Basic PRO Plan of $49USD/month.

VAT not included

Basic PRO

Users reply to the brand’s stories

Users mention the brand in their stories

VAT not included

Complete features

  • Test Mode
  • Create and host terms and conditions More info
  • Manage and blacklist users
  • Filter participants by hashtag in their comments and by date (up to seven days)
  • Exclude previous winners
  • Exclude users manually
  • Pick winners and alternates automatically and randomly
  • Pick several winners and alternates from a single giveaway More info.
  • Get a Certificate of Validity for your giveaway
  • Announce winners with a customized shareable web page More info
  • Notify winners automatically
  • Verify winners and collect contact details with the Claim Your Prize feature More info
  • Manage disqualifications and alternate winners
  • Export a list of winners and contact details to an Excel file

Instagram Story Giveaway Case Studies

  • Surfing Factory Case Study

    How to launch a new brand using Instagram Stories to reach the target audience.

    Agency: La E factoría

    Client: Surfing Factory

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  • Weekly giveaway on Instagram Stories

    How a local business boosted brand awareness and sales with Instagram Stories Giveaways

    Client: Bebang HaloHalo

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Instagram Story Giveaway: Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    Follow this simple tutorial to pick winners from your Instagram Story Giveaway.
  • On demand webinar

    Learn about the benefits and characteristics of Instagram Story giveaways. Participation limits, tips, and best practices.

Instagram Story Giveaway FAQ's

  • Yes! Instagram's terms and conditions allow for giveaways in Stories. Additionally, this social network provides an API to automate the collection of participants, so you don't have to count them manually. This way, your profile gains relevance, and your subsequent Stories will appear at the top of users' feeds.

  • Whether you're running a giveaway among users who reply to your Story or among those who mention your brand in their Story, the steps to follow are:

    • Draft and publish the post or Story announcing the giveaway. Inform users how to participate, either replying to your Story or mentioning your brand in a Story they post. Also, specify that in the case of the Story + Mention dynamic, participants must have a public profile.

    • Once the participation period has ended, use our Instagram Story Giveaway application to import all participants and select the winner or winners.

    • Announce the winner and ask for their contact information to deliver the prize. This step-by-step guide will assist you throughout the process.

  • No. It’s impossible to collect contact information from Instagram Story Giveaway participants as the giveaway is carried out using the participants' public information on Instagram. However, you can collect contact details from the winner so that you can deliver the prize. If you want to convert your followers into leads opt for an Entry Form Giveaway and share it on Instagram and other social media channels. 

  • Yes! The Instagram Story Giveaway app makes it possible to import messages or mentions made over a maximum period of seven days. It means that you can organize a Story giveaway and publish daily reminders for users to participate each day. It’s not possible to save the Story but you can save the information of users who interacted.