User ID and login systems for online promotions

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
For most online promotions, contests, and giveaways it’s important to have a user identification and authentication system to make sure participants are real and only participate the number of times that the organizer sets. This is quite easy to verify in offline promotions, but how to do that online? In this article we will go over all the alternatives that Easypromos offers to make sure the participants of your promotion are properly identified.

Identification via participants’ email

We recommend configuring the system with a two-step verification process. This means users will have to access their email to validate the email address used to register. This becomes especially relevant when the objective is to gather new high-quality leads for email marketing actions. 

The first time users register, the system will present them with a registration form to enter their personal information and accept the terms and conditions, and privacy policy, and grant their consent to receive commercial emails from the organizing brand. This registry form is 100% customizable and the organizers can include as many fields as they wish. 

If the promotion allows for several participations, e.g, a game with daily participation, users can access only with their login credentials with no need to register again. 

With Easypromos, the login process does not require a password. This is to avoid forcing the user to remember and introduce a password for what is an occasional activity. Identity verification is carried out through a validation email sent to the user’s email address. If users participate from a device where they have an active session, they won’t have to log in again to participate as the system will recognize them as registered users.

Login systems, email identification

Get a feel of the user experience with this DEMO of a giveaway with Linkedin social login.

Social login identification

Another very common way to identify and register users in a promotion is the social login. This allows users to identify themselves to participate in the promotion by using their social media credentials. With Easypromos, you can offer participants the possibility to identify themselves using their Facebook, Google, TikTok, Linkedin, or Twitch accounts. The promotion editor allows you to easily activate or deactivate these login options. 

Social login can improve the user experience, increase conversion rate, improve security, and provide valuable data for marketing and loyalty-building campaigns. This option is particularly interesting if you wish to run a promotion exclusively on one social network and aim to gather user data of a specific network. For instance, if your objective is to gather contact details of Linkedin users, you can set the Linkedin login as the only available option. 

In contrast, social login can also present some disadvantages. Such as depending on third parties, data security, and privacy concerns from some users, as well as the possibility that the users’ information on the social network might be obsolete. For example, gathering email accounts from Facebook might mean that some users do not use that account anymore, making it impossible to contact them.

Login systems, Social Login

Try this DEMO to see how the Easypromos’ mobile phone number identification with SMS validation works.

Identification with mobile phone number and sms validation

Yet another way to facilitate the identification of users who wish to participate in the promotion or giveaway is to activate mobile phone authentication and sms validation. Most online promotion participants access them through their phones. Hence, this identification mode helps conversion. 

Its main advantage is that it facilitates the identification process for those who don’t usually use their email. It might be more beneficial to ask target audiences with certain habits and digital competencies to register with their mobile phone number and validate their entry with the sms they receive.  

Your marketing strategy can be another reason to prioritize mobile phone number identification. As common as it is to nurture marketing databases with participants’ emails, you can also opt for an sms marketing campaign. In such a case, asking for and validating participants’ mobile phone numbers will provide you with a phone number database that can be used to build a marketing list for SMS, Whatsapp Business, or any other mobile phone-based channel.

The mobile phone login option has an additional cost as it requires sending and SMS for each identification.

SMS identification is an authentication process that uses mobile phones as a means of verification. The steps of this process are:

  • Users enter their mobile phone number in the field allocated for it on the promotion’s screen. 
  • Users access the registration form to fill out the rest of the fields and accept the terms and conditions and privacy policy.
  • The platform then sends users an SMS with a validation code to the phone number they entered.
  • Users enter the code they received to verify their identity and move forward in the participation flow. If the code is not valid. Users cannot register or participate.

Login systems, mobile phone number

Accessing a promotion with an identification code

For promotions that are exclusive to employees with a personal ID or other kinds of audiences to whom you wish to grant exclusive access to a promotion, the identification via code can be activated. This option works for specific cases in which participants have an individual access code and you don’t need any additional information from them. Nor are they required to confirm their entry through other channels such as social login, email, or phone. 

This identification field allows validating users with several methods: personal identification codes or numbers (e.g, employee number, social security number, etc.), a set of codes previously uploaded to the platform, or by the Luhn algorithm.

Own user registration system

Using the brand’s user registration system

All of the Easypromos promotions can be integrated into any user identification system that companies might already have in place. Such as CIAMs, loyalty programs, SSO – Single Sign On implementation, etc. Thus allowing the organizers to use games, contests, or giveaways to attract new users and/or engage users that are already included in the brand’s database. 

A user registration system is a tool to verify the identity of users before granting them access to a system or online service. When a user registration system is integrated with Easypromos, the first identification step will be carried out within the brand’s system. Thus avoiding a duplicated validation step and providing a better, more fluid, and integrated user experience.

Unequivocal user identification might not always be necessary for a promotion and so, Easypromos provides several user registration and identification options: registration before participation, registration after participation to claim a prize, or participation without registration (anonymous mode). Which option is best will depend on your marketing objectives. 

If you have any questions or doubts, contact our customer support team via live chat, we will be happy to help you choose the best option.