Easypromos White Label promotions: How they work and the advantages they offer

White Label version is the most complete product of Easypromos: it gathers all functionalities which are present at Premium version but, additionally, it has its own features which allow to differentiate White Label product from the rest. In this post we explain you what are the unique features of White Label promotions, as well as the benefits they offer. If you want to discover all the features and compare them with Basic and Premium versions, download the comparative table of products in PDF.

Easypromos White Label - How they work and the advantages they offer
The unique features of White Label promotions are:

  1. Unbranded: No mention of Easypromos
  2. Multilingual support
  3. Full customization of CSS styles
  4. Your own Facebook app
  5. Advanced Statistics
  6. Free Featured promotion during 2 days
  7. Unlimited simultaneous tabs
  8. Multipage publication system

1. Unbranded: No mention of Easypromos

Promotions created with Basic and Premium versions show a footer which reads “Create your own promotion with Easypromos”, which indicates that the promotion has been created with Easypromos application.

However, on White Label promotions there’s no mention of Easypromos, so the promotion administrators have two options:

1. Add a footer of their own. In this case, the administrator can decide to use their own page footer, which can include a logotype of a brand and a link to an external website.

Example: Agencies who manage different Facebook pages can take advantage of the footer to include their agency name and a link to their website, as we show you on the following image:

brand the promotion

2. Not to add any footer. In this case, the application will not show any reference of Easypromos and footer will be shown blank.

footer with no mention of easypromos

2. Multilingual support

Easypromos supports up to 23 different languages, which means that in all versions of Easypromos the contents of the application interface automatically adapt to the language the user has configured on their Facebook profile. These contents apply to the texts and images of the application itself, which can’t be editable by the administrator, such as the titles of the buttons, the date’s format, etc.

Easypromos White Label version takes a step forward and allows to create multilingual contests and promotions: the administrator can add the same contents (titles, descriptions, images, etc.) in several languages and the application will automatically show some or other contents depending on the language settings of the user. This is especially interesting for worldwide Facebook pages with fans from different countries and speaking different languages. In this case, the administrator will be able to run a promotion in several languages at the same time, that is, by creating a single promotion, this will adapt to all the users of the community, providing added value to the fans.

In the image below we show you a multilingual contest run by a Facebook page that has followers who speak Chinese and English:

multilingual promotions easypromos white label

The image of the left corresponds to the promotion in English, which is shown to the users with these language settings on Facebook. The same contents of the promotion (texts, images, buttons, etc.) are shown in Chinese to the users who use Facebook on this language, as shown at the image on the right.

Learn how to create promotions and contests with multilingual support on the following post.

Discover the way Oysho run a multilingual photo contest thanks to the White Label multilingual support.


3. Full customization of CSS styles

One of the main advantages of White Label version is the possibility to create contests and promotions with an image totally adapted to the graphic and visual style of the brand.

In all Easypromos versions administrators can use their own images, texts and backgrounds to create their promotions but with White Label they’ll also have the option to edit and modify the CSS styles of a promotion to enhance to the top the graphics of the brand. The result is a promotion with a completely customized look&feel, allowing to integrate the promotion perfectly to the aesthetics of the company.

On the image below we give you an example of a promotion where modifications made on CSS styles are clearly reflected (text colour, customization of the registry form with images, style of the button, etc.):

customization of css styles of the promotion

4. Your own Facebook App

Any promotion created with Easypromos, whether it is a Basic, Premium or a White Label promotion, works within a Facebook application. In Basic and Premium promotions, these applications are already created under the name Easypromos and Easypromos Premium respectively and can be identified with Easypromos logotypes, the blue and yellow loudspeaker. Both applications can’t be modified.

On White Label version administrators can create their own Facebook application and host their promotions within this application. This allows to increase the degree of personalization of the promotion even more, since administrators will be able to define their own name for the application as well as upload the image they want to identify the app.

We explain you how to create your own Facebook application for White Label promotions on the following link.


Below we explain you in what moments the name of the application and the images that represent it are displayed.


When the name of the application is displayed

1. Invitation. When a  user sends an invitaion to a friend to enter a promotion, this friend receives a notification where the name of the application is displayed:

application name invitation

2. Publication on the wall. When a user that has entered a promotion shares the promotion on their wall:

application name publish on the wall

3. Permissions. When the user enters the promotion, a pop-up window will show up where the user will have to accept the permissions:

application name permissions

4. Bookmarks. When the user takes part in a promotion, the application automatically situates itself on the list of “Bookmarks” or Facebook favourites, for a direct access to the application:

application name bookmarks

When the image of the application is displayed

Besides being able to customize the name of the application, with White Label version you’ll also have the option to upload an image that represents it. Administrators will be able to customize these two types of images:

1. Image of 16×16 px. This image is displayed on the following situations:

  • Invitation. This is the image that goes with the notification that is sent to the user when he is invited to a promotion:

application image invitation

  • Publication on the wall. This is the image that goes with the message of sharing the promotion on the wall:

application image publish on the wall

  • Bookmarks. This is the image that is displayed on the list of “Bookmarks” or favourites, next to the name of the application:

application image bookmarks

  • Icon of the tab. This is the image that is displayed right above the tab where the promotion is hosted:

application image tab

2. Image of 75×75 px. This image is displayed when the user accepts the application permissions to be able to enter the contest:

application image  permissions

5. Advanced statistics

One of the most important phases when running a contest is the analysis of the results once the contest is over, in order to determine if the goals set have been achieved and measure the impact of the promotion. In all Easypromos versions administrators have access to statistics and graphs of the contest, which offer the tool to analyse information related to the promotion: participation evolution, increase in the number of fans, virality percentage or graphs of the use of mobile traffic.

In addition, White Label version offers the possibility to obtain more advanced statistics to measure and analyse the result of the promotions in more detail. In particular, administrators have these tools for a bigger anaylisis of results:

1. Google Analytics. Posibility to assign a unique Google Analytics code, allowing the administrator to use this powerful tool to analyse in a more precise way the results of the promotion, especially in relation to number of visits, unique visitors, visited pages, more visited content, traffic sources, etc.

advanced statistics google analytics white label

2. Facebook Insights. In order to deeply analyse the results of the promotion, the advanced statistics of Facebook provide information related to the users’ interactions, for example, it allows to know the number of invitations sent, the content shared through the application, demographic information of the users, etc.

Easypromos - White Label promotion statistics with Facebook Insights

Learn all the statistics you can obtain with Facebook Insights.


6. Free featured promotion during 2 days

For a bigger diffusion and visibility of the promotion, all the promotions created with Easypromos can appear as a featured promotion on the list of Easypromos active promotions. Featured promotions appear on the first place with a bigger format than the rest of the active promotions.

Promotions created with White Label version have the possibility to appear as a featured promotion during two days at no cost. Administrators will be able to activate this option from the screen of the campaign diffusion.

featured promotions white label

Learn how to feature your promotion with Easypromos and gain the maximum visibility.


7. Unlimited simultaneous tabs

In order to manage different and independent promotions within the same page, Easypromos White Label version provides unlimited tabs for a better tabs management. For instance, unlimited tabs allow to simultaneously publish several promotions within the same page. Another utility of the multiple tabs system is the possibility to manage and organize the promotions created on the page in different categories (language, type of contest, country, etc.).

unlimited simultaneous tabs white label

Discover all the benefits of publishing simultaneous promotions in independent tabs.

Administrators will be able to create as many tabs as they want, with the option to edit the settings of each of the tab: image, name, Like Gate, as well as define an image to show when there’s no active promotion.

If you want to learn to configure the contents of the tab, check this post.


8. Multipage publication system

With White Label version administrators will be able toinstal the tab of a promotion in several Facebook pages at the same time, that is, the same promotion can be visible in more than one page. This option is especially interesting to run promotions between two brands or create contests managed by different Facebook pages.

Although the same promotion is published in more than one Facebook page, the data of the promotion (information of the registered users, statistics, votings, etc.) are hosted in the same centralized dabatase, which allows to manage the promotion in a centralized way.


Do you want to try out Easypromos White Label application?

You can start and try out the White Label platform without needing to make any payment and using a Facebook page to do some tests. Just install the application on a page and this will give you access to the administration panel. From there, you’ll be able to create a promotion, configure it, preview it and check all the available options you have. This promotion test won’t be published on your page, but you’ll be able to completely customize the promotion and preview what it would look like in case you published it. This is the best way to learn how White Label promotions work. The Easypromos team will be at your disposal to help you solve any doubt you may have.

To start now, install the White Label application on your page.



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