Labor Day Contest and Promotion Ideas

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Labor Day: the long weekend, the parades, festivals, picnics, fireworks displays and retail sales. It’s a day to recognize hard-working people in the United States and Canada. So why not reward your faithful followers with a giveaway, and tap into the buzz with a Labor Day contest or promotion?

Labor Day is celebrated each year on the first Monday of September in the USA and Canada. Most schools begin the new academic year around Labor Day, and most sports leagues start up again, too. And the lucky few who are free from the school run take the chance for one last summer holiday!

In the United Kingdom, Labour Day is celebrated on the first Monday in May, marking the unofficial beginning of summer.

So there are lots of opportunities for fun, relevant promotions, whatever your brand. Here are a few simple online campaign ideas for a Labor Day contest to build your audience, strengthen loyalty, and drive sales.

1. Labor Day promotion idea for social media: boost engagement and grow your following with giveaways

Labor Day is a great opportunity to boost social media engagement and reactivate your followers. Social media users are more likely to interact with your posts if they’re offered something in return. And this is where Labor Day giveaways come into play. You can increase followers, drive traffic, and raise brand awareness by running a simple social media giveaway. A classic Facebook giveaway, Instagram comment-based contest, or Twitter sweepstakes can be surprisingly effective.

Simply share creative pictures presenting the prizes that are up for grabs, write a short description with entry requirements, and watch your Labor Day giveaway go viral! You can even add multiple posts in the contest, including posts made with Facebook Ads. Just use the Easypromos giveaway apps to collect comments, run a random prize draw, and announce the winners with a flourish. Here are just a few examples of successful Labor Day social media promotions:

Labor Day giveaways on Instagram

Labor Day contest: Labor day giveaway on social media.

Let’s start by pointing out a very important fact: any brand can organize a Labor Day giveaway! And in the above example, you can clearly see how a beauty studio celebrated Labor Day with their audience. They launched a quick and easy comment-to-win Labor Day giveaway in which participants had a chance to win a free facial or wax. In order to participate Instagram users followed the organizing account and tagged four friends. We love this simple Labor Day marketing idea!

Are you planning to launch a Labor Day (or Labour Day) giveaway on Instagram or Facebook? Make sure to use our customizable ready-made templates for Labor Day giveaways to save some time!

By asking users to follow your Instagram account you grow your audience, which is an important marketing objective for many brands. You can also ask users to mention their friends in comments; it’s a great tactic to attract potential participants, and also improve brand and product awareness.

Labor Day contest: Labor day giveaway on social media.

Labor Day Facebook giveaways

Facebook is another social media network that is often used to organize Labor Day giveaways. The one major difference between Facebook and Instagram is that the Facebook audience is much more mature than the audience of Instagram. So if you’re target audience is adults with disposable income you might want to run your Labor Day contest on Facebook.

Labor Day contest: Labor day giveaway on social media.

Labor Day is all about fun, therefore a soft cooler would be a perfect prize of any Labor Day promotion. Chad Brantley Realtor ran a comment-based giveaway for his Facebook audience, in which participants commented on the post to explain how they were planning to spend their Labor Day. It boosted engagement and improved the brand’s social media visibility.

2. Collect user-generated content with Labor Day photo and video contests

The long Labor Day weekend is packed with parades, picnics, music festivals, and more. So Photo Contests are a great way to connect with your followers and enjoy these events to the full. Ask your brand’s community to share photos and selfies of their Labor Day celebrations. You can stick to a specific theme, such as “best parade” or “family cookout”, or just run a general contest.

Remember to keep things simple. Everyone should be able to take part easily and spontaneously, from mobile phones or tablets. You can publish all the entries in an online gallery, and give your followers a competitive thrill by asking them to vote for their favourites. Then you can award a grand prize for the best entries. Consider offering smaller participation prizes, too, such as discount coupons.

labor day contest: photo contest

Here’s a great example of a fun Labor Day promotion idea. The brand picked a theme which was clearly related to Labor Day: “people at work”. They got the competition started by posting a photo of their own employees at work. This had the added benefit of showcasing their team and products, too!

Photo and Video Contests work extremely well if you’re looking to collect user-generated content.

3. Reward American and Canadian Workers

Labor Day celebrates the hard work and commitment of ordinary people throughout the year. So it’s a good time to offer rewards and show your customers that you value them. You can also use the opportunity to get contact details and useful information about sales leads.

One popular option is to offer a free gift or discount to customers who register online and visit your store during Labor Day weekend. With the Easypromos Distribute Coupon Codes app, you can share codes on your website, blog, via email, or on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. It’s quick and easy to validate the code online or in-store.

labor day contest

In the example above, a homewares brand picked out an attractive prize for the Labor Day contest. A cooler is the perfect accessory for Labor Day picnics, festivals, and parades! Anyone could enter the Labor Day promotion, simply by making an online purchase in the weeks leading up to Labor Day. The brand added even more excitement – and social media followers! – by offering regular, smaller giveaways on their Instagram page.

Over to you

If you’re ready for a Labor Day contest, then create your Easypromos account! It’s free to create your account and start drafting promotions! If you have questions about Labor Day contests and promotion ideas you can always contact our Support Team. And from everyone at Easypromos… happy Labor Day, and congratulations on all your hard work.


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