Why use Easypromos for your social media giveaways?

reliable Instagram Giveaway

Reliable giveaways on Instagram

Easypromos offers the most reliable and comprehensive Instagram app in the market. It allows you to gather all comments, apply filters and exclusions, import participants from promoted posts, collaborating accounts or influencers, and more. All this is done easily, transparently, and automatically, as Easypromos has Meta's authorization to use its official API.


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Instagram Stories Giveaway

Instagram Story giveaways

Easypromos is the only platform in the market that allows you to automate your giveaways on Instagram Stories. Give your Stories more visibility by organizing giveaways to reward users who interact with them, or encourage your brand lovers to post stories mentioning your brand.


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facebook giveaway

Facebook giveaway

Increase the visibility of your Facebook posts by organizing giveaways among users who comment or like one or more of your brand's posts. Easypromos is authorized by Meta and uses its official API to collect all participating comments, including promoted posts. Select the winners of your giveaway randomly, automatically, and transparently, and ensure your brand's trustworthiness among your fans.


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multinetwork giveaway

Instagram + Facebook giveaway

If you have profiles on both social networks, you can conduct a multi-network giveaway and collect comments from Instagram and Facebook posts. It also includes participants from posts promoted with Facebook Ads.


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X Giveaways

With Easypromos, you can carry out random giveaways among users who interact with your brand on X (Twitter). Give away prizes among your followers to increase the visibility of your brand's tweets and profile notoriety. Easypromos has fully adapted to the changes introduced by Elon Musk.


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social media giveaways

Giveaway on other social networks

Not all social networks have an API to reliably and automatically collect participants for a giveaway. However, Easypromos offers various types of solutions that can help you. Contact our team via chat and inquire about the options for giveaways on Twitch, TikTok, LinkedIn, YouTube, Strava, etc.


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Social Media APIs autorized

Official APIs for every platform

Easypromos uses the official API of each social network to import information securely. Our tools allow you to automate and manage the selection of winners and alternates for your giveaways.

social media giveaway key features

Features that make your giveaways reliable and transparent

With Easypromos' giveaway apps, you can conduct different giveaways conveniently and with all guarantees. Manage participant exclusions and not-allowed lists, run a test before selecting the final winners, get a personalized video with the giveaway results, and much more!


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easypromos giveaway certificate of validity

Public certificate of validity

Easypromos issues a certificate of validity stating that the giveaway was carried out randomly and without manipulation. The certificate is publicly accessible and includes all of the giveaway's key information.

giveaway terms and conditions tool

Tool to create and host terms and conditions

Download the legal terms template for free. Customize it with your giveaway information and share it on any social network using the generated URL. Publishing the legal terms is essential for the security and reliability of any giveaway.


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announcing giveaway winners

Personalized video to announce the giveaway result

Get a video to announce your giveaway winners with an exciting countdown featuring sound and visual effects. The video comes in vertical and horizontal formats, and you can share it using its URL or download it in MP4 format to share it across all your channels.


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claim prize easypromos giveaway

Claim your Prize feature

Use the "Claim your Prize" system for winners to come forward and validate their identity. Once confirmed, they can fill out a form with the necessary contact information to facilitate prize delivery.


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giveaway alternat winners

Manage alternate winners

Assign at least one alternate winner for each giveaway to ensure prize delivery. Use the "Manage Winners" tool to replace a winner with an alternate when the winner cannot be contacted or does not meet participation requirements. This change will be stated in the certificate of validity.

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