Six Spring Giveaways to Help your Business Grow

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Spring is here, bringing sunshine, flowers, and a new sense of hope and energy after the winter. Celebrate the change with your customers by running spring giveaways and contests online. We’ve collected six real examples, with six different marketing objectives in mind. And we’ve thrown in some free resources to get you started.

Spring: the season of renewal. This is a good time to take a look at your marketing and sales strategies. Are you getting the results you want? Is your business thriving? Or is it time to try something new? Spring giveaways might just be the solution.

Online competitions, contests and giveaways are very popular with customers. They’re a great way to raise your brand’s profile and bring energy to your online presence – without having to work too hard. If you’re looking for a change, or just want to liven things up a little, then this article is for you. Take a look at our list of marketing objectives, and learn how to achieve them with spring giveaways.

  1. Increase engagement with a photo contest
  2. Advertize your products with a giveaway
  3. Get leads with Refer A Friend promotions
  4. Take part in your local community
  5. Sponsor a spring sports event
  6. Listen to your customers with a writing contest


Top tip: Make your giveaways dynamic and colorful. It’s Spring, after all! Liven up your promotions with fresh color schemes, photos, videos, and emoji.


Spring giveaways for your marketing goals

Increase engagement with a photo contest

The sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. We all enjoy snuggling up indoors with a hot drink during the winter – but now the seasons are changing, and everyone’s keen to get outdoors. Ask your followers to take part in a photo contest with a spring theme!

Spring giveaways photo contest

Here’s a great example from a takeaway pizza company. They targeted young university students celebrating spring break. This age group loves taking and sharing photos… and students are always interested in free food!

The fun photo contest made the brand seem in touch and approachable. And because they asked followers to vote on photos as well as posting, they could double their online engagement.

Top tip: If your followers are very active and creative, then try a video contest. Use a hashtag contest to combine photos, videos and online comments in a single giveaway.

Advertize your products with a giveaway

Increasing your online followers is great, but it doesn’t necessarily translate into sales. If your goal is to show off your products and boost sales, then try a classic giveaway with registration form.

You can easily collect customer data to help target your future promotions. You’ll educate your followers about the products on offer, too. In return, participants have the chance to win one of your products.

Spring giveaways

Spring is exactly the season when gardening businesses and brands should maximize sales. This gardening centre offered three Spring Planting Kits, each showcasing a range of valuable, seasonal products. Because there were several prizes available, participants had extra motivation to sign up.

Top tip: giveaways and discount sales are a versatile strategy. Use them to advertize new products – or clear out old ones! Spring clean your stockroom by giving away products from last season.

Get leads with Refer A Friend promotions

Everybody’s talking about word-of-mouth marketing these days. The best ambassadors for your brand are your customers. So try and kick-start those recommendations with a Recruiters or Refer A Friend contest.

The idea is simple: it’s a classic prize draw. However, every time a participant gets their friend to sign up, they earn one more entry in the prize draw.Spring giveaways recruiters

Here’s another gardening example. Customers had the chance to win space-saving gardening systems, when they registered their contact details and invited friends and family to join. The brand collected lots of new sales leads for their promotions throughout the year.

Top tip: Facebook and Instagram don’t allow giveaways where participants have to follow you. A Recruiters contest is a great way to get more leads online, without risking account suspension.

Take part in your local community

As the weather improves, people become more active. That includes community events and outdoor hobbies, too. Creative contests are a great way to take part, and show that your brand is connected to the local community.

Here’s an example we love: a Pick Your Favorite contest which gave locals the chance to choose a city mural. Participants could vote on four different designs. The winning artist would paint their design on a prominent city street.

Spring giveaways voting contest pick your favorite

The organization behind the contest succeeded in promoting local artists and engaging with the community. They could also collect contact details from everyone who voted, to help promote their campaigns in future.

Sponsor a spring event

If you like the idea of joining in with your community, then consider sponsoring a sports event. Many clubs, teams, and leagues start up in the spring after a winter break. And the months between winter cold and summer heat are ideal for walking, running, cycling, hiking, tramping, and camping.

Spring giveaways sports events

This brand chose to highlight a 24-hour running challenge. They linked up with the event by offering useful, relevant prizes such as running shoes or an entry in the race. Participants just had to sign up with their contact details, and they could specify which prize they’d prefer.

Sponsorship and co-branding events like this are a win-win for everyone. The event gets more publicity through their spring giveaways. The brands which donate products increase their reputation. Participants get the thrill of the prize draw – and maybe even a prize.

Listen to your customers with a writing contest

It’s easy to focus on the visual side of the Internet. And it is a good idea to make your spring giveaways bright and lively with colors, photos, and videos. However, don’t underestimate the value of comments and writing contests!

You can ask your followers for opinions, ideas, feedback, and inspiration. Give them a chance to express their creativity and share their feelings with your brand. When you ask your customers to share their words, you make them feel valued and respected.

Here’s an example of a co-branded writing promotion. Two gardening businesses teamed up to run a very special contest. Participants could name a new variety of rose.

Spring giveaways writing contest header

Once they had registered their contact details and suggested a name, users could vote on the entries, too. This is a great way to maximize engagement with your online contests, as we saw with the photo and voting contest examples above.

Spring giveaways writing contest

Top tip: Try a survey to find out customers’ tastes, opinions, shopping habits and routines. Use a quiz or multiple-choice test to entertain them and educate them about your brand.


Get started with spring giveaways

If you’re new to running online contests, then use our free images and templates to set up spring giveaways on Facebook and Instagram. Click the link to find templates for a whole range of festivals, holidays, and seasonal events! Use the Premium template to create your own product giveaway with registration form.

You can also access the templates from within your Easypromos account. Remember, it’s free to set up your account and start drafting promotions.

Corinna Keefe

English copywriter at Easypromos marketing team