Multi-Network Giveaway

Grow brand awareness and increase social media presence with a giveaway launched on yout Facebook and Instagram accounts in a single giveaway. Retrieve comments from participants across both social networks, and select random winners and alternates. You can also export users and comments in an Excel or CSV file and contact the winners. Obtain a certificate validating the transparency of your prize draw.

This is the MOST COMPLETE social media giveaway tool on the market!

Multi-Network Giveaway

Multi-Network Giveaway Main Features

  • Select posts from several social network

    Select posts from any account which you manage on Instagram and Facebook. Include up to 25 posts in a single giveaway.

  • Import all comments with one click

    Easypromos is connected to the API of each social network. With just one click, the system will automatically import all comments, users, mentions, and hashtags from selected posts.

  • Randomly select winners and alternates

    Randomly select up to a thousand winners and alternates with this specially designed tool, guided by the in-app instructions. You’ll receive a certificate of validity, which guarantees that the giveaway has been fair, random, and transparent.

  • Winners Page

    At the end of your giveaway, you’ll receive a link to a web page which announces the winners. Use it to contact winners and publish the results of the giveaway. This page is 100% customizable, and has been optimized to displayed on all social networks and devices.

  • Export all comments from the giveaway

    You can download an Excel or CSV file with a list of users who commented on the giveaway posts. It includes the text of each comment, the social network used, and the date when the comment was published.

  • Apply filters and exclusions

    Manage participants and finalists with a range of in-app tools. Create a user blacklist, filter out former winners, exclude specific users, and filter finalists based on the hashtags they used in their comments.

  • Collect winners’ data

    The system includes the Claim Your Prize tool. Use it to send direct notifications to winners, verify their participation, and get their contact details. You can download an Excel file with all the winners’ data.

Multi-Network Giveaway is available in the following plans:

Available from Basic PRO Plan of $49USD/month.

VAT not included

Complete features

  • Rapid, easy-access setup
  • Automatic selection of winners and alternates
  • Add participants from promoted posts on Facebook and Instagram
  • Include up to 25 posts in a single giveaway
  • Include posts from multiple social media profiles
  • Manage a user blacklist
  • Filter and exclude former winners
  • Filter and exclude users who participate incorrectly
  • Exclude users manually
  • Filter finalists by hashtags used. What is this? More info
  • Certificate of validity
  • Run a test giveaway
  • Customizable winners page
  • Publish the winners on Facebook, Twitter, and Whatsapp
  • System to contact winners in real time
  • Claim Your Prize system to confirm winners’ contact details. More info
  • Manage winners and alternates
  • Tool to create and host the terms and conditions More info
  • Export an Excel or CSV file with a list of users and their comments

Multi-Network Giveaway Case Studies

  • 17/06/2019

    How journalist and influencer James Deakin teamed up with Argomall to run a successful giveaway on 4 different networks.

    Client: James Deakin

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Multi-Network Giveaway: Resources and help

  • Technical tutorial

    Learn how to run a giveaway for users who comment on posts across your social networks, step by step.

Multi-Network Giveaway: Frequently Asked Questions