Welcome Autumn with These Seasonal Fall Giveaway Ideas

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Autumn is here: the "season of mists and mellow fruitfulness". Cozy blankets, afternoon walks through crunchy leaves, and everything pumpkin-spiced is back on the menu. We've collected promotions which celebrate every aspect of the fall. Let's take a look!

What’s your favorite thing about fall? Although everyone loves summer, there is something special about the autumnal shift of seasons. As the weather changes and we start to think about the holidays, we feel more relaxed and happy to snuggle on the sofa with a warm blanket and a cup of hot chocolate. Fall is also a season full of new opportunities for marketers. So welcome autumn, and get your customers’ attention with these fall giveaway ideas.

Fall giveaways on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are a great way to increase your presence and engagement online. If you want to attract followers and generate interaction, then run a giveaway to see your social media numbers improve.

In this post, we take a look at successful examples of fall giveaways that engaged social media audiences and generated visibility for the organizers. Let us tell you straight away that any brand can organize a fall giveaway – even though we share examples only from some industries. Take a look at our ideas, tips, and recommendations for your fall giveaways, and use our ready-made giveaway templates for your fall contests. Let’s take a look!

Boost engagement and visibility with fall giveaways on Instagram

Clothing brands, fashion stores, and malls usually see their sales increase when temperatures fall. Consumers are excited to try new fashions and update their style after the summer. Everyone also seems to have more time on their hands to scroll through social media.

Does your brand have an active Instagram community? If so, it’s a great opportunity to touch base with your audience and remind them about your best-selling products!

Here’s an example of an easy Instagram giveaway organized by this jewelry and accessories brand. The company ran a fall giveaway to celebrate reaching 2,000 followers. They asked Instagram users to comment on the fall giveaway post, and in exchange, they got a chance to win a beautiful pair of earrings.

instagram giveaway fall example and idea for any brand

Another example of a fall giveaway on Instagram also comes from a fashion and accessories brand. This organizer also looked to boost engagement right in time for autumn; participants commented on the giveaway post to explain their favorite thing to do during fall. All users had a chance to win a set of scrunchies. Pay attention to the clever use of colors typical for fall – we literally want to participate, too!

Want to head a head start with your giveaway on Instagram? Use our customizable fall giveaway template for Instagram – and launch your promotion in minutes.

fall giveaway idea on instagram to boost engagement. scrunchie giveaway

We’ve mentioned warm blankets, hot chocolates, shorter days… We’re missing candles and beauty products! Take a look at this fall giveaway organized in collaboration by two popular companies: hair products and candles producers.

autumn giveaway on instagram

The organizers wanted to celebrate the arrival of autumn with a fun Instagram fall contest. They asked participants to follow the organizing accounts and tag two besties in the comments – it was a great tactic to grow their following and boost visibility on Instagram.

Give back to your Facebook community with fall comment giveaways

Facebook continues to be a well-positioned social media channel. Is your audience especially active on this popular network? Make sure you celebrate the arrival of fall with a Facebook giveaway – and boost engagement, visibility, and customer trust.

autumn giveaway on facebook

This fall giveaway on Facebook was organized by an online gaming platform. Each user that commented on the post with “autumn” had a chance to win unlimited game lives for 24 hours.

Engage your Facebook community with a comment-based promotion – use our ready-made fall giveaway template for Facebook to launch your promotion in a couple of minutes!

But maybe you’re looking to boost social media engagement further? We recommend running a Facebook fall giveaway with open-ended questions. As a result, you will encourage participants to share their stories, opinions, views, and feedback – and that often starts real conversations between the users. In fact, you can join the conversation, too!

Ideas for autumn giveaways on Twitter

Another social media network that is popular with brands is Twitter. It also happens to be the most flexible platform for running social media giveaways. Whenever you organize a Twitter giveaway you can ask participants to retweet your tweet, like it, or comment – even mentioning another user.

Here’s an example from Arizona State University that launched an autumn giveaway for their Twitter followers. The university asked their followers to reply to the tweet with their favorite ASU item, and in return, the organizers gave away fun prizes.

Collect leads with autumn giveaways with registration forms

Fall is a great time to capture leads and incentivize sales. Think carefully about what your marketing objectives are. For example, if you want sales leads rather than online attention, then a web form is more useful than a social media giveaway. Run an Entry Form Giveaway and share it with your social media community to convert followers into leads and improve brand recognition.

fall giveaway to collect leads

Here’s an example of a giveaway that any brand can organize for their followers or customers. Users sign up with their contact details for a chance to win prizes, shopping vouchers, or discounts – while the organizing brand gets to maximize lead generation, to then encourage customer loyalty with email marketing.

Try our fall giveaway DEMO – and then download the customizable autumn giveaway template to launch your own promotion in no time.

Another popular autumn activity is gardening. It’s an important time of year for collecting the fall harvest and preparing the land for winter. Big-ticket gardening items are also great for holiday gifts. So be ready to help customers who are looking for the perfect present… with some well-timed fall promotions.

When you’re targeting customers with a special interest, such as farming or gardening, it’s a good opportunity to collect leads. One of our favorite fall giveaway ideas is running a simple promotion with email registration. Ask users to sign up with their name and contact details to take part.

Fall giveaway ideas: gardening tools. This example shows photos of a man working with a leafblower and other tools. The overlay text reads, "Clearing up for autumn? We've got these to give away. Win!"

In this example, everyone who signed up had the chance to win a bundle of tools and accessories. Registering an email address is easy and quick, so people are more likely to convert. And you can use those contact details to share more fall promotions, offers, and updates in the future.

The seasons are changing fast – make sure you don’t miss out! Create your account and start planning autumn promotions in minutes. And in case of any doubts don’t hesitate to Chat with us!