How to Run a Collaborative Giveaway Using Instagram Collabs

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
Instagram Collabs is a new feature in the social network that allows sharing co-authored feed or reel posts in two different accounts. In case you haven’t, we have been wondering; how does this tool affect Instagram giveaways? In this article, we will explain how to run a collaborative giveaway using Instagram Collabs.

Every year, Instagram launches updates and adds new features to its applications. Collabs is one of them. This new feature aims to boost posts in the network, as well as to create transparent and easy partnerships between brands.

It has always been a marketing strategy to use well-known influencers or kindred brands to reach and influence a specific audience in their decision-making. These actions generate trust and help promote the brand’s values through collaboration.

Let’s take a look at how Collabs works and how your brand can benefit from this new Instagram tool.

How to do a collaborative post with Collabs

To do a collaborative post with Collabs, the brand has to follow the steps of a usual post. Once the image and text are ready, the option to tag someone in the post is next. There are two buttons in this section: “Add Tag” and “Invite a Collaborator”. Select the second option and a search window will come up to look for the profile that you want to collaborate with.

Collabs Instagram giveaway step 1

Once the post has been published, a notification for the user or brand will come up, as well as several notifications in the collaborator’s account. 

Collabs Instagram giveaway step 2

Once the collaborator accepts the invitation, the post will appear in its profile. The name and image of both the organizer and the collaborator will appear in both posts.

Collabs Instagram giveaway step 3

*Note: When the organizer deletes the post, it will also be eliminated from the collaborator’s profile.

Now that you know how Collabs work, how about we go into how to organize a collaborative giveaway with Instagram Collabs? Let ‘s get to it!

How to run a collaborative giveaway with Instagram Collabs

Say your brand or business is collaborating with another brand or an influencer. So, you have decided to organize a giveaway to promote the collaboration and capture users’ attention. How to do it? Don’t worry! Easypromos has the solution and it’s easier than it seems.

You simply have to use the Instagram Giveaway tool and, once the organizer’s account has been linked to Easypromos, select the original post from the organizer in order to carry out the comments’ draw.

Easypromos control panel

By selecting the post, the tool will collect the comments for both posts, the organizer’s and the collaborator’s. It ‘s that simple!

Note: Instagram or Facebook Ads can only be run from the organizer’s post. A collaborator cannot run paid advertising from a shared post. In turn, when running the giveaway, Easypromos’ tool allows the collection of the comments from the organizer’s sponsored posts.

What if the collaborator has already posted a giveaway?

Easypromos’ inter-account collaboration system is still active and it can be very useful when the collaborator publishes posts commenting on a giveaway organized by two or more accounts. This would not be an Instagram Collabs post. However, it is possible to run a giveaway based on comments from several posts using Easypromos’ Multi-Network Giveaway tool. Here’s an example from Stranahan’s, a Colorado-based brand that teamed up with another Colorado company to together celebrate Colorado Day. Both brands posted the giveaway image on their Instagram accounts, therefore, the organizers used the Multi-Network Giveaway app to choose a lucky winner.

Do you need help creating an Instagram Giveaway using Collabs? Contact us via live chat. Our customer support team will be happy to help.