Entertain your community with a Eurovision survey

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
Eurovision is a world-famous song competition. Every year millions of people tune in to follow the national elimination rounds in their home countries leading up to the grand finale when the overall winning song is chosen. Brands can take advantage of the excitement that it generates to create an online Eurovision survey to capture your audience’s attention while offering them a reward. Read on to learn how to create the survey and the resources we have for you.

Eurovision is a yearly, televised song competition with participants from the member countries of the European Broadcasting Union. The festival has been broadcasted since 1956, which makes it the longest-running TV show in the world. The name of the competition stems from the Eurovision TV Broadcasting Network, which is managed by the European Broadcasting Union with a potential reach of over one billion viewers. Throughout its history, the event has gone from a simple TV experiment to becoming an international institution and the Eurovision name being recognized worldwide.

At Easypromos, we are convinced that making the most of the buzz created by this event on social media is the way to go. The main goal of the contest is to pick a winning song, and this is a dynamic that can be easily reproduced with an online Eurovision survey. Hence, we would like to show you how to create one and which are the marketing objectives that you can achieve with it.


How to easily create a Eurovision survey

Using the Pick your Favorite app, you can create a Eurovision survey without any need for programming skills. You can display the participants’ pictures or YouTube videos in a public gallery so users can vote for their favorite. This contest will generate high engagement levels and go viral among voting users, as well as showing in real-time the results of the voting.

Eurovision Survey example

Furthermore, you can customize the whole promotion with your brand logo, colors, and imagery. You can also reward users for their participation with a final prize draw among all participants or only among those who guessed the winner correctly. It’s up to you!

Another tool that you can use to create a Eurovision promotional action is the Multimedia Contest. You can display the content created by participants in public galleries and, if you wish to, you can also activate public voting with Easypromos’ anti-fraud controls. The Multimedia Contest allows for advanced photo and video contest management, with additional features and voting alternatives.


Marketing objectives you can achieve with the survey

Any promotional action requires planning, execution, and result measurement. This will let you know if you have achieved the objectives that had been set for the brand or product. These are some of the objectives that can be achieved with a Eurovision survey:

  • Entertaining your online community with fun and interesting content.
  • Gathering insight on users’ likes and preferences as they will vote for their favorite song and share that information with you.
  • Gathering leads for your database. To participate and register for a prize draw, users have to enter their contact details.
  • Brand awareness and visibility. The promotion can be customized with your brand imagery and users will be exposed to it as they participate. Positive impact on the brand image as it is related to a trending topic. 
  • Promotion of the event and/or artists. Despite being a global event, you can foster a feeling of community by supporting your country’s participating song.

If you have any questions about how to create a Eurovision survey, contact our customer support team via live chat. We will be happy to help!