Fall Promotion Ideas for 2023: Generate Buzz and Engage Your Audience

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Don’t forget about autumn while you start thinking about your winter holidays campaign - fall is a fantastic time to reconnect with your audience while you transition from the buzz of the summer to the so-awaited holiday season. In this blog post, we share ideas for fall promotions: interactive games and contests that will help you engage your audience and stay top of mind with customers.

Some brands seem to put their marketing into some kind of hibernation between the summer and winter campaigns – and we don’t want to let it happen to you. Make sure you don’t let your business get stuck; instead, stay top of mind with customers while working on brand recognition and awareness with our top fall promotion ideas! In this article, we share our favorite examples of autumn campaigns that can help you generate engagement, gather sales leads, and skyrocket your sales…

Let’s take a look! 

Fall promotion ideas: gamify your fall campaign with branded mini-games

Autumn is the season when online users are likely to spend more time on social media than during the summer; shorter days mean we tend to grab our warm blankets and snuggle on the sofa, often with our mobile phones in hand. Fall is also the time when many brands decelerate their social media communications, while they’re busy preparing for Black Friday, Halloween, and Christmas. What does this mean for your brand? It might be much easier to break through the noise and target your audience with a bit of extra online entertainment. One way to engage and reactivate your followers is to launch playable promotions – they’re highly effective when it comes to converting social media users

Expose your brand to a wider audience by launching customizable online games. Showcase your branding colors and logos and as a result, boost brand awareness and recognition. Online games deliver positive customer experiences – and that’s what creates brand loyalty and trust, another important aspect for businesses. 

Hidden Objects game for your autumn campaign

Take a look at the following Hidden Objects game that any brand can prepare as part of their fall campaign. In this example, you can see how easy it is to generate rivalry online. Simply ask your audience to memorize an autumn-themed image, and then challenge them to find the differences between the two images! But don’t forget to incentivize participation – it’ll not only attract more participants but also create a positive connection between the brand and the player. 

fall promotion idea: branded game

Apart from boosting engagement you also get to collect leads at the same time: users leave their contact details in order to opt in for a prize.

Would you like to test our fall Hidden Objects game? Try the DEMO and use our pre-configured template to launch a branded game for your business.

Autumn promotion idea: entertain your audience with a Memory game

As shown above, online games and interactive promotions that can highly engage an online audience. But what are your options if you’re looking for a more classic game? Try our branded Memory game to generate engagement and touch base with your online community. It’s an interactive way to easily and successfully showcase your bestsellers and recent product launches while engaging your audience with high-quality content. Here’s an example of how brands use Memory promotions to reinforce product awareness and improve social media visibility.

fall memory game for an autumn campaign

Users participate in the game by looking for matching pictures of your products, logos, or other elements that you choose. Our example shows how a fashion brand can present its fall collection – but you can use it to showcase your bestsellers or products on offer. Whatever option you choose, make sure you incentivize participation – it’s the best way to attract more users to your online promotion.

Do you like the idea of launching a fall-themed Memory game? Try our DEMO and if you like it you can use the ready-made template to save some extra time!

Fall promotion idea: maximize lead generation with a giveaway

Your fall campaign might be a great opportunity to collect new sales leads for the upcoming Black Friday and Christmas – the season when customers are on the lookout for the best deals. Look at autumn promotions as a chance to expand your mailing list, so that you can target more potential customers for the upcoming campaigns. 

Take a look at this example of an Entry Form Giveaway. Users fill out a registration form with their contact information and… that’s it! All they have to do once they submit the form is keep their fingers crossed!

fall promotion idea: entry form giveaway for lead generation

Try our fall Entry Form giveaway DEMO – and if you like this autumn promotion idea, use our ready-made template to create a giveaway for your brand.

Would you like to run a comment giveaway on social media to celebrate autumn? Head to our blog post full of ideas, tips, examples, and templates for fall giveaways on your favorite social media channels!

Another option is to offer your followers a fun fall experience. Sponsor a local event, or offer coupons for autumn attractions. In this example, a local transport company ran a fall giveaway for a family day out. This was a great way to connect with the community, and show that the brand was family-friendly.

idea for a coupon campaign to celebrate fall

Collect leads and learn more about your customers with a fall-themed quiz

Kick off your autumn campaign by collecting more information about your customers. When it comes to offering discounts and coupons, it’s best to know what your audience likes, needs, and wants. The following example shows us how a home decor brand learned more about its audience by launching an online autumn quiz.

fall quiz for promotion idea

Users just had to answer five quick questions about their tastes: favorite fall recipes, colors, and family activities. At the end of the Knowledge Quiz, they received custom recommendations for their design projects. And everyone had the chance to win some free home decorations and accessories as part of the fall promotion. What’s in it for the brand? Apart from entertaining their online community, they also got to collect new contact details and collect vital information about their target audience. It’s a great benefit for brands looking to better target newly collected leads.

Fall marketing ideas: enjoy fall recipes and collect user-generated content

What’s the most popular content on the internet? If we had to hazard a guess… then food and recipes are definitely in the top 10. People love to share seasonal cooking tips, family recipes, and delicious treats with their friends and followers online.

And of course, autumn brings a whole new season of tastes, flavors, and ingredients. It’s time to cook warming stews, luxurious hot drinks (including the notorious pumpkin spice latte), and tasty traditional recipes.

Here are some great fall giveaway ideas from a TV food channel. They offered a bundle of gifts for making fall casseroles and crockpot soups. In exchange, they collected email addresses from their TV viewers – setting up a new way to reach customers with fall promotions.

fall promotion idea for user-generated content

In our humble opinion, fall is the best time of year to get outdoors. The scenery is beautiful, with red, yellow, and orange autumnal leaves. And it’s the perfect weather to enjoy sports and hobbies outside – neither too cold nor too hot. Let’s call it Goldilocks season.

Share your love of autumn with your followers and customers. Run a fall photo contest that gets in touch with their active, creative side and allows you to collect user-generated content.

fall promotion idea: autumn photo contest

With the dazzling colors of autumn and a changing landscape, this is the perfect moment for a photo contest. In the example above, the city of Hunan ran a contest to share images of the city and its surroundings. They published the photos in a public gallery, where people could share and vote for their favorite pictures.

Are you ready to run your fall promotion? Make sure you contact us in case of questions or doubts – we’re always happy to help!

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