Knowledge Quiz

Entertain and educate users with a quick quiz on any topic. Mark the correct answers and the app will automatically assign points to the participants. Offer your audience a fun and unique brand experience, and in return obtain their contact details. Incentivize the participation to attract more participants.

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Knowledge Quiz

Knowledge Quiz main features

  • Customizable quiz builder

    Design the quiz your way with our simple, online-only editor. Add as many questions as you need, choose a layout that works for desktop and mobile, and edit text and button colors. Visualize changes instantly.

  • 8 different question types

    Create different question types: open questions, closed questions, sortable answers, multiple answers, dropdown menus, auto-complete lists, radio buttons and ratings. Illustrate questions and answers with photos and videos.

  • Give immediate feedback

    Give users instant feedback about whether their answers are correct. Add a detailed explanation so that each quiz question becomes a learning experience. Display a results summary page at the end of the quiz.

  • Personalize final messages

    Set up personalized final messages which are triggered based on individual participants' scores. Illustrate with photos and videos, and add links with call to action buttons. Include share and social buttons to make your trivia contest go viral.

  • Enable user-registration system

    The app includes a user identification and registration system that will allow you to gather data from new users or integrate it with your user system through Single Sign-On (SSO). More information.

  • Reward participants for their knowledge

    The app features the prize management module to provide digital coupons and gifts based on the participant’s score. You can also conduct a random prize draw among all the successful participants of the trivia.

Knowledge Quiz is available in the following plans:

  • <strong>Premium</strong> Plan
    Premium Plan


    • Limited to 10,000 participants per promotion.
    • Easypromos branding visible.
    • Customize default template with your own wording and images.
    • Automated email platform.
    • Fully customizable entry form.
    • Third-party integrations with external platforms.
    • Access to advanced statistics.
    • Pre-moderate contest entries.
  • White Label Plan
    White Label Plan

    Premium version, plus:

    • Limited to 50,000 participants per promotion. Contact us for more than 50,000.
    • No visible reference to Easypromos in the published quiz.
    • Create a single promotion in multiple languages.
    • Use your own domain name.
    • Developers: Use your own CSS styles, HTML and Javascript code.
    • Developers: Access to the API and Webhooks to export entries in real-time.
    • Recommended for big brands and agencies.
    • Priority support.

Combine Knowledge Quiz with

  • Entry Form Giveaway
    Run a prize draw for all participants, or limit the giveaway to users who achieve a certain score.
  • Refer a Friend
    Award extra prize draw entries to users who recruit their friends. Set a recruitment minimum for users to enter the prize draw.
  • Distribute coupon codes
    Reward participants with coupons and promotional codes. Set up different prizes depending on quiz scores.
  • Instant Win
    Give away prizes at random when users complete the registration form. Incentivize repeat entries.

Complete features

Knowledge Quiz: Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    Follow this step-by-step tutorial to create your quiz.
  • Need ideas?

    Read this blog post for more inspiration and examples.

Knowledge Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can create your first Knowledge Quiz from 100€ per month. If you want to create several games or promotions, you can purchase a monthly plan for unlimited use from 149€/month.

  • Yes, the Knowledge Quiz app includes the winner picker tool which lets you obtain a random winner among all the participants of the quiz or among the ones that have answered all or a minimum of questions correctly.

  • Yes, the platform gives you the option of giving direct prizes to the users that have answered all or a minimum number of questions correctly. The prize will be shown on the screen of the user after finishing the quiz and you also have the option of sending an automatic email with the prize. The platform includes the tools to set up both the prizes and the emails. A good practice is to send a coupon with a unique promotional code automatically after the users finish the quiz.

  • Yes, when you create the Knowledge Quiz, you get a direct link to the quiz microsite that you can use to share on your social media. The quiz also includes buttons for easy sharing on social media like Facebook and instant messaging apps like WhatsApp.

  • Of course! You will assign points for correct answers, and at the end of the quiz, you can customize the page with the result each user has obtained. You can set up the design and the texts to be shared on social media according to the obtained score.

  • In the Knowledge Quiz the participants are presented with a question with multiple answers where one or two of them are correct. You can set up 3 types of questions: (1) Only one answer is correct, (2) Multiple answers are correct and the order of them doesn't matter and (3) Multiple answers are correct and they have to be in a certain order.

  • Yes, you can use images or videos in the questions and also in the anwers. This way, you can show a video and ask a question about the content of the video. Or ask a question where the answers are only images. It's recommended to add audiovisual content to the quiz to offer a better user experience.

  • Yes, you can integrate the Knowledge Quiz on your own website, blog or microsite and that way allow the visitors on your site to participate in the quiz right there without having to redirect them to an external link. You also have the option of showing the quiz as a pop-up on your website.