App to Create Giveaways and Export Comments and Likes from Facebook

Carles Bonfill
Carles Bonfill
Do you want to run a promotion directly from your Page’s timeline? Do you want to hold a sweepstakes among all the users who like one of your posts? Do you want to give a prize to whoever correctly answers your questions on Facebook? Or do you simply wish to export data on users who participate in your posts to Excel? We offer you a tool that allows you to manage those who interact with your timeline posts, and to carry out a sweepstakes for all those who comment on or like your posts.

In August 2013, Facebook updated its promotions policy making it possible to carry out a promotion directly on the wall of a page. Since this date Facebook has permitted businesses to carry out promotions which can be signed up to by simply liking or commenting on a publication on a Facebook page wall.

This means that administrators now have two alternatives to carry out promotions on Facebook:

  1. Running promotions directly on the timeline.
  2. Using external apps like Easypromos to manage promotions on a Page.

After Facebook’s announcement, we published an article on our blog, explaining the differences between carrying out a promotion using an external app and holding one directly on the timeline. In this post we focus on presenting our latest innovation: A tool that facilitates the management of promotions carried out directly on the timeline. From our point of view, the main advantages of holding a promotion on the timeline are the ease and immediacy of the creation process. However, promotions carried out directly on publications on a Facebook page timeline suppose a series of challenges regarding the management of participations and winners, such as:

  1. How to best organize and manage users’ interactions with posts.
  2. How to carry out a sweepstakes and how to pick a winner.

Launch of a new sweepstakes app

So after Facebook’s August 2013 announcement, with the aim of helping administrators manage promotions carried out directly on the timeline, we launched the Facebook Giveaway app which enables you to convert one or several publications on your Facebook page into a sweepstakes for all users who have ‘Liked’ or commented on the publication and pick a winner.

With the Easypromos Facebook Sweepstakes app the administrator of a timeline contest can:

  1. Randomly pick winners and alternate winners among all the users that ‘Like’ or comment on a Facebook post.
  2. It allows to accumulate up to 10 posts from the same Facebook page and all users that interact with them will be entered into the sweepstakes
  3. Obtain a certificate of validity for the sweepstakes.
  4. Select and filter the sweepstakes’ winning users/comments.
  5. Manage the finalists with exclusion rules: Management of the user blacklist, exclusion filter for previous winners.
  6. Carry out a sweepstakes among all users who have answered with a specific hashtag. Learn here how to use hashtags in comments on a Facebook post.
  7. Notify the winners: In case of carrying out a sweepstakes among all users who comment on one or several posts, you can use this system to send a notification to the winners by responding to the users’ comment. This way, the winners will automatically receive a notification from Facebook.
  8. Comfortably manage the delivery of the prizes to the winners by using the ‘Claim your prize’ system: Winners will be able to confirm their prize by completing a registration form which you can customize to collect the information you need to send the prize.
  9. Replace winners for alternates in a safe and easy way, and indicate the reasons for the replacement.
  10. Export users and participants in CSV and Excel format.
  11. Customize the Winners page.
  12. Publish the winners via Facebook and Twitter.
  13. Carry out a sweepstakes in test mode before carrying out the real sweepstakes.
  14. Create and host the terms and conditions of the sweepstakes with a free tool provided by the platform.

How can I access the tool?

Access the random comment picker tool via the Easypromos control panel. If it’s the first time you access, it will be necessary to create a new account. If you want to begin now, please do so via this link.

Once inside the control panel, click on Create new promotion and on the next page, choose the application: Facebook Timeline Sweepstakes


Upon accessing the tool you will be able to create your sweepstakes in three easy steps: Connect with your Facebook Page, indicate which type of sweepstakes you would like to carry out (Likes Sweepstakes or Comments Sweepstakes) and select the publication you would like to use to carry out the sweepstakes.

For each publication it will then be possible to carry out the following actions:

  1. Export all users who have liked the post to Excel.
  2. Export all users who have commented on the post to Excel – including the comment itself and the number of likes it has received.
  3. Create sweepstakes among the users who have participated in the contest.

Below you can see a video tutorial showing which steps to take to create sweepstakes. The whole process will not take longer than three minutes.

Video tutorial about how to create sweepstakes in three minutes:

Would you like to create your first sweepstakes on Facebook?

Sign up to Easypromos now and carry out your first sweepstakes for users interacting with one or several posts on your Facebook page.

This tool enables you to manage promotions carried out directly on the wall of a Facebook page. If you wish to carry out other types of promotions and contests on Facebook using different mechanisms, better designs and fraud control and have options for capturing the data of the participating in a promotion, we recommend you use one of our apps. Consult all the types of promotions you can carry out with Easypromos.