How to Increase Traffic on Facebook

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Attracting more traffic to a Facebook page is a concern for all businesses. In this article, we look at some important steps that can successfully help you get more traffic on your page with tips like, for example, how do you pick a winner on a Facebook giveaway.


How to Increase Facebook Interactions – 7 Proven Tips

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Amidst heated talks about Facebook’s declining organic reach lately, we thought it would be wise to give you a refresher on how to boost your Facebook interactions –
increase Facebook likes, comments, saves, and shares.


How to Increase your Organic Reach on Facebook

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Are you looking for how to reach more people on Facebook or grow your Facebook page organically? Check our top 6 tricks to succeed. Enter now!


Marketing Strategies on Facebook: 10 Tips to Boost your Brand and Page

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Home to over 2.7 billion monthly active users, and 1.5 billion daily active users, Facebook continues to reign as the world’s leading social media platform. Discover the 10 tips for your marketing strategy on Facebook that you should always have in mind.


5 Ideas for Facebook Giveaways, Contests, and Competitions

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Facebook continues to be the top social media network and brands actively working on capitalizing on their Facebook communities. In this blog post, we share five Facebook giveaway ideas that will help you boost your brand, sales and leads. Learn how to work towards your objectives with giveaways, games, contests and competitions. Read on!


How to create fashion giveaways on Instagram and Facebook?
Giveaways for you online clothes shop

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Nowadays, the dream of starting your own online fashion shop is much more realistic and easier to accomplish that before. However, being an experienced merchant is much more challenging. The fashion sector is one of the most competitive markets online, with millions of people making clothes purchases every day. How to drive them to your online store and convince to purchase from you? Try to organise fashion giveaways on your Instagram and Facebook profiles and see how your brand awareness starts to grow more and more…


How to generate leads on Facebook and own your audience
How to generate leads on Facebook

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Facebook is currently the best major social network for reach, engagement, and return on investment for marketers. But there’s one problem – you don’t own the leads you generate on Facebook. We suggest 6 simple ways to combine Facebook reach with successful lead capturing.


The 10 essential do’s and don’ts for Facebook contests
10 Dos and Donts of Facebook contests

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Like it or not, we are living in the Facebook era. But as the big blue social network grows, it’s harder than ever to reach customers with your Facebook Business page. Facebook contests and giveaways can be the solution… if you get them right. Here are 10 do’s and don’ts from Easypromos, the experts in Facebook contests.


8 Must-Use Facebook Marketing Tips for eCommerce

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The best marketing strategy isn’t often focused on selling. It’s about building trust. Selling is a by-product of knowing your audience and recommending products or services that address their needs. Discover 8 tips you can use on Facebook to build trust with your brand, specially if you are an eCommerce.


5 Winter Facebook Giveaways to Beat the Blues
Winter Facebook giveaways to beat the blues

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Apart from the holidays, winter is not our favorite season. The air is cold, the sky is grey, and summer holidays seem very far away. But you can brighten up your social media with winter Facebook giveaways! Make yourself a hot drink, and let’s get started.