How to Organize Promotional Campaigns with Multiple Promotions

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Are you planning on organizing a week-long promotional action on your Facebook Page with a different prize raffled each day? Would you like to create a quiz in which a new question is asked every day? Do you want to launch multiple promotions based on the same theme and group them together on a single screen? In this post we explain how you can prepare these sorts of actions using Promotions Groups – a feature that enables you to display a collection of promotions on the same screen, forming a single promotional campaign.

What are campaigns with multiple promotions?

Campaigns with multiple promotions are a collection of individual promotions that form part of the same campaign or that are connected in some way.

There are situations in which planning a promotional activity lasting various days can be an interesting way of creating new mechanisms for attracting fans: daily giveaways, quizzes with a new question each day, contests in various phases, etc.

With the aim of making it easier to manage these types of promotions, we have developed Multi-Stage applications that enable you to present a collection of individual promotions on the same page.

Interested in organizing a promotion with multiple branded games? Take a look at our Multi-Game application, the perfect solution for displaying several games in one campaign.

Below we explain the main characteristics of Multi-Stage promotions.

Distributing home page of individual promotions

All the promotions that form part of the same campaign are presented on a microsite which serves as the distributing page. On this page, the promotions are grouped according to their status: active, inactive, or coming soon. This means that users can quickly see which promotions they can take part in, which have finished and which will soon be active.

The home page also offers various customization options, which allow administrators to make changes to the design; this is a great option for anyone looking to launch a highly personalized campaign.

Benefits of Multi-Stage promotions

Show promotions from the same campaign on one screen

If you have decided to organize various promotions within the same campaign, the microsite of the group will enable you to present all the planned promotions to users at the same time.

The home page offers the following characteristics:

  • Customize each individual promotion within the group. Each promotion can be represented with its own image so that users can easily locate the promotion they want to take part in. You can, for example, numerate each promotion, or add images of different dates to show when the next stage will become available.

multi-stage promotions

  • Show the status of the promotion. Each promotion displays its status so that users can see whether it is active, inactive, or coming soon. This will keep users engaged and expectant as they can find out which promotions will be available in a few days.
  • Order the promotions within the campaign. The administrator can decide the order in which to display the different promotions.

Single registration in Multi-Stage promotions

The best addition to the user experience is the fact that users register only once to participate in a campaign with multiple promotions. Next time the participant accesses the page they won’t have to repeat the registration process. It facilitates participation and makes the user experience more pleasant, eliminating participation barriers.

New design

The promotions distributing page has a new design conceived as a new template for presenting a campaign differently from an individual promotion. The new design can be customized from the administration panel without programming knowledge.

Advanced customization of the Multi-Stage promotions page

All the graphic and text elements that appear in the template are customizable without any programming knowledge. Advanced users also have the option to customize the template with their own CSS styles, HTML code, and Javascript.

Campaigns with multiple promotions: responsive design

The responsive template adapts to all screen and device resolutions, meaning that the user has an optimal smartphone experience.

Multi-Stage promotions have a single link that administrators can share with users to redirect them to the distributing page. This enables administrators to share the campaign directly with their fans and show them all the promotions that form part of the same action.

Shared settings

In multiple promotion campaigns, there is no need for separate terms and conditions for each promotion. All stages belong to the same campaign, meaning that you only need to provide one version of the terms and conditions and privacy policy.

Giveaway segmented promotions

You can organize a campaign in which all the users choose which giveaways, contests, or games they want to participate in. For example, if you organize a campaign for a shopping mall, you can create different promotions for different shops. This means that the users would only participate in the promotions for the shops they’re most interested in.

coupon directory

Give a go to our Coupon Directory DEMO – check out the user experience and see how engaging and visual multiple promotion campaigns can be!

Embed your campaign with multiple promotions on your website, blog or e-commerce site

To give greater visibility and diffusion to the campaign, the administrator can use the Easypromos widgets to embed and present the Multi-Stage campaign on any webpage, blog, or microsite. This is a great tactic for anyone looking to convert anonymous website visitors into qualified leads.

Different options for running giveaways

The Multi-Stage applications give your different options for rewarding participants. You can organize a giveaway for:

  • Participants that entered all promotions of your campaign
  • Participants that entered a specific number of promotions, for example, at least three.
  • Users of each stage. Organize an independent giveaway for each participation stage.
  • Give away discount codes and coupon to all registered users.

When to create campaigns with multiple promotions?

There are many different reasons to launch campaigns with multiple promotions. However, Advent Calendars, interactive countdowns, coupon directories, and escape rooms are the most popular ideas! Here are some other ideas:

Betting pools. Do you want your fans to place their bets? If it’s for a sports competition that takes place over various days you can new stages in our Multi-Round Predictions app.

Give away a coupon or promotional code each week. Just like in the example of the Coupon Directory, you can give new discount vouchers, codes, or coupons daily, weekly, or monthly.

Daily/weekly giveaways. Managing daily/weekly sweepstakes on your Facebook Page is quicker and easier with a Multi-Stage campaign: decide for how long users will be able to sign up, and, once the registration has finished, carry out a giveaway among all the participants. The Multi-Stage campaign’s microsite will show all the planned sweepstakes and the finalized promotions will show the name of the lucky winners.

Online tournaments. Would you like your audience to help you choose your best product? Organize an online Tournament Bracket where users vote for their favorites in each stage, until the moment the winner is chosen.

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