Easypromos is a robust and 100% self-service platform for creating long-term promotions and advanced campaigns with various participation stages to reinforce stronger relationships with your audience. All Multi-Stage applications are mobile responsive and ready to be shared with social media users. Incorporate them into your digital marketing strategy to improve brand awareness, attract new users and retain existing community members.


Discover the interactive Multi-Stage Applications: the best way to grab attention of your audience

  • Advent Calendar

    Surprise users and build up expectations with a digital calendar or countdown for an event, festivity or celebration. Configure the calendar’s daily content to increase participants’ engagement.

  • Multi-Game

    Attract users with a promotion with various games and participation rounds. All participants obtain points that are displayed on a public ranking page. Users come back to access new rounds and obtain more points.

  • Digital Coupon Book

    Publish an online directory of coupons to attract more customers to businesses. Users will need to register to obtain their coupon.

  • Tournament Bracket

    Display various candidates in twos and invite your audience to choose their favorites until the winner is chosen. Encourage users to participate in each round and reward those that make correct predictions.

  • Multi-Round Predictions

    Engage your users with online Predictions with multiple participation rounds. In each Predictions stage, users predict the winners of sports or cultural events. They also obtain points for each correct prediction. Their scores are displayed on the overall ranking page.

Main features of the Easypromos Multi-stage Applications

	multi-stage app template

Responsive and pre-configured default template

You don’t need any programming experience to launch a Multi-Stage promotion. The app comes with a complete administration panel that includes all the tools you need to customize the promotion. The template is fully responsive, therefore it works on all mobile devices. You can configure your Multi-Stage promotion in less than 10 minutes!

multi-stage app customization

Fully customizable the application

Upload your own images to visually customize all the elements: background images, logos, prizes, coupons, emails, etc… Take advantage of the customization options and adapt the application to your corporate image.

rounds in multi-stage app

Generate all stages and rounds of your promotion

The application is designed to encourage repeat participation in several stages or rounds, published correlatively or simultaneously. Either way, users can participate on numerous occasions, with the content varying.

data collection

Pre-participation registration with only one registration form

Although the user can participate various times in different stages and rounds, they need to register only once. By being part of the same application, all participations will be linked to the same user, while all the points will also be automatically assigned to the same participant.

	ranking multi-stage promotions

Points and ranking

All Multi-Stage applications come with the option of enabling points and ranking. They’re the perfect solutions for anyone looking to assign users with points - it’s a great customer loyalty booster. Make the ranking page public to generate further rivalry.

	fraud control in multi-stage promotions

Fraud control

The anti-fraud system detects and rejects bad practices. Controls include game time tampering detection, participation frequency limit, country filters and code injection control.

	prize system for multi-stage promotions

Prizes system

The Multi-Stage apps have a system for creating prizes and assigning winners: by random draws, manual assignments, on participation, by Spinning the Wheel or by Instant Win moments. You will improve conversion rates if you offer incentives. The Prizes system allows you to notify winners, present the prizes, etc.

	emails platform for multi-stage promotions

Integrated email platform

Send emails to all participants or a specific segment - all in an automated way without having to leave Easypromos. Every Multi-Stage application comes with an integrated email platform, allowing promotion organizers to configure and design their emails. Use the email platform to send announcements about upcoming rounds and stages, confirm user registration, send coupons and vouchers or simply encourage participants to share their promotion with their friends.

	multi-stage promotion stats

User management and statistics

The platform measures and keeps track of the activities of all the visitors and presents them in reports and statistics: visits per page, input sources, conversion ratio from visitor to participant, average time per participant, shares, etc.

integrations with multi-stage promotions


Synch participant data with your mailing list, CRM, etc. Easypromos has various native integrations with third-party applications, APIs, and webhooks for customized integrations.

Main Advantages of Using Multi-Stage Applications

  •  Increase loyalty and trust from existing and potential customers with long-term promotions with daily, weekly or monthly rounds. 
  •  Obtain contact details and get user consent to contact them for future marketing purposes, GDPR compliant. 
  •  Boost product and brand visibility among your target audience. Expose your followers to your corporate image and reinforce strong relationships.

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