How to Run a Quick and Transparent Giveaway on Instagram Reels

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
You can now organize giveaways on Instagram Reels by importing comments in an automatic and transparent way! Short vertical videos were introduced to Instagram as Reels in August 2020 and they have been gaining traction ever since. What we previously witnessed with TikTok has been confirmed by Reels: short videos generate high levels of engagement and manage to retain many users. This resulted in many content creators and brands turning their eyes to Instagram Reels. There was only one flaw; it wasn’t possible for external tools to access information from Reels, therefore running giveaways on Reels wasn’t possible either. However, this has finally changed, as Instagram added new functionality to Instagram Reels, making it now possible to run giveaways on Instagram Reels!

Reels is an Instagram feature that allows you to record and post short videos lasting anywhere from 15 to 60 seconds. They are normally edited with much attention to detail, for example, speed changes, text, music, and filters. According to Meta, Reels make up over 20% of the total time users spend on Instagram. Other resources report that Reels generate 22% more engagement than regular videos published on the feed. 

Audiovisual content attracts and retains user attention, and this is why all social media networks implemented the new video format. TikTok was the trendsetter, shortly followed by Instagram and YouTube, two giant platforms that implemented the same size for vertical videos. It’s also easy to differentiate Reels from the traditional square videos shared on the feed. 

Instagram Reels give content creators the opportunity to share dynamic and entertaining content that spikes user interest. However, there is a new challenge of having to convey their message in a short time. This is why most Instagram Reels come with explicatory text added to the video that fully transmits the message; additionally, there’s the video caption that you can also use to communicate your news clearly. Users interact with Reels by commenting and tagging friends, making Reels the perfect medium for running giveaways for your audience. 

Image showing three different examples of Instagram Reels.

Many brands and influencers have already organized giveaways on Reels. Until now, there were no tools to automatically import comments and user information. This usually happens when social media platforms launch new features without having prepared API access to data generated in the new feature. Thus, no external winner selection tool, like Easypromos, previously had access to the data of users who interacted on Instagram Reels. This generated issues for giveaway organizers, as they had to manually copy all the usernames when selecting winners. Many clients turned to us asking for a solution, but unfortunately, it wasn’t possible until July 2022. But it is possible now!

Choose your Reel and run a giveaway in 5 minutes

Easypromos can now access all the information of videos published as Reels. This means that you can now use the Easypromos Instagram Giveaway app to choose a winner of your giveaway on Reels.

When selecting a winner with Easypromos, the tool will only show you the Reels with comments. You will be able to choose winners and alternate winners from among those that commented on your giveaway Reel. 

As you can see in the example above, an Instagram influencer organized a giveaway on Instagram Reels in which she raffled a $150 gift card for her favorite restaurant. Apart from showcasing the prize, she also shared participation requirements. The main way to participate in Instagram Reels giveaways is to comment on the Reel. Easypromos gets access to user information only when they leave a comment on the short video. This is why commenting on the post is an indispensable part of Instagram giveaways on Reels. As always, each user gets only one participation in the giveaway, even if they commented various times.

Remember, that you can also ask users to tag friends in the comments, and the Easypromos app will choose a winner only from among those that completed this participation requirement. Another popular participation requirement on Instagram is to follow the organizing brand; you can run giveaways for followers but you will have to manually check if the winner is also your follower. 

Screenshots of Instagram Reels giveaway showing comments and how the creator promoted the giveaway on Stories.

Choosing a winner of your Instagram giveaway on Reels is the same as choosing a winner from comments left on a giveaway post: easy, quick, transparent, and reliable. ?

Recommendations for organizing giveaways on Instagram Reels

If you’re looking for information about organizing giveaways on Instagram Reels it’s probably because you’ve already published some short videos. We’re not going to explain how to edit a Reel because you’ve probably had that mastered for some time now. But we’re about to give you some tips on what information should be included in your Reel giveaways. 

Think carefully about all the information of the draw and explain it in the Reel

Take a look at this example from two baby product brands with more than 20,000 followers each. With four days still left to participate in the giveaway, the organizers already collected more than 2300 comments. 

screenshot of a reel giveaway organized by pram world and o baby uk

Take a look at how the organizers presented all the information about the giveaway and participation:

  • All the prizes are visible in the video.
  • “Win – check the description to find out how”; the text on the Reel grabs attention and tells users to check out the video description for all information.
  • The video description explains all the participation requirements and states that the giveaway is available only to mainland UK residents. There is also the last participation date.

Share the most important information in the video description

Apart from the word “giveaway”, the giveaway Reel should also explain all the relevant information. Commenting on the video is an indispensable part of Instagram giveaways; without comments, the Easypromos tool won’t be able to choose a giveaway winner. It’s also popular to ask participants to follow your account (or yours and the collaborator’s if there is one). 

Take a look at the following examples of giveaways on Reels. Organizers often ask participants to like the giveaway Reel too but remember that it’s not something that you can automatically check. Tagging a friend in comments is popular and effective but we also recommend having your audience answer a question that will help you get to know them better. 

three different examples of Instagram reel giveaway

It’s also important to mention the last day to participate in the giveaway. The video will stay published on your profile and will be shown to more people. If you’re planning on choosing more than one winner, mention that too, and explain what prize each winner will get. In many cases, the organizers also explain how they will announce the winners. More often than not, giveaway organizers edit the description of the giveaway to show that the promotion has been finalized. It’s also a good idea to share a Story communicating the winners. 

Explain where to find terms and conditions

Explaining all the participation requirements in the video or video description might not be enough. Make sure you inform the participants where they can find the giveaway terms and conditions; the link in bio is the most popular and accessible place to share the link. 

Are you already familiar with a tool like or Linktree to share various links? All you have to do is mention in the giveaway description that the T&Cs can be found in the link in bio. Easypromos has a free tool that allows you to create and publish terms and conditions from a template. It’s not essential to share terms and conditions for your giveaway but it is highly recommended for further transparency and reliability of the draw. T&Cs are also very important in case of complaints from participants. 

screenshot showing how Haribo uses link in bio to share various links

Suggest that users share the Reel on Stories – but don’t make it a compulsory participation requirement

We all like it when our followers share our content on their Stories – it helps us spread the message and gain further visibility. But unfortunately, no winner selection tools have the possibility to check if a user with a private profile reshared your Reel as a Story. In order to not exclude anyone from your Instagram giveaway on Reels, don’t make it a compulsory participation requirement. Additionally, resharing Stories might be seen as a spamming action – something that is totally discouraged by Instagram. We suggest you ask users to share your Reel on Stories if they want to. We also don’t recommend points or extra participations for resharing the Reel on Stories because there is no way to count these when choosing the winner.

Instagram giveaways on Reels have brought more excitement, diversity, and visibility ti brands and content creators. We recommend you give a go to Instagram Reels giveaways to generate engagement for your brand. Do you have questions about running giveaways? Or maybe you want to tell us about your successful Reels giveaway? Contact us via chat!