Multi-Stage Prediction + Tournament Bracket for EURO2020. Confortauto’s Success Case

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
In the summer of 2021, the long awaited Eurocup 2020 was finally celebrated and Confortauto wanted to make the best of it to interact with its clients and work on its branding strategy. Consequently, they asked TARSA agency to come up with an entertaining campaign that also fostered some competitiveness.

With the advice of the Easypromos team, the agency decided to create a Multi-round prediction game in order to adapt every stage of the game to the competition. What’s more, this promotion was the first of its kind with Easypromos. Keep on reading to learn more about this promotion. We will go over the planification and execution of the campaign.

The Agency


Since 1998, TARSA Public Relations has been offering its clients a variety of services that include: Communication and Public Relations, Reputation Management, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Event and Congress Management (in person, digital, and hybrid), Branding, and Staff Outsourcing. Thousands of companies have placed their trust on this agency, which has received multiple awards. TARSA has established itself as one of the biggest and most reliable agencies of the Valencia Autonomous Community and holds the SICTED, a quality assurance certification issued by the Spanish ministry of industry, energy, and tourism.


Confortauto Hankook Masters is the leading automobile workshop chain in Spain and Portugal with over 750 service centers. The company offers drivers a superior quality service on a daily basis, thanks to its highly qualified personnel and an internationally recognized work system.

Idea and objectives of the campaign

Confortauto has trusted TARSA with its communication and online reputation management. Thus, in the summer they turned to the agency to create a branding campaign linked to the EURO 2020.

The client was looking for a summer campaign in connection to the EURO 2020 to give online visibility to the Confortauto service centers network in Spain and Portugal. Therefore, TARSA looked into creating a promotional action through an Easypromos game that was fun and with a twist of competitiveness. “We wanted people to participate and have fun. In addition, we were looking for a platform to channel football fans’ support of their national teams. With this in mind, we offered attractive prizes to motivate participation.” Commented Vicente M. Ayala, Social Media Manager at TARSA.

The name chosen for the promotion was “Tournament of Specialists” to reinforce Confortauto’s brand image as their usual slogan is: “Confortauto: tires and mechanics specialists”. In doing so, they used the “specialists” term and added a competitive edge with the word “tournament” to name the promotion.

Multi-stage prediction promotion

The objectives of the campaign were:

  • Increase traffic in the service centers network and digital channels.
  • Reinforce the brand by linking it to sports values, particularly football. 
  • Build loyalty among repeat clients.
  • Increase brand visibility and promote it among a new audience.
  • Boost their Facebook and Instagram networks to motivate followers to participate and support their national team.

The idea was to generate engagement and brand awareness while offering fun and entertainment to their audience, and to do this around a prestigious competition like the EURO2020. To achieve this, an Easypromos promotion included the same amount of stages as the competition.

A Multi-Round Prediction combined with Tournament Bracket

The promotion was a Multi-Stage Prediction, open to users above 18 years of age with residence in Spain or Portugal.

“We went for Easypromos because it allowed us to carry the promotion on any device and to have a random and transparent prize draw. Additionally, thanks to this platform, we could run this promotion in two different languages, Spanish and Portuguese”, told us Vicente M. Ayala. As a result, players could participate and support their national team from both countries.

To that effect, all graphic material, texts, promotion screens, email communications, etc, were translated into both languages.

Multi-stage prediction promotion EURO2020

In the first stage of the competition, the prediction system was used. Users had to predict which 16 of the 24 teams would move forward to the second round. From there on, the promotion used the Tournament Bracket system. Therefore, allowing the opening of a new stage in the promotion for every stage in the competition: round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final.

Tournament Bracket game EURO2020

Prizes and giveaways in the Specialists Tournament

The promotion ran for one month, from the 11th of June to the 11th of July 2021, same as the Eurocup. The objective was to predict or guess who would win the EURO 2020. To that end, users had to participate in each stage and predict which teams would qualify to the next round. For each correct prediction, users got one point to score for the general ranking.

Confortauto success case promotion

To motivate participation, the organizer gave away prizes in each stage as well as final prizes for the top ranked players. Therefore, there was a double objective: to guess the teams that would move on to the next round, and to score as many points as possible for the ranking.

The promotion gave away a total of 295 prizes. The #1 ranked player won a 55in. Sony 4k Smart TV. Players ranked from the second to the 20th place entered a prize draw for the chance to win one of 4 Apple AirPods or 12 discount codes worth the equivalent of a one-year Netflix subscription. 

The organizer raffled the following prizes during the classification rounds of the EURO2020:

  • Group phase: 35x 25€ digital gift cards for Decathlon, and 55x 15€ discount codes for Confortauto’s website. 
  • Round of 16: 20x 20€ Amazon gift cards, and 35x 15€ discount codes for Confortauto’s website.
  • Quartefinals: 20x 30€ Amazon gift cards, and 45x 15€ discount codes for Confortauto’s website.

Semifinals: 20 intelligent Energy Sistem speakers – Alexa, and 48 15€ discount codes for Confortauto’s website.

All the prize draws were carried out at the end of each stage, at random and transparently using the tool incorporated in the promotion.

Promotion of the EURO2020 prediction pool

“In TARSA, we like to bet on a multi-channel approach. For this reason, the online promotion was amplified through Confortauto’s social networks, and the internal email platform provided by Easypromos”, commented Vivente M. Ayala.

Every time a new participation stage opened or the ranking updated, all participants in the database received an email.

Tournament bracket promotion

Confortauto’s own database was also used to invite all of its subscribers to participate in the tournament.

Tournament bracket promotion Confortauto

The campaign generated over 150 posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; both organically and paid ads. The objective was to promote the tournament’s stages and to inform of the national teams’ matches. As well as to motivate users to support their national teams.


The branding campaign data were very positive, These are the global figures:

  • Sole participants: 1,015
  • Participations: 1,938
  • Visited websites promotion total: 13,460
  • Promotion visits: 4,381
  • Emails sent: 4,213
  • Designs created: 170

As a result, Confortauto was positioned as tires and mechanics specialists. Consequently, this concept was present in every communication and design, thus reinforcing Confortauto’s brand image.


At TARSA, we are used to working with Easypromos, but we had never before faced a challenge like this one. Multi-stage promotions are more complete, more complex and provide more features and options to provide a better user experience. The fully customized promotion was created in under a month. To that end we created fully customized corporate landing for the game, with its own URL and in two languages. It was a great challenge for us. Despite having some doubts over which promotion to choose at the beginning, with the help of Easypromos we were able to carry out the promotion. In the end the campaign was successful and fully achieved its objectives.