Realize the marketing potential of football competitions!

June and July will see two major football events that will capture this sport's fans' attention: Copa America and the Euro 2024 will kick off after the conclusion of the national leagues. Make the most of the excitement generated by these tournaments to attract potential customers and position your brand. Here are some promotion ideas inspired by these football competitions!

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Football promotions

Football promotions and marketing ideas

  • Social Media Giveaways for the Copa América and the Eurocup

    If you are just getting started with digital promotions and think the UEFA Euro or the Copa América appeal to your audience, giveaways on social media are a great start. Think of a good prize related to the championship or give away your flagship product and make a post announcing the giveaway on the social network where you generate the most engagement with your fans: Instagram, X, or Facebook. Users participate by commenting on the post, helping you achieve greater reach, brand exposure, and increased visibility.

    Some ideas: ask your community who will be the best player in the match, which country will win the tournament, how many goals will be scored in the next game, etc.



    • Use our ready-made templates to launch your first Copa America or Euro giveaway on Instagram or Facebook. You can also run a multi-network giveaway on your brand’s Instagram and Facebook profiles. To do this, post your giveaway on both networks and use the Multi-Network Giveaway application to select a single winner.


  • Entry Form Giveaway for High-Value Prizes

    If you want to grab your fans' attention, launch a giveaway for tickets to attend the Copa América or the Euro 2024. When offering high-value prizes, you can ask participants for more than just commenting on a social media post, such as leaving their contact information as a requirement to enter the giveaway, allowing you to expand your email marketing list. Check out the following example of a giveaway of two tickets to a football match.



    Your giveaway prizes don't have to be tickets. It can also be a high-value prize related to the competition, such as a subscription to an online platform to watch the matches, an official competition ball, an official jersey of your country, etc.


    sorteo registro campeonato futbol

  • Single and multi-round predictions, and tournament brackets

    If you want to focus on a single match, launch a Predictions game. Display the opposing teams and ask participants to predict the result. Take a look at these prediction games that ask for the outcomes of specific matches in football championships.


    quinielas campeonato futbol


    If you plan to follow a team all the way to their final game, you can organize a multi-round prediction from the start. Users only have to register once and can participate in every new round. Additionally, you can update the ranking as users score points for correct predictions.


    demo quiniela multijornada eurocopa


    You can also start your promotion after the group stage and organize a tournament bracket for the knockout rounds, keeping your audience engaged with your campaign and brand for longer! In promotions with several knockout rounds, users only need to register once at the beginning.

  • Football promotions: quizzes and surveys

    Another way to generate engagement among your community around the upcoming football championships is to challenge them with quizzes.

    • Ask your audience to take a quiz and create personalized messages based on their scores. Once the participation period is over, you can limit access to the final prize draw to users who achieve a minimum score.
    • Launch a tournament-themed timed quiz to increase engagement and brand visibility. Offer prizes based on correct answers or through a final prize draw to draw more participants. Try this Euro 2024 timed quiz DEMO and get inspired to create your own with this study case of a timed Quiz launched for the Copa América.
    • Let fans become the coach and set up the starting lineup for the match. Encourage participation with a big prize draw among correct guesses. Use the Build Your Team application and design a playing field where participants can place the players. Additionally, the resulting image can be downloaded and shared among users, as you can see in the following example.

    • If your team has just played a match, you can ask your audience to pick the game's MVP. Use the survey application for easy participation and publicly display the reply statistics.
  • Online games for the Eurocup and the Copa América

    Even if your brand is not directly related to football, the Copa América and Eurocup are significant events for June and July. Take advantage of the football fever and launch a branded game to generate engagement with your audience.

    • Try this Euro-themed puzzle that you can customize to feature your products.
    • Take a look at the example below of how a brand launched a Hidden Objects game to connect with this major event.

    • You can also liven up the mood with a game where fans try to score a goal, as in this Reveal & Win game.


    Visit our product catalog to try all our games, quizzes, and contests available to create the best possible promotion for your brand.

  • Photo contests to share the festive spirit

    Celebrate your audience’s love for the sport with a Photo Contest. Ask participants to share photos of how they dress up to support their teams. Create frames and stickers customized with your brand, team, country, etc. Users can then use them to personalize their photos and submit them for competition with the Photo Fun application.


    concurso fotos photofun campeonato futbol