How to Promote a Giveaway on Reels: Organically and Paid

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
It’s here! Automating comment giveaways on Reels is finally possible thanks to the latest update to the Instagram API (July 2022). It’s a feature that many marketers have been waiting for, right? At Easypromos we quickly incorporated this option into our applications to make it just as easy to run a giveaway on Instagram Reels as to run giveaways in your Instagram feed. So, now that we can run comment giveaways on Reels with all the guarantees and without wasting time, let’s see how to promote them to increase their reach.

As explained in the introduction, the objective of this article is to give you tips and ideas, and the necessary tools to disseminate and promote a giveaway on Reels.

Before seeing some examples of how to promote a reel, let’s have a look at some definitions of the keywords to better understand our objectives:

  • Disseminate: Make a fact, a piece of news, a language, an event, etc., known to many people.
  • Promote: Advertise a product, a service, a business, etc., to make it publicly known. Or a person to make them famous, especially with commercial interests in mind.

Yes, that’s right. It’s about reaching the maximum number of people to make your brand known and promote your products commercially. Videos in reel format are gaining more and more importance. This is why it’s a good idea to use this format to run giveaways and achieve maximum reach. In fact, recent news explains that all the videos of less than 15 minutes uploaded to Instagram will automatically become Reels.

So let’s get down to business. Promoting a reel can be done in 2 ways: using organic reach or paid advertising.

Promoting a reels giveaway through organic reach

The organic reach is the number of people who have seen an unpaid publication. That is, the admin has not paid to get the post spread further. This metric gives us information about our community and the impacts they receive through our digital channels.

Normally, giveaways on Instagram achieve very good reach. This is because the mere fact that you are giving away a product or experience already incentivizes users to interact with the post or share it. Also, when the Instagram algorithm detects activity on a post, it understands that it’s relevant and therefore shows it to more users. That is why it’s important to engage with users and encourage interaction.

A reel can get organic reach in many different ways. Here’s how you can disseminate a reel:

  • The reach of a reel often depends on the type of video, whether the music used is trending at that time, the hashtags used, etc. That is why we must take into account all possible factors when we publish a reel.
  • Once the reel is published, or when we publish it, we can also share it on the account’s feed. This means double dissemination on the same profile.
Instagram feed reels

  • As in the previous point, a reel can also be shared in the profile’s stories. Stories are a very popular format among users. They watch them to keep up to date with events, activities, promotions, etc. carried out by brands or businesses.
Instagram story

  • A reel can also be shared privately. This practice is little used by brands but is widely used among users who want to share things that have caught their attention with their friends.
  • Finally, we have to assess whether it is beneficial to have direct access to Instagram Reels on the company website, or whether it’s worth sharing the reel by email or other channels. This all depends on the channels that our brand uses to reach its target audience.

Promote a reels giveaway through paid advertising

Another way to promote a reel is through paid advertising. Or said in another way, pay the social networks and search engines to show the posts in between other content. This makes it feels more natural for users to see them.

If you use advertising to promote your reels giveaway, you’ll see that the reach increases a lot, as well as the number of participants.

To advertise on Instagram Reels, we have to use the Meta Ads Manager to manage the ads. This manager allows you to segment the audience, define the geographical area where you want to show the ad, and create optimized ad campaigns to impact your target audience, among other features.

The Ads Manager is divided into 3 sections: Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads. In our case, we focus on Ads, but in this tutorial, you can learn how to use the previous sections.

We have two ways to set up ads on Reels: using an already published reel or as a dark post by posting a new reel directly as an ad.

1. Promote a giveaway from an already published reel

To use an already published reel, when creating the ad, we have to select the option ‘Use existing post’. This will open a search window where we can select the reel that we want to promote from our profile.

Ads manager list reels

2. Promote a giveaway from a reel created as an ad

To create an ad as a dark post – an ad that doesn’t appear in the brand’s feed, unlike ads made from a post that was already published on the profile – we must select the ‘Create ad’ option. This way, the ad is created from scratch. The ad editor will allow you to upload the video, write a title and text, add a call-to-action with an external link, etc.

Ads manager new reel

How to run the comment giveaway on reels

Now that we have seen how to promote a giveaway on Reels, it’s time to find out what kind of giveaway we can do, as automated as possible. At Easypromos, we always recommend doing comment giveaways on Instagram. The comment giveaways can be done automatically and they comply with all the policies of the social network. In addition, commenting is a voluntary and conscious act and thereby participation by the user. Now, with the Easypromos tools, you can collect comments from:

  • Organic reels
  • Promoted reels created from an already posted reel
  • Dark posts in reel format

The tool will guide you through picking the winners from this type of giveaway. Keep in mind, that to do giveaways with organic reels, you need a Basic plan. And to do giveaways with promoted reels or dark posts, you need a Basic PRO plan. The Basic PRO plan gives access to the advanced features that are necessary for this.

What did you think of the article on how to promote a giveaway on Reels? It’s always good to brush up on features and see new ways of usage, right? For more information about giveaways on reels, you can contact our sales and support team.