Basketball promotion ideas for your club

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
Basketball is one of the most popular and most practiced sports. Events such as the NBA and ACB league, or simply basketball World Cup turn the world's eyes to elite clubs and teams. And these big events can be a great opportunity to promote your own basketball club, team or small league! So let's look at some of the propositions that we've put together, so you can get some fresh ideas!

Basketball promotion ideas

During major tournaments and especially at the beginning of the season, the social media focus on the most successful teams and the most spectacular players becomes evident, often becoming role models for values such as respect, teamwork, fair play, and perseverance. As a brand, you can create promotional actions for your club and associate the sport’s values with it. Often achieved through sponsorship, it can also be done through digital promotions.

Here’s some data related to sports marketing, derived from a study conducted by IMG sports marketing consultancy Catalyst:

  • During events, users increase their social media activity.
  • Fans of a particular sport are much more willing to engage with brands that are somehow related to that sport.
  • 43% of respondents would follow a brand that offers promotions where the incentive or prize is related to sports.

Looking for Basketball-related promotion ideas? Keep on reading!

Personality Quiz to entertain your audience

Ask your followers to take a personality quiz, and based on their answers, tell them which player they resemble. These kinds of engaging and fun dynamics contribute to giving visibility to the campaign because the participants themselves will help spread the word. Participants can share their test results on social media thanks to the platform’s viral content customization tools, which allow for the dissemination of personalized content for each test result. You can ask questions regarding physical build, personal characteristics, athletic skills, or personality traits and values.

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Knowledge Quiz to reach a niche target audience: Basketball Fans

There’s nothing like challenging fans to test their knowledge on a specific championship, a team, or basketball in general. Fans enjoy this, and what’s more, they will share it with friends, acquaintances, or contacts who also enjoy basketball.

Thousands of users participated in this trivia by the insurance company DKV Seguros. The promotion consisted of a quiz about the history of basketball where users could boast about their knowledge. This promotion shows that it’s the users themselves who make the promotion go viral.

Knowledge quiz

A Memory game to give visibility to a sponsor

Interactive games capture the attention of fans and help you diversify your content. That’s why gamified actions are always a good idea to entertain the members of your sports club.

In the following example, Bàsquet Girona and their sponsor YOSOY launched a memory game on the club members’ app. The game featured pairs of images of YOSOY products that users had to find. With this action, the club gave visibility to its sponsor and reinforced brand recall while entertaining its audience. They raffled a YOSOY product bundle among those who completed the challenge.

Basket Girona Memory Game

Basketball promotion ideas: Prediction betting pools

Basketball promotion ideas: Multi-Round predictions

Prediction games or betting pools are another fun proposal that usually has a very high participation rate. Here’s an example of a betting pool conducted by Dunkin’ Coffee, an NBA sponsor. From the very beginning of this sponsorship deal, Dunkin’ Coffee, the seventh-largest restaurant group worldwide, carried out multiple attractive actions on its communication channels. Its main objective is to reward customer loyalty by allowing them to participate in giveaways, challenges, and contests. Participants could win merchandise, official products, or an opportunity to watch basketball games live. Betting pools are the dynamic with the highest participation rate.

Photo Contests to gather UGC

Launch a Voting Contest to gather UGC. User-generated content helps brands build consumer trust and loyalty, especially if you share it in your campaigns. Make the most of your followers’ creativity and ask them to link the consumption of the product with relaxed, fun moments and to associate it with basketball. Just like Oscar Mayer did in the example below.

Basketball promotion ideas: Oscar Mayer photo contest

Another kind of photo contest to promote basketball is the Mention + Hashtag contest on Instagram. The example below comes from Covirán, a Spanish supermarket chain that sponsors a basketball team. To give prominence to the fan zone, they have devised a contest where fans can take fun photos at a photocall and upload them to their Instagram profiles with a hashtag and mention of the brand. The Easypromos platform allows you to collect all the uploaded images and carry out a prize draw among all participants.

Basketball promotion ideas: Mention + Hashtag

Collaborative Instagram Giveaway by a Basketball club and a sponsor

Collabs is an Instagram feature that aims to boost posts while offering the possibility to use giveaways to create connections between different brands easily and transparently.

To make a collaborative post on Instagram, click the ‘Invite a Collaborator’ button. Upon selecting this option, a search bar appears where you can search for the profile with which you want to share the post and establish the collaboration. Once published, the post is displayed simultaneously on both accounts. This functionality allows for a comment-based giveaway on a shared post.

Here’s an example of a collaborative giveaway by Valencia Basket and Milan. Both organizers used Easypromos to run the giveaway.

Basketball promotion ideas: Collaborative Giveaway

Foster engagement with a survey

If you have little time and need to carry out a simple action, you can take inspiration from the promotion carried out by Valencia Basket through a simple but highly viral survey on their Facebook page.

Directed at their followers, they opted for a quick survey conducted through a comment-based giveaway using three hashtags. The winner would be chosen randomly among the followers who commented on a post where the uniforms were featured, using one of the three proposed hashtags.

They used three hashtags: #orange, #black, and #white, the uniforms’ colors. The home uniform was the orange one, inspired by fire, and included a new logo to identify the “Espiritu Naranja.” The black one was the new uniform for away games. And a third white outfit for the European Cup.

Alternatively, you can also organize a quick betting pool using this tool, as you can select the winning hashtags and conduct a draw among the participants who have used them.

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