How can you use Easypromos to promote your sports club?

get more followers

Get more followers and members for the club

The idea is simple. Easypromos allows you to interact digitally with your users beyond a one-way email. Create participative dynamics to involve your audience: games, quizzes, or prediction pools, and offer prizes that encourage users to participate. The condition to participate is that users register in your system.

offer exclusive benefits

Offer exclusive benefits to the members of your community

Make the members of your sports community feel special. Launch exclusive games and giveaways. Segment users and offer different dynamics and chances depending on their profile. For example, registered members get more chances of winning a prize draw than non-member registered users.

promote engagement

Encourage continuous engagement

Design long-lasting dynamics to maintain a continuous relationship with your community. For example, create a multi-round prediction game that covers the entire league or season, or create weekly games to guess the team's starting lineup or the MVP of each game.

collect user data

Capture data from match attendees

Games bring many people together with the common goal of supporting the team. Take advantage of this moment to offer digital dynamics that allow you to collect data and learn more about the attendees. For example, share a QR code on the stadium screens at halftime to get users to fill out a form to enter a giveaway. Easypromos allows you to collect data and manage both the random draw and prize delivery.

achieve tactical objectives

Achieve your most tactical goals

Use Easypromos as a support to achieve your more tactical objectives, such as increasing the consumption at the stadium establishments before half-time, increasing merchandising sales during visits to the stadium, converting e-commerce visitors into leads, or providing a more interactive experience to visitors of the Club museum.

sponsors added value

Provide more value to your sponsors

Launch fully customized games with your sponsors’ brands. Expand the advertising impact that you offer to your sponsors.  For instance: “Guess the headlines of Saturday’s match, a game sponsored by X.”

boost social media

Boost your social media presence

Easypromos subscriptions include the most complete and reliable tools to manage giveaways on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (X). Get access to unique and differential actions such as the Story + Mention giveaway on Instagram Stories, which will provide maximum visibility, especially on match days.

Easypromos apps to promote your sports club

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