Spring Promotion Ideas to Help Your Business Grow in 2023

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
Spring: the season of renewal. This is a good time to take a look at your marketing and sales strategies. Are you getting the results you want? Is your business thriving? Or is it time to try something new... like one of these six spring promotion ideas.

Online competitions, contests, and offers are very popular with customers. They’re a great way to raise your brand’s profile and bring energy to your online presence – without having to work too hard. If you’re looking for a change, or just want to liven things up a little, take a look at the following ideas:

You probably know by now that an average social media user sees thousands of adverts every day. So how do you make sure yours is the one that really attracts their attention? Our answer is: by implementing gamification into your marketing campaign. Nowadays, this is the easiest way to capture a customer’s attention. We’ve all seen our younger siblings, friends, and even parents play popular mobile games or grow their own fruit and veg on an online farm. We all enjoy a bit of entertainment, therefore we’re more likely to engage and respond to promotions that we actually enjoy. Therefore, gamifying your spring campaign can be a great idea.

Spring promotion example Memory game

Here’s an example of a promotion that you can launch for your own business: a branded Memory game. Customized Memory games are fantastic for:

  • lead generation
  • entertainment and engagement
  • increasing brand and product awareness and exposure
  • building customer relationships and increasing brand loyalty

If you’re looking to promote a new product or collection, use a branded Memory game to showcase your products.

Is gamification something you want to implement into your marketing campaign? Try our Spring Memory DEMO to see what it’s all about!

Isn’t spring all about flowers? Take a look at this flowery Hidden Objects game promotion. Boost brand engagement by inviting users to find flowers hidden in the picture. You can reward all registered participants with discount codes or vouchers, or organize a random prize draw for all entrants.

Hidden Objects game

Try our Hidden Flowers promotion and download the pre-configured template to create your own spring game in a few minutes!

Maintain brand engagement with Spring Calendars

Another popular idea is interactive calendars with daily prizes and giveaways. They encourage users to revisit the promotion for a new chance to win or to get another entry in the final prize draw. Advent Calendars turned out to be so popular that digital marketers have now decided to launch Valentine’s Day, Easter, and even Spring Countdowns.

Spring promotion ideas: Spring Calendars and countdown, example of a Check-in promotion from Easypromos.

The above example shows how a brand can organize a 6-day countdown to spring. Interested participants come back daily to open new flowers and every day, 10 lucky participants receive discount codes for their next purchases. Apart from getting a chance to receive daily discounts, participants also receive an entry into a final prize draw. Can you see how easy it is to boost and maintain brand engagement with a Spring Calendar?

Spring promotion ideas for collecting user-generated content

The sun is shining and the flowers are in bloom. We all enjoy snuggling up indoors with a hot drink during the winter – but now the seasons are changing, and everyone’s keen to get outdoors. Ask your followers to take part in a Spring Photo Contest.

Spring promotion ideas, example of photo contests organized to collect user-generated content

Here’s a great spring promotion idea from a takeaway pizza company. They targeted university students celebrating spring break. This age group loves taking and sharing photos… and students are always interested in free food!

The fun photo contest made the brand seem in touch and approachable. And because they asked followers to vote on photos as well as posting, they could double their online engagement.

Another option is to set up a Spring PhotoFun contest. In this twist on a classic photo competition, people share their snaps… then decorate them with spring-themed frames and stickers. They can download or share the result with friends.

If you’re looking to expose your brand and reinforce brand awareness upload your personalized stickers and frames, such as your logo, products, or branding colors.

Photo and Video Contests are innovative tools that can easily help you gather user-generated content, which can be then used for your future marketing campaigns. Bear in mind that UGC tends to be much more authentic than any other content created by brands. Therefore ensure you reuse the high-quality content shared by your online community as a tool to build customer trust and loyalty.

Get a head start with our spring PhotoFun templates! Try the PhotoFun Spring DEMO and create your own spring promotion in a few minutes.

Collect UGC with Spring Writing Contests

It’s easy to focus on the visual side of digital marketing. And it is a good idea to dress up your spring promotion ideas with bright colors, photos, and videos. But don’t underestimate the value of Writing Contests!

You can ask your followers for opinions, ideas, feedback, and inspiration. Give them a chance to express their creativity and share their feelings with your brand. When you ask your customers to share their words, you make them feel valued and respected. Texts written by your online community are also high-quality user-generated content that can be shared on social media as a way to reinforce customer trust and loyalty.

Here’s an example of a co-branded writing promotion. Two gardening businesses teamed up to run a very special contest. Participants could name a new variety of roses.

Spring promotion ideas example of writing contest

Once they had registered their contact details and suggested a name, users could vote on the entries, too. This is a great way to maximize engagement with your online contests, as we saw with the photo and voting contest examples above.

Writing contest spring promotion ideas mobile view

Spring promotion ideas that collect new leads on social media

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: email marketing is still the most powerful way to increase sales. But how do you get those contacts to begin with?

A spring giveaway with a registration form can help you expand your mailing list by hundreds of new contacts. Plus, because you can customize the registration form, you can collect all the customer data that you need to help you target future promotions.

In return for sharing their contact information, participants have the chance to win an incentive, which we suggest should be your product. By including your product in the giveaway you put emphasis on product promotion and you get to inform the audience about the goods or services that you offer. Use this opportunity to show off your new spring range, make space in your stockroom by clearing out old products, or simply highlight your bestsellers.

Spring promotion ideas, entry form giveaway as a way to collect leads

Take the example above, from a local gardening center. Spring is exactly the season when gardening businesses and brands should maximize sales. This brand offered three Spring Planting Kits, each showcasing a range of valuable, seasonal products.

The prize was perfectly designed for their target audience. And because the brand curated each bundle of rewards, they added extra value for the winners. Meanwhile, customers who didn’t win were reminded of the useful spring products on offer.

Top tip: liven up your giveaway with cheerful spring pastels and floral patterns. Use our spring giveaway templates with a ready-made design!

Get involved with the community with a spring contest

As the weather improves, people become more active. That includes community events and outdoor hobbies, too. Creative contests are a great way to take part and show that your brand is connected to the local community. This is a great and easy way to reinforce customer trust and loyalty.

Here’s an example we love: a Pick Your Favorite contest which gave locals the chance to choose a city mural. Participants could vote on four different designs. The winning artist would paint their design on a prominent city street.

The organization behind the contest succeeded in promoting local artists and engaging with the community. They built goodwill with local shoppers. And they also had the chance to collect contact details from everyone who voted, to help promote their campaigns in the future.

By now, you should be overflowing with spring promotion ideas to help your business grow. And in case of questions or doubts don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team!