Spring marketing ideas

Spring is here. Time for a breath of fresh air in your social media strategy! Let new trends flower with our latest apps for spring contests, giveaways, quizzes, and games. We’ve planted this site with Spring marketing ideas and resources to make your promotions bloom and take your brand to the next level!

There’s something here for every marketing goal: lead generation, sales, social media engagement, customer feedback, loyalty rewards, and more. Discover how to accomplish your objectives with our Spring marketing campaign ideas and take your sales, engagement, and customer relationships through the roof! Creative ideas, product DEMOs, and ready-to-use promotion templates will help you launch the best Spring marketing campaign!

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Spring marketing ideas

Spring marketing campaign ideas

  • Run social media giveaways to boost engagement this spring

    Do you want to celebrate the arrival of spring with your followers? Are you looking for an easy way to delight your online community and boost engagement? Organize a quick social media giveaway to reinforce brand visibility and improve customer relationships. And if you're looking to convert your followers into leads then launch a giveaway with a registration form! 

    spring giveaways template

  • Boost engagement with a long-term promotion like Spring Countdown Calendar

    Are you interested in generating brand engagement over a long period of time? It's time you check out our Spring Countdown Calendar; it's the best way to attract new users and convert them into qualified leads. Boost your brand with daily prizes, discounts, and grand giveaways! 

    spring calendar with games

    • Try our Spring Countdown Calendar and discover how easy it is to generate engagement, sales and leads with a daily Check-In promotion. Use our pre-configured template to launch your own Spring Calendar and boost your brand like never before.
  • Engage and entertain your audience with branded games and collect leads

    Gamify your marketing strategy to entertain and engage your audience this spring while collecting their contact details! Use our branded spring games to showcase your products and increase brand awareness. Improve brand recall to stay top of mind with customers this spring!

    branded spring games

    • Give a go to our spring Memory game - find out how easy it is to expose your audience to your corporate image and products. Don't forget to use our ready-made template to launch your own game in minutes.
  • Collect spring-themed user-generated content with social media contests

    Did you know that user-generated content is more authentic than any other content shared on social media? Invite your followers to share selfies and decorate them with your corporate frames and stickers. Boost your brand's visibility with fun spring contests and reward participants' participation with prizes, discounts, and coupons.


    online spring photo booth for brands

    • Collect high-quality user-generated content with our virtual spring photo booth. Decorate your selfie and see how users get to create online cards shareable on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions about spring promotions

  • Can brands organize social media giveaways to celebrate spring?

    Spring social media giveaways highly increase engagement and improve brand visibility. The key to success is to attract as many participants as possible, which can be easily done with attractive incentives. Use Easypromos to choose a random winner from among all participants. Don't forget to share the Certificate of Validity - it will further generate customer loyalty and trust, as the digital certificate proves the winner selection process was automatic and transparent.

  • Of course! Platforms like Easypromos allow you to launch online games customized with your corporate image. Just in a few minutes, you can create the most popular online games customized with your brand: Memory games, Puzzles, Word Search, Minesweepers... Download pre-configured templates to save tons of time and launch your own branded Spring game!

  • Attractive prizes are the best motivation to participate in online promotions - that's why it's so important to raffle prizes that appeal to your target audience. Raffle products that you wish to promote or those that have been piling up in your stock room. Give away discount codes if you're looking to boost sales, or team up with another brand to offer a more attractive prize - it will also augment your social media following and help you reach new audiences.

  • You must know that standing out from the crowd is difficult when it comes to promoting your business. Focus on your social media objectives and choose a strategy that will work best for you! You can maximize lead generation with entry from giveaways, boost social media engagement with comment sweepstakes or increase sales with discount coupons and vouchers. You can also use user-generated content to reinforce customer loyalty and trust.