Valentine’s Day Instagram Promotions to Boost Engagement and Delight your Followers

Corinna Keefe
Corinna Keefe
Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that, from small beginnings, has spread across the world. It's become a global celebration of love, romance, and togetherness. And it's the perfect occasion to show your generosity and affection for your followers - with a Valentine's Day giveaway on Instagram.

But why Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways? The photo-sharing social network has become incredibly popular – second only to Facebook for its number of users. And Easypromos’ own research shows that Instagram is one of the most important networks for social media giveaways, too.

When you run Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways, you can ask your followers for comments and engagement in exchange for tempting prizes. Valentine’s Day provides the perfect theme. As so many people celebrate their relationships on social media – with selfies, stories, and photo tributes – you can tap into this trend and share some Valentine’s gifts.

Use our customizable templates for Valentine’s Day giveaways. It comes with a captivating image and recommended text!

In this post, we take a look at 7 brands that ran a Valentine’s Day giveaway on Instagram, including influencers, travel brands, beauty, fashion, home, and office accessories, and even kids’ toys. There’s something for everyone!

Offer gift vouchers with your Instagram Valentine’s giveaway

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Many people will mark the day with a romantic date night – so you can share a prize to help them get ready.

Here’s an example from a family influencer blog. The family decided to sponsor one of their followers, plus two more of their friends, with a Valentine’s Day gift voucher and designer accessories.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

They used a simple, classic comment-based Instagram giveaway to pick a winner. All people had to do was comment on the brand’s original post. In their comment, they explained which friends they would share the prize with, and why.

Remember, Valentine’s Day has become a celebration of love in general, including friends and family. So questions like this, where you invite people to share stories and anecdotes about the important people in their lives, are great conversation-starters. This leads to an increase in social media engagement.

Luxury break as the main incentive of your Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaway

If you’d like to make a bigger splash with your Valentine’s Day giveaway on Instagram, then consider a holiday getaway or weekend break.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

This lifestyle brand teamed up with a boutique hotel and restaurant to treat one of their followers to a Valentine’s Day break. For a chance to win, people just had to tag their Valentine in the comments. Organize this sort of Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways if you are looking to build your online presence and brand loyalty.

Share special Valentine’s beauty products

Valentine’s Day is an important date for fashion and beauty brands. After all, everyone wants to look their best! And not all Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways must target couples!

Here’s a great example from GlamourBox, a beauty subscription service. They shared a special beauty bundle – including some delicious Valentine’s chocolates – with three lucky winners.

giveaway instagram valentines with video

They invited their followers to tag friends to share the prize, and choose their favorite Valentine emoji. This was a cute idea, and a great way to brighten up the comments section!

Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways for friends

We’ve already mentioned that Valentine’s Day has become a lot bigger than just romantic relationships. And now the holiday is even lasting longer – with the addition of Galentine’s Day on February 13th.

Galentine’s was invented by the sitcom Parks and Rec, as a day to celebrate the power of female friendship.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

So we love this denim giveaway from G-Star RAW. They ran a Valentine’s Day giveaway on Instagram, with customized jackets for the winner and a friend. They said Valentine’s – but we think this is a Galentine’s gift worthy of Taylor Swift’s girl squad.

Give away romantic home décor with your Valentine’s Day sweepstakes

Not everyone will spend Valentine’s Day at a fancy restaurant. And if your brand uses Instagram, you’re probably targeting a Millenial audience – who notoriously prefer to dine at home.

So why not share some Valentine-themed decorations to use at home? There’s a whole world of possibilities – you could give away candles, kitchen accessories, seasonal decorations, and more.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

This homeware brand saw a chance to highlight one of their most-beloved products: a mirror in the shape of the word “Love”. Their followers just had to tag the person they love the most, in order to enter the prize draw. With this easy entry requirement, the brand ensured they were getting more brand exposure and possibly some new followers, too.

Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways come to the office

As Valentine’s Day becomes more popular, the celebration has spread into offices, the workplace, and even schools.

That’s great news for brands that find it difficult to make a direct connection with the holiday. Your brand might not be a romantic restaurant, or sell greetings cards – but you can still participate in the holiday.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

Take this example from Rapesco, the international office supplies brand. They got into the holiday spirit with a Valentine’s Day giveaway on Instagram. Of course, desk stationery might not seem romantic – but they put together a bundle of gifts in bright pink, the color of love.

Instagram Valentine’s Day giveaways for families

Finally, let’s not forget that Valentine’s Day is for families, too. It’s a sweet opportunity for kids to think about who is important in their lives, and the importance of family relationships.

This kids’ kitchen toy brand celebrated the big day with 14 prize bundles. This was another clever way to make a connection with the holiday. Although the brand wasn’t directly linked to Valentine’s Day, they shared 14 prizes for the 14th of February.

Instagram Valentine's Day giveaways

Idea for a Valentine’s Day Giveaway on Instagram for flower shops

If you had to place your bets, what industry would say is the most popular with Valentine’s Day? We would say it’s probably flower shops… And chocolate manufacturers!

Take a look at this beautiful example from Antology Co fro Miami. They decided to promote their shop right in time for the day of love and to do so they ran a giveaway for their local customers.

Valentine's Day Giveaway on Instagram

Participants liked the pictures, mentioned someone they loved in the comments and followed the organizing accounts (you guessed it, cakes!). The main prize was a beautiful bouquet.

Need a little more inspiration an ideas? Visit our Valentine’s Day resource hub for more ideas, DEMOS, templates, and resources!