Valentine's Promotion Ideas

Valentine's Promotion Ideas

Show your brand's romantic side with Valentine's Day promotions

Valentine's Day is on the way and love is in the air. Get ready to play Cupid with romantic gifts, giveaways, games, and online promotions! 

Scroll down for charming, amusing, and original ideas that will go straight to your followers' hearts. Get leads and reward loyal customers with fun prizes, creative contests and branded Valentine's Day games. Launch an interactive and gamified Valentine's Day campaign to reinforce brand and product awareness and stay top of mind with your customers. 

Download free Valentine's promotion templates to quick-start your campaign. Check out our Valentine's demos for even more romantic inspiration.

The best Valentine's Day promotion ideas

  • Gamify your Valentine's Day campaign and entertain your audience!

    Gamification is one of the biggest trends of digital marketing. It's time to gamify your Valentine's Day campaign! Increase brand visibility, awareness and engagement, entertain and engage your followers, and generate new leads with an interactive Valentine's Day promo. And all while your audience is willingly exposed to your brand a has a chance to win attractive prizes.

      • Challenge your followers to guess the five most romantic songs while playing word shuffle. Then run an online prize draw for everyone who played. Try the DEMO and download the template to create your promotion and start converting users into leads.
      • Work on brand exposure and reinforce product awareness with this interactive Valentine's Day Memory game, and use our pre-configured template if you wish to launch your own Valentine's game.
      • Generate rivalry among your audience while promoting your products with a Valentine's Day Slide & Match game. You like it? Make sure to download the ready-to-use template to create your own game for the most romantic campaign of the year.
      • Test your followers' knowledge with a series of fun Valentine-themed questions and convert followers into qualified leads with our Valentine's Day Timed Quiz. Download the customizable template to launch a quiz for your brand.
      • Entertain your audience with a branded version of the classic Minesweeper. Try our Valentine's Day Minesweeper to discover how it'll boost brand engagement and customer loyalty. Download the ready-made template to create your own promotion.
      • Use the Valentine's prize wheel to distribute attractive prizes and discounts and boost sales with your Valentine's campaign. There's a pre-configured template for your Spin the Wheel promotion.
      • Boost brand engagement and generate new leads with a branded Valentine's Day Match It, and use our ready-made template to create your own interactive Valentine's promo.

  • Valentine's Day promotions to collect new leads and user-generated content in 2022

    Valentine's Day promotions are all about entertaining your audience, generating new leads, and promoting your brand and products! Use the Easypromos Valentine's Day apps to expose your brand and stay top of mind with your customers for the most romantic day of the year!

  • Flatter your followers and boost engagement with a Valentine's Day social media giveaway!

    Run a Valentine's Day giveaway on social media to increase your organic reach and boost engagement. Start a conversation, collect comments, and give away a prize on February 14th! Reward your followers and attract new ones with our quick templates for Valentine's social media giveaways. We collected creative ideas for Valentine's Day social media giveaways.

  • Best Singles' Day promotion ideas for your brand in 2022

    Singles' Day is celebrated on February 15th in the UK, September 22nd in the US, and November 11th in China. Reinforce customer loyalty and trust by involving millions of singles around the world in your Valentine's Day campaign. Run fun social media giveaways and collect high-quality leads with Valentine's games.

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