Valentine's Day promo ideas

Valentine’s Day promo ideas to show your brand’s romantic side. After the Holiday Season, Valentine's day is the highest spending holiday in the year with a total expected expenditure of $26 billion in 2024 in the USA alone! Make the most of this opportunity and show your target audience some love with an interactive Valentine’s Day Promo: giveaways, contests, gamified promotions, coupon campaigns… At Easypromos we have the right app to help you reinforce brand and product awareness and stay top of mind with your customers.

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Valentine's Day Promo Ideas

The best Valentine's Day promo ideas

  • Gamify your Valentine's Day promo and entertain your audience!

    Gamification is one of the biggest trends of digital marketing as it is much more engaging than unidirectional actions and builds a real relationship between the brand and its audience. By gamifying your Valentine's Day promo you will increase brand visibility and awareness, entertain and engage your followers, and generate new leads. All this while your audience is willingly exposed to your brand and has a chance to win attractive prizes. Take a look at these fun ideas for a customized Valentine’s game.

    Valentine's Day gamified promotions

      • New Game! Valentine’s Tap Tap. Entertain and put your users’ reflexes to the test with our highly engaging new game of skill. Give the Valentine’s Tap Tap demo a try, neither you nor your audience will be able to put it down!
      • Romantic Songs Word Shuffle game to challenge your followers to guess the five most romantic songs. Want a different theme for your game? Word Shuffle incorporates an AI tool that will automatically generate the words and clues to save you lots of time! Try the demo.
      • Valentine’s Slide & Match game. Customize this popular match-three game with your brand image and products for maximum impact. Enable the ranking to foster competitiveness and virality. Try the demo.
      • Valentine's Branded Minesweeper, a game as classic as Valentine’s itself. Try our Valentine's Day Minesweeper demo and discover how it'll boost brand engagement while entertaining your audience.
      • Valentine's Day Memory game to collect participants' details and to generate engagement. Activate the ranking to foster copetitiveness and reward the top ranked playes or carry out a final prize draw among all participants. Try demo.
  • Valentine's Day promotions to collect new leads and build loyalty

    The age of Zero Party Data is around the corner as the disappearance of third party cookies will soon be a reality. The winning strategy? Convert your followers and digital audience into Email or SMS contacts with a Valentine's promotion. Simply enable the registration form, customize it to include the information you wish to gather, and offer participants a reward or a chance to win a prize in return for their contact information. The result? Your own Email or SMS database to open a direct communication channel with your audience.

    Valentine's lead generation promotions

    • Valentine’s Entry Form Giveaway. Simple and effective, the Entry Form Giveaway app features a customizable registration form that will allow you to collect high-quality leads. Nudge your audience to share their contact details in return for the chance of winning a prize. Share the giveaway link on your social media accounts to maximize reach.Try it here!
    • The Wheel of love. Distribute attractive prizes and discounts and boost sales on your Valentine's campaign. Try our Valentine’s Prize Wheel demo and you will be inspired by a promo that spreads love… and prizes.
    • Valentine’s timed quiz. Test your audience's knowledge about love and romanticism with a series of fun Valentine-themed questions. Simultaneously, you will convert followers into qualified leads and promote sales. E.g., participants who complete the challenge receive a coupon to redeem for Valentine’s shopping. Try the demo.
    • Valentine’s shopping coupon book. Draw foot traffic to your shopping center or store distributing promo codes online for several establishments from a single promotional action. Learn more about the features of Digital Coupon Book. More info.
    • A Valentine’s gift recommender will help you promote your products and trigger sales. Add special discount codes to nudge customers into completing a purchase and segment your leads to better develop your future marketing campaigns. Try the demo.
  • Valentine's Day promo to collect UCG and to turn customers into brand ambassadors

    UCG has become the most valuable and reliable content that brands can aspire to collect as would-be customers favor other users' opinions and content above anything else. Contests have consolidated as the most effective strategy to collect UCG and the trend will only become stronger in 2024. Use the Easypromos Valentine's contest apps to showcase your brand and stay top of mind with your customers on the most romantic day of the year!

    Valentine's Day contests to gather UGC

    • Valentine’s Photo Contest to gather high-value UGC. Run a voting contest to celebrate love with your online audience or your store visitors. Reward them for taking a photo or video and uploading it on your voting app. Pick the winner by public voting, by jury decision, or carry out a giveaway among the finalists.
    • Valentine’s IG Story Giveaway. Let your audience spread the love for your brand and show their creativity using Instagram’s most popular format. This is a quick Instagram Story Giveaway to showcase your products on Valentine’s campaign. Reward your ambassadors with prizes that, of course, will be your products. 
    • Lovers Photo Fun app allows your audience to have fun creating a personalized and sharable Valentine’s photo. Give prizes to the participants who gather a minimum of votes or simply for participating. Try demo.
  • Boost engagement with a Valentine's Day social media giveaway

    Run a Valentine's giveaway on social media to increase your organic reach and boost engagement. Start a conversation, collect comments, and give away a prize on February 14th! Social media giveaways are the ideal fisrt step to reward your audience, strengthen your brand's online presence and grow your follower base before moving on to more complex digital promotions. 



    Valentine's Day giveaways

    • Valentine’s Social Media Giveaways. Boost engagement and reach with a Valentine's day promo on social media. Use our ready-made Facebook and Instagram templates for your giveaway.
    • Facebook and Instagram Valentine’s Giveaway. Reach your audience across both social networks in a single action with a Multi-Network giveaway.
    • Valentine’s Day Giveaway on Twitter. X (formerly known as Twitter) is the social network that sparks the highest levels of interaction. If your brand has an engaged audience on this network, start a conversation with your audience and reward them with a prize with a X giveaway.
    • Need some inspiration? Check out Valentine’s day giveaway ideas to boost engagement, grow your brand and increase online presence.
  • Economic sectors that organize Valentine's Day promotions

    Easypromos carried out a survey to find out which economic sectors organize Valentine's Day promotions as part of their digital marketing strategy. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more about the results.

    Sectors that organize Valentine's Day promotions


      • Shopping centers top the ranking of businesses that boost their campaigns around Valentine’s Day with 11.3% of the promotions.
      • Fashion and accessories brands come in a close second with 10,7%.
      • Food & Beverage brands, restaurants and bars, and personal care, cosmetics and perfume brands are tied at the third place with a 7,3% share.
      • Travel and tourism businesses and brands are also very active when organinzing Valentine's Day promotions with 6,7% of the total.

Valentine's Day Promo FAQ's

  • How can my brand profit from a Valentine’s Day promotion?

    Valentine’s is a one-day holiday that is greatly associated with presents, which means a substantial boost in revenue in a short period of time. An ideal situation to promote your product and foster impulse purchases through coupon distribution campaigns.

  • Yes. With Easypromos you can design, distribute, and manage your coupon campaign easily and reliably. And not only that, you can configure the coupons so that they can only be redeemed on Valentine's Day or any specific dates you choose. Thus creating a sense of urgency that will draw foot traffic to your point-of-sale or ecommerce. What’s more, coupon codes can be distributed using many of the Easypromos apps to make it more engaging and exciting for your audience: Prize Wheel, Scratch & Win, games, etc.

  • Absolutely. With the upcoming disappearance of third party cookies in 2024, Zero-Party Data collection is more important than ever. A Valentine’s promotion that appeals to the romantic side of your audience with an attractive prize will prompt them to share their contact details. The Easypromos customizable registration form allows you to include the fields you need to collect the data you’re interested in. Most importantly, you will have your own database for future campaigns.

  • Yes. The Easypromos promotion control panel features a design section that allows you to fully customize your promotion. Whether a gem, a giveaway, a quiz, or any other promotion, the design toolkit enables you to customize every single element in the promotion (colors, background, fonts, buttons, etc.) with your corporate imagery or products.