What Are the Best Prizes for Online Football Pools?

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
Everyone's watching the football match with bated breath... and they're thinking about your brand. It's a marketer's dream, but getting engagement during football tournaments isn't just for big brands. Learn how to set up an online football betting pool to get more followers and sales leads, with the perfect prize as an incentive.

Find the ideal customer for online football pools

People of all ages and genders love football. However, when it comes to betting pools, studies reveal that they’re most popular with men between the ages of 26 and 35.

So think carefully about whether online football pools are the best choice for your target audience. If your customers fit the profile, then online football pools are a very effective way to increase your followers, get leads and boost sales!

Before considering what prize to award, decide which type of betting pool to share on your social networks. Our app to set up betting pools gives you complete control and customization. To create perfect online football pools, keep these points in mind:

  • Types of question. You can set up a betting pool with closed questions, such as predicting the result of a match. Or you can create questions with multiple-choice answers. Ask participants to choose one correct answer, or put them all in order.
  • Customize your design. Use the Easypromos Editor to add photos, videos or custom text. You can play with color to match the design to the sports tournament, or your brand, product or service.
  • Pick a winner. Once the betting pool is finished, you might want to reward everyone who took part. Or you can reveal the correct answers to each question, check which participants got the right answers, and give prizes to the lucky ones.
  • Create a group of promotions. Use the Editor to generate several promotions, and follow each round of a sports tournament. This is a great option if you want to link your campaign to the Champions League, Premier League, World Cup and more.

This year’s Champions League is one for the history books. Try out our Predictions contest for the final – then create your own Champions League sweepstake and prizes!

What are the best rewards for online football pools?

Discount coupons and codes are a fantastic way to reward your followers. Here are some ideas to keep your players happy:

  • Reward all the participants. You could give everyone a prize, like a 5 or 10% discount in your store. Ask participants to fill in an entry form in order to download the coupon. This will provide you with new information on sales leads.
  • Run a prize draw for the winners. Select all the participants who predicted the match results correctly. Then you can use the Easypromos sweepstakes app to award a final grand prize or enhanced discount.
  • 2×1 in your store. Here’s another way to reward lucky winners and encourage them to visit you in-store. Offer a 2×1 promotional code for your physical or online store. Choose which products to include, and clear out old stock.
  • Free shipping. Another fantastic prize is a coupon or code for free shipping. It’s a powerful buyer incentive, too. Give these coupons away to winners, or award them in a random prize draw.
  • Specific prizes. If your aim is to improve your brand’s image, rather than increase direct sales, try offering coupons for more impressive prizes. You could reward winners with valuable products from your brand, or exclusive football prizes such as match tickets or team kit. Letting participants choose from a variety of prizes will appeal to a wider audience.

Maximize the impact of your football promotion

These days, you’re more likely to celebrate goals and reminisce over great games online than in a bar. More and more fans are sharing their football experiences on Facebook and Twitter.

So online betting pools are an excellent way to share the excitement via social media. Your followers will have your brand in mind while the game is going on, and associate your brand with the thrill and fun of the match.

It’s a good idea to have a community manager to keep your online profile updated, minute by minute. You can share the live match with your followers and encourage them to engage with you. This boost to interaction is the best prize of all!