Celebrate Friendship Day with a giveaway for your followers

Posted in: EventsLast update: 04/02/19

On 30th July, we celebrate the International Day of Friendship. It’s a great time to engage with followers and encourage them to share your brand with their friends. Use these free tips and resources to share the love with a Facebook or Instagram giveaway!

In the last few years, social media has become an essential part of our friendships. We go online to share news, make plans, catch up and chat. Half of the world’s population uses social media, and research has shown that friendships are just as meaningful online as face-to-face. So for Friendship Day this year, we’re focusing on the most popular social networks of all – Facebook and Instagram.

You can run contests and giveaways through your Facebook page, Instagram posts or Stories to connect with your followers, increase traffic, and raise brand awareness. Friendship Day is a great opportunity to offer double prizes for best friends, or prizes shared with a group of friends. You can encourage your followers to share Friendship Day content with their loved ones, too. In this post, we’ve collected some examples of fantastic Friendship Day campaigns – and we’ve produced some free resources to help you out. After all, that’s what friends are for!

How to run a Friendship Day giveaway on Facebook

Run a giveaway with Facebook comments

You can use the power of connections on Facebook to make your giveaway go viral. In the example below, a car dealership offered a giveaway of tickets to El Clásico Miami for two best friends, with food and drink included. All their followers had to do was comment on the post, and they automatically entered the prize draw. The brand encouraged them to tag their friends, too. The only hard part? Deciding which friend to take to the big match!

Facebook comments giveaway for Friendship Day

Run a giveaway with photo entries

Here we’ve found a Facebook giveaway with a slight variation. Instead of just commenting, users were invited to share photos on the theme of Friendship Day. By adding a photo to their comment, they then automatically entered a giveaway for a luxury leather wallet. And the brand encouraged followers to share the giveaway with their friends, too.

Friendship Day photo giveaway

Easypromos has a range of tools for organizing photo contests. For example, you can easily exclude users who comment but don’t attach a photo, or users who comment repeatedly. We recommend keeping this kind of contest simple, but very visual. You can read some examples of fun photo contest ideas here.


Set up your Friendship Day giveaway with our template

Here at Easypromos, we like to help our friends. So we’ve decided to save you some time, by creating an easy template for your Facebook giveaway. You can edit the text with the details of your brand and the Friendship Day promotion. Then your sweepstakes will be up and running within minutes! Just follow this link to connect with Facebook and then adapt the template for your brand. You can also access the template when you click “Create New Promotion” in the Easypromos Control Panel.

Friendship Day giveaway template

How to share a Friendship Day giveaway on Instagram

Run a giveaway with Instagram comments

Instagram has rapidly become the most popular social network – for brands and followers. There are so many ways to raise brand awareness and interact with the community, and Instagram’s developers add new features all the time. You can use Easypromos’ apps to run giveaways with Instagram comments, and we recommend sharing through Instagram Stories too.

The post below is a great example of how to run an Instagram giveaway. This clothing brand is celebrating Friendship Day by offering a giveaway: two matching #squad tshirts for two best friends. To participate, users just have to comment on the post, and they’ll automatically enter into the prize draw. However, the post also encourages them to contact the brand through direct messages. In this way, the brand maximizes interaction with their community of followers.

Instagram giveaway for Friendship Day

We also like this example because the giveaway has been very clearly advertised and explained. There’s a great photo of the prize on display. In addition, the caption includes details about how to take part, when the contest ends, and when the winners will be announced. Don’t forget that you need to include terms and conditions as well! You can create and host terms and conditions with the free Easypromos tool.

Use our photo templates for your Instagram giveaway

We’ve helped you to get started with these free photo resources for your Friendship Day promotion on Instagram. The images are already sized and designed for use on your Profile and in your Stories. Just add the details of the giveaway and make it pop! Don’t forget to include a link to the terms and conditions, too.

Use this photo to post on your Instagram Profile

Use this photo to post in your Instagram Stories

Help with terms and conditions

It’s important to make sure that your giveaway stays within the rules of Facebook and Instagram. For example, you can’t require users to follow you in order to enter a Facebook giveaway. The Easypromos set of apps help you create giveaways quickly, easily, and according to the platform rules. You can also use our free template and hosting tool for terms and conditions, to make sure that your followers are fully informed about the details of the contest.

With these ideas, resources and templates, you’ll be able to set up a Facebook or Instagram giveaway in no time at all. Give it a try – and happy Friendship Day!


Corinna Keefe

English copywriter at Easypromos marketing team