Best practices for Facebook and Instagram Giveaways

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Over the last years, many brands have been adapting to significant changes that have emerged with new technologies, such as the increase of e-commerce, private communities in mobile apps, contactless payments, and new loyalty schemes. We have watched the majority of businesses move to the digital world to build their social media presence, which is often reinforced by social media giveaways and contests. The notable boost in social network usage has also opened the door to bad practices when launching social media campaigns. In this blog post, we take you through the best practices for running sweepstakes on the two most popular channels: Instagram and Facebook.

It’s quite likely that almost every day you come across new promotional campaigns on social media. More often than not, brands take advantage of the benefits that social media giveaways tend to bring about. But have you ever wondered if the entry rules are actually correct and in line with legal requirements?

Today we take a look at how to properly and legally run social media sweepstakes on the two main social media platforms: Facebook and Instagram. We’re about to take you through guidelines and entry requirements that you can use for your giveaways. 

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Best practices for running a giveaway on Facebook

Facebook was the first social media network to reach a mass audience. Over the years it has been developed and modified on a huge scale, not only in terms of design but also in terms of regulations, management, and guidelines. 

Did you know that in order to run a Facebook Giveaway according to the best practices you CANNOT ask the participants to:

  • Like your Facebook page
  • Share the post 
  • Tag friends in comments


So what entry requirements are permitted on Facebook? You can ask users to:

  • Like your post 
  • Comment on it

Also, no one can stop or punish you from suggesting that the participants invite their friends, share the giveaway with their family, or like your page to keep an eye out for future sweepstakes. All these actions, however, cannot be compulsory entry requirements. 

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Are you looking to boost engagement and build better customer relationships? Make sure you ask open-ended questions – they encourage real conversations that lead to emotional customer-brand connections.

Head to our Facebook Giveaway tutorial to learn more about running a comment-based promotion on Facebook. 

Best practices for Instagram Giveaways

Over the last years, Instagram has been gaining traction. It’s safe to say that it is now the most popular social media platform for engagement-boosting promotions. So with the number of Instagram Giveaways that we come across every day, have you ever wondered if any of them follow the Instagram guidelines? Let’s point out that each social media network has different rules!

Instagram allows brands to ask the participants to:

  • Comment on the post
  • Mention friends – we recommend asking for no more than five mentions per user, as it eliminates spam and generates better quality engagement 
  • Follow the brand profile – you will have to check it manually

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If you want to draw a random winner with an automatic and transparent tool like Easypromos, it is recommended to ask only for comments, follows, and mentions. An automatic tool cannot track Insta Stories or likes, therefore the organizer would have to manually collect all entries and then enter them into a List Giveaway app. It is time-consuming and therefore not recommended.

Thinking to launch an Instagram Giveaway? Watch our Instagram Giveaway video tutorial to see all the steps to creating an Instagram promotion.

Other points to have in mind when launching giveaways on Instagram and Facebook

To give your followers the best experience ensure to:

  • Share a picture of the prize and describe it
  • Include the participation dates so that users know if they can still enter the contest
  • Share terms and conditions 
  • Communicate the winner once you finalize the giveaway

Why is it all important? Simply because if you provide your social media followers with a great experience they will be keen to join your next promotion. This can help you grow your audience and build a loyal community

Now that we’ve outlined all the best practices to running a successful Instagram or Facebook giveaway it’s time to point out that at Easypromos we always have your back! This is why we have dozens of pre-configured social media giveaway templates for many different campaigns! Use them to save time and ensure that your giveaway follows all the guidelines of each social media network. It will definitely reinforce the final success of your giveaway! 

Do you have any questions? Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!