Pick-A-Winner App

Use our Pick-a-Winner app to run a random prize draw from a list of participants. Import an Excel, CSV or Text file to your Easypromos control panel and randomly select a winner and alternate winners. You'll also be provided with a Certificate of Validity guaranteeing your participants that the winner was selected in a fair and transparent way. Export participants from any registration system to Excel and import them to our app to pick a random winner and run a giveaway in minutes!

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Pick-A-Winner App

The Pick-A-Winner App enables you to import a list of users from an Excel, CSV or text file in order to carry out a giveaway among them and randomly select one or more winners. A Certificate of Validity will be generated, guaranteeing that the selection process was done randomly and transparently. You'll have tools and options to announce the winners and publish the customizable Winners Page across your social networks with its unique URL. If you've imported the email addresses of the participants, you'll be able to communicate with the winner/s via email from the platform itself, as well as using the 'Claim Your Prize' module to confirm the contact details of the winners and manage the sending of prizes. Use this tool to run giveaway from lists obtained via all classes of registration system: your database, your newsletter subscribers, entries generated through your webpage or data collected via an online form. Import any list that you have in an Excel or CSV format and run the giveaway in minutes!

Main Features

  • Import any type of file

    Import any type of file

    You can import any type of Excel, CSV or Text file, or even copy and paste the details directly from a file. You’ll be able to run a giveaway among all participants and choose the winner/s at random with this app to pick a winner.

  • Duplications and extra participations

    Duplications and extra participations

    When the app detects users who appear in the list more than once it will ask you if you want to assign them extra entries – and therefore more chances to win the giveaway – or skip any duplicated entries so that users can only be entered into the giveaway once.

  • Choose the number of winners and alternates

    Choose the number of winners and alternates

    You’ll have the option to choose how many winners and alternates you want to obtain. You’ll also have access to a system to manage alternates in case you need to substitute one of the winners.

  • Certificate of validity

    Certificate of validity

    After running the giveaway, a certificate of validity will be generated by the Easypromos platform which indicates the time and date of the giveaway, the names of the winners and alternates, and the number of finalists. This certificate guarantees the transparency of your giveaway. The certificate comes with a unique URL that cannot be modified or deleted.

  • broadcast_video_winners

    Broadcast Mode

    Get a video of the giveaway result to share online and on social media. Increase reach and get followers' attention when you announce the winners with a dramatic fanfare. Download the video or share the unique URL with a link to the Winners Page. Learn more

  • Contact the winners

    Contact the winners

    If you’ve imported the email addresses of the participants, you can use the platform’s own email notification system to notify the winners. You’ll also be able to activate the ‘Claim Your Prize’ module. This allows you to obtain additional data from the winners, helping to streamline the prize fulfillment management process.

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What do you get? Basic
Basic PRO
Number of giveaways unlimited unlimited
Maximum number of participants 5,000 unlimited
Certificate of Validity
Results published on the Winners Page
Automatic selection of substitute winners
Claim Your Prize system
Contact winners by email
Blacklist bad users
Exclude former winners
Broadcast Mode - virtual video of the prize draw -
View prices in euros VAT not included

Complete features

  • Quick access and simple setup
  • Import giveaway participants directly from a CSV, XLS or TXT file
  • Copy and paste data directly from a file
  • Define which fields to use to uniquely identify the participants
  • Control for duplication of participants
  • Manage additional entries
  • Define the number of winners you want to obtain (maximum 1000)
  • Define the number of alternates you want to obtain (maximum 1000)
  • Issuing of a Certificate of validity
  • Carry out a test giveaway
  • Automatic generation of the Winners Page. 100% customizable template
  • Options to publish the Winners Page across social networks
  • System to notify winners via email (only if participants’ email addresses have been imported)
  • ‘Claim your prize’ system to confirm winners’ details (only if participants’ email addresses have been imported) More info
  • Management of substitutions of winners for alternates More info
  • Keep a blacklist of participants for specific giveaway

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Resources and help

Technical tutorial

Learn how to carry out a Pick-A-Winner App with this step-by-step tutorial.

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