How to promote a sports club

Marta Roura
Marta Roura
Promotion is fundamental for a sports club's growth, sustainability, and success in the athletic, community, and financial scope. With that in mind, here are some ideas and promotion strategies for you to adapt to your club's specific needs and resources. They will help you increase its visibility, attract new members, and strengthen its presence in the local sports community.

When thinking about how to promote a sports club, top-level clubs with plenty of resources and sponsors often come to mind. However, the vast majority of clubs do not fit that description, and at Easypromos, we are aware of that. Therefore, we have developed the tools to make sports club promotion adaptable and affordable regardless of the kind and size of your organization.

Whichever sport your club promotes (football, swimming, basketball, baseball, hockey, dance, etc.), implementing marketing strategies will enable you to achieve your goals: attracting new members, fostering team spirit, generating income, developing community relationships, improving sports performance, etc.

Learn more about how to promote a sports club and how to create engaging and interactive promotional actions.


Promotion ideas for sport clubs

There are many ways to promote a sports club. Let’s take a closer look at some digital promotion ideas that you can implement using Easypromos applications.


Foster engagement with social media giveaways

Social media platforms are the ideal showcase to share news, results, and updates from a sports club. However, how can you tap social media algorithms to come up on your fans’ feeds? Use social media giveaways to encourage engagement and interactions with your posts organically. This way, algorithms will consistently show your content on the profiles of those who have interacted with you. Raffle tickets for your games or give away club merchandise.

Valencia Basket often raffles front-row tickets for their games. Users can participate from Instagram or Facebook by commenting on the giveaway post with the hashtag of the game they want to attend. The club runs a Multi-Network giveaway among all the comments on both social networks and selects a single winner for each game.

How to promote a sports club: Multi-Network giveaway example

Take a look at this example of an Instagram giveaway carried out by the Asociación de Futbolistas Españoles (Association of Spanish Footballers). To celebrate the Spanish national team’s participation in the Euroleague and to give visibility to one of its sponsors, the association raffled tickets along with a driving experience.

How to promote a sports club: Instagram Giveaway example


Digital games for club memebrs and fans

Interactive games capture the attention of fans and help you diversify your content. That’s why gamified actions are always a good idea to entertain the members of your sports club. And even more so when you raffle tickets, merchandise, discounts, autographs, or even meetings with the players!

Once you have set up the game, you can share it on your social media, via email, messaging apps, or even integrate it into your app if you have one. In the following example, Bàsquet Girona and their sponsor YOSOY launched a memory game on the club members’ app. The game featured pairs of images of YOSOY products that users had to find. With this action, the club gave visibility to its sponsor and reinforced brand recall while entertaining its audience. They raffled a YOSOY product bundle among those who completed the challenge.

Sports Club Interactive Game example


Give away discounts and merchandising during a game

Promotional actions during a tournament or game are very effective because they directly impact your target audience. Hence, it’s a good idea to give away merchandise and discounts during a game or tournament to enhance your club’s image, promote sponsors, appreciate players, and reward attendees.

The Torretas Paddle Tennis Club celebrated its anniversary with a tournament. The club carried out a digital survey to collect spectator’s contact information. Attendees scanned a QR code to access the survey, answered a couple of questions, and instantly received a discount for a purchase at the club’s store. This strategy also boosted sales at the store.

Digital Survey example by a sports club


Boost sponsors’ visibility with contests

Sponsors are crucial elements of any sports club. They provide funding, visibility, reach, credibility and trust, opportunities for future collaborations, etc. Therefore, it’s paramount to acknowledge them and give them visibility from the club’s side. Here’s a contest idea to provide visibility to a sponsor.

Valencia Basket is a Spanish basketball club sponsored by Covirán Supermarkets. To promote their fan zone, they created a contest where fans could take photos at a photocall and upload them to their Instagram profiles with a hashtag and mention of the club and sponsor.

Contest to boost sponsor's visibility


Get the fans involved through interactive promotional actions

Interacting with your fans is crucial to bring your sports club to the spotlight. Create activities that capture their attention and, at the same time, provide information about the club: players, game schedules, and history of the club.

The Easypromos Build Your Team application allows you to create a digital action where users can design their team’s starting lineup using fully customized images ready to be shared digitally. Challenge users to guess the starting lineup, with each correct guess earning a point in the public participant ranking. Let’s see how football team UD Las Palmas used this application before an important match.

How to promote a sports club: Build your team


Keep followers engaged the whole season with an online tournament bracket

Create an online Tournament Bracket based on your club’s sports season or competition. This action allows for long-lasting interaction and engagement with your fans or club members. Raffle a prize among all participants or reward those who get the most correct guesses.

With the Tournament Bracket application, you can upload the candidates and set up the matchups. This will provide a visual cue for participants to easily follow the tournament and make their predictions for each round.

Tournament Bracket example to provide visibility to a sports club


We can help you create your club’s next promotional action

Easypromos is the most comprehensive and secure platform for creating giveaways, contests, games, and digital experiences to engage, entertain, and reward your audience. Our team of experts is available to advise and assist you when configuring your online promotions.

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