Agency Case Study: Oysho – Multilingual photo contest

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The Client

OyshoOysho, one of the brands from the Inditex group, offers collections of women’s underwear, lingerie, homewear and beachwear.

Oysho Facebook page: 416,380 fans (12th March 2013).

The Campaign

Under the name “Lovely Parents”, the aim of the campaign was to increase the number of fans and create  engagement with the followers of the page. The promotion consisted of a multilingual photo contest where users had to upload an old picture of their parents. The campaign lasted 25 days, during which the followers of the page had the possibility to send their images. Among all the pictures received, five finalists were selected by a jury, who won as a prize a Canon G15 digital camera.

lovely parents oysho facebook contest


Running a photo contest in a global Facebook fanpage with followers who speak different languages and come from different countries. The photo contest had to host the pictures of all the participants, regardless of their language or origin, but at the same time give a personalized and unique experience to the user, showing the contest in their language.  Read more »


Prepare your promotions for the new Facebook News Feed

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Facebook has just announced design changes for News Feed, which will improve the way in which users share their information. More visual, clearer images, better organized stories and with the same design for all devices. These are the key aspects that Facebook has used to define the changes the News Feed will incorporate, which will affect the page where users share their stories with their friends.


How to create a recruiting contest on Facebook with Easypromos
create a recruiting contest on facebook

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One of the main goals of the administrators of a Facebook fanpage is to dynamize the fanpage by improving the engagement with their fans and, at the same time, getting new followers. The recruiting system of Easypromos provides the tool to create a new type of contest where increasing the number of fans is the main objective, taking advantage of the viral effect of Facebook promotions. We are going to explain you how this system works and how to create a recruiting contest.


How to create a pool or a draw with Easypromos
create a pool or draw on Facebook

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The date of an important football match is coming and you want your Facebook followers to make their predictions? Or want your fans to guess the winners of the next cinema awards? With Easypromos trivia quizzes you can easily create an entertaining sports-betting pool or a draw to encourage your users to participate making their picks. With the recalculate results functionality, at the end of the contest you can discover who the user with more right answers is and draw a prize among the top winners.


How to publish simultaneous promotions in a Facebook fanpage
how to publish simultaneous promotions in a facebook page

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If you administer different promotions in the same Facebook fanpage simultaneously, Easypromos application allows you organize the promotions in different tabs within the page. So, for example, with multitab functionality you’ll be able to gather the promotions you create on the page in different categories: by contest type, topic or language. In this post we explain you how multitab Easypromos functionality can be useful for you and how does it work.


Material needed to create a promotion with Easypromos
material to create a promotion

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A promotion created with Easypromos consists of a series of graphic and textual elements that give shape to your promotion. Before starting to create the promotion with the Easypromos application, it’s important to bear in mind what material is needed, depending on the type of promotion (a photo contest, a prize draw, discount coupons, a trivia contest…). That way we save time and can create the promotions more quickly. In this post we explain all the creativity requirements, both in terms of graphic material and content which you must consider before creating your promotions.

Note: This post is out-dated with the new design for the promotions’ layout applied on the Easypromos platform as of December 2014.

Download here the complete design guide with the specifications of all the images needed to create a promotion.

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Easypromos launches Instagram/Twitter contests
Easypromos launches Instagram and Twitter contests

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One of the most popular features, used by our clients with the Easypromos application, is the photo contest.  Those contests are incredibly viral and create a high level of engagement with the Facebook fans. We have been thinking about how to make the user experience even better and are happy to announce we have developed an integration with Instagram and Twitter, which allows fans to upload pictures onto the contest directly from the Instagram or Twitter application on their mobile phones.

Twitter and Instagram plugins is included in Premium and White Label versions of Easypromos without any additional cost.


Some ideas to create your Question & Answer Contest (trivia quiz and test questionnaire)

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Do you want to know what your users think about some of your products? Do you want to reward your most loyal consumers? Your company has just launched a video and needs to promote it? Or just want your Fanpage users to spend a good time? With Question & Answer contests of Easypromos you will get a better interaction with the fans of your Facebook page. Quizzes are fast, visually appealing and entertaining to use, so you’ll obtain a better participation of your users. If you don’t know how to do it or need some ideas to create your Question & Answer contest, in this post we will provide you with some tips and ideas with different ways of applying this type of promotion on your Facebook page.


Create a Quiz (Question & Answer contest, trivia or test questionnaire) on Facebook

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Want to challenge your Facebook fans with a Question & Answer contest? Have a new product and want to find out your users’ opinions? Or just want your users to have fun with a test questionnaire? Now with Easypromos you’ll be able to create a new type of contest, the quizzes, and get a better engagement with your fans.


Statistics and results of Easypromos promotions

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One of the most important parts of a promotional action is the analysis of the results to determine if the expected outcomes have been achieved. To do so, Easypromos has incorporated a statistics module that will allow you to get your promotion results easily, as well as analyze its evolution and compare the results with other promotions. Throughout this post we will show the statistics module, which it’s available at the administration panel of all Easypromos versions: Basic, Premium and White Label.