Update of Facebook’s promotions guidelines: promotions on the Timeline

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Facebook has just announced a change in its promotions policy. The key point is that now you can administer promotions directly on Page Timelines. Therefore, Facebook now allows promotional activities on the Timeline to exist alongside the promotion apps that have been used until now.


How to create a category-based contest on Facebook
Category-based contests on Facebook

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Are you thinking about launching a contest on your Facebook page? With Easypromos Premium and White Label versions you can now create photo, video or short story category-based contests. For example, if you organize a photo contest, create as many categories as you need (landscapes, sports, animals, etc.) and let the user decide in which category he wants to participate. By publishing the image gallery of the contest, users will be able to filter the entries by category to see and vote the photo they want. We give you some practical ideas about how to use this functionality in your contests on Facebook.


How to do a survey on Facebook with Easypromos

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Would you like to discover your customers tastes and habits? Do you want to measure customer satisfaction? You are about to launch a new product and want to discover if it’s going to be successful? With Easypromos Surveys you’ll be able to carry out a market research on your Facebook page and get your customers’ feedback to know their preferences and discover what they think about your brand. Easypromos Surveys are visually attractive, fast to answer and will allow you to obtain useful information to make decisions in your company. You’ll have your Survey ready and published in less than 10 minutes. In this post we explain you what are the benefits of carrying out a survey on your page and how Easypromos surveys work.


How to Organize a Multiple-choice Personality Test Combined with Recruiters

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The Client

WorldreaderWorldreader is a non-profit organization based in San Francisco, Barcelona, Accra and Nairobi, with the aim of providing children and their families in developing countries access to books.

This way, Worldreader is changing the way in which people in developing countries read: thanks to the reduction in the costs of technology, thousands of children have access to a digital library by putting e-books and e-readers into their hands.

During the first years, Worldreader has reached almost 12.000 children with over 609.000 electronic books in eight African countries.

Worldreader Facebook page has more than 55.000 Likes with an international community.


The Campaign

Coinciding with the World Book Day (23rd April), a Multiple-choice Personality Test under the name ‘What’s your Book DNA?’ was launched, which consisted of a 5 question quiz (with only two answers). Participants could double their possibilities to win if they encouraged their friends to participate.

Winners were entered into a prize draw for the chance to win 5 Kindles that contained the same books that are read by the children of our programs, amongst them the best titles of African authors.

The campaign started the same 23rd April and was active until 1st May.

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Easypromos Supports Instagram Video in Video Contests

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With over 100,000 users, Instagram platform recently launched the opportunity to record videos up to 15 seconds. In Easypromos we have already implemented video support for Instagram videos in our platform and we have integrated videos into our video contests application on Facebook. How? Just tag an Instagram video with the #hashtag of your campaign and it will automatically appear in the video gallery of the contest created with Easypromos.


Easypromos new features June 2013

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June has been a very intensive month in Easypromos and, as a result, we have incorporated new features and improvements in all our products. For example, we have launched a new type of promotion, ‘Customer loyalty rewards’, intended to run exclusive promotions for a specific audience. Additionally, users that enter a video contest can now participate from their Instagram account, thanks to the Instagram support that we have integrated in our video contest application. Do you want to know what other features we have been working on lately? In this post we keep you up to date with our newest improvements.


Code Validation: How to Reward your Customers

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Would you like to reward consumers of your products? Would you like to encourage your customers to become fans of your Facebook page? Would you like to organize a prize draw for a closed group of users? With the aim of helping you give recognition to those users who are loyal to your brand, we offer ‘Customer Loyalty Rewards’ promotions. These enable you to develop promotional activities aimed exclusively at your customers or at a specific audience. In this post we explain how this type of promotion works and we also give you some ideas to carry out promotions exclusively for your customers on your Facebook page.


How to use video in your promotions
How to use video in your promotions

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Have you just launched a new promotional video? Would you like it to reach the maximum number of users? Or do you simply wish to improve the presentation of your promotion with audiovisual content? Use the power of online video and combine it with Facebook’s remarkable ability to go viral: in this post we will offer you some ideas and suggestions to present your Facebook page promotions with a video.


Attracting fans: Key Techniques

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You have answered each of the interventions of the fans of your page. You have performed an in-depth analysis with the analytic variables provided by Facebook Insights, and you know when it’s the best time and the frequency to post on your wall. You have a perfectly defined content strategy in line with the values of your brand. The fans counter of your page is increasing little by little, which is a reflection of a constant work, no matter your holidays, nights and weekends. You are happy but want more.


Agency case study: Photo voting contest (Cub Creació & Comunicació)

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The agency

Cub Creacio & ComunicacioClub Creació & Comunicacio is a graphic design and communication agency which offers digital marketing services to their clients, and more recently, social media strategy support. For our Facebook promotions we always count on the expertise and knowledge of the Easypromos team.


The Client

Fujifilm Europe, branch office in Spain, has specific chains Centro Fuji in Spain, formed by 170 specialized photography companies, which offer a wide range of printing products, as well as photographic and study material.

In order to foster this network and attract a young public, we started the presence in the social networks, focusing on the creation of two Fanpages with a lot of interaction and constant promotions: Centre Fuji and Centro Fuji, for Catalonia region and the rest of Spain.


The Campaign

In order to boost this objective, we run a Photo Contest on the Street Photo topic, offering amazing prizes to the winners, which consisted of high range cameras, as well as the new instant camera INSTAX and packs of free copies. All of these prizes were valued at 1,500 €.

The contest lasted 45 days and started a month after launching the two Facebook fanpages.

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