5 Engaging Ideas for Facebook Promotions for Any Brand

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Facebook promotions are frequently used by brands and businesses to make their Pages more dynamic. They can facilitate wider post diffusion, boost community engagement and, to a lesser extent, grow a fan base. And surprisingly for many, there are many different types of Facebook promotions that can be organized. Below, we list 7 simple ideas for your Facebook promotion.

Let’s take a look at the most popular ideas for Facebook promotions! Increased engagement, fostered customer loyalty, and reinforced customer loyalty guaranteed!

Facebook promotion idea #1: Comment giveaway

If you want a contest that’s straightforward but something that also generates high-quality interactions, why not set up a giveaway for all users who comment on your post? The first step, as with all types of sweepstakes, is to explain the participation requirements.

Facebook comment giveaways are all about… comments. Therefore, users must leave a comment on your promotional post in order to enter your Facebook promotion. Ask interested participants to explain why they’d like to win the prize or ask any other open-ended questions. It will generate great engagement and it will also encourage real conversations as users share their opinions, views, and preferences and interact with other participants.

ideas for facebook promotions

Remember: comment giveaways must be the easiest out of all ideas for Facebook promotions! It’s easy to set up, enter and finalize!

Facebook promotion idea #2:

The next idea that we’re about to share is very similar to the first one. It’s still a comment giveaway but this time… on more than one social media network! It’s a great solution for anyone looking to engage social media followers from across all the major networks. With the Multi-Network Giveaway application you can run a single giveaway on more than one channel.

ideas for facebook promotions: multi-network giveaway

In the above example, you can see how an American game company energized their online audience. The brand celebrated National Puzzle Day with a fun giveaway – participants had a chance to win a 3D Harry Potter Puzzle. Users entered the promotion on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Ideas for Facebook promotions: #3: Interactive games for your audience

The fact that social media is a great place to generate leads is now a common fact. Facebook is also a great tool to strengthen customer relationships and boost brand visibility. But to do so, you need high-quality content.

Branded mini-games have been gaining traction for the past few years. They engage high numbers of users, they entertain audiences and most likely they expose your followers to your brand. And if you throw in a prize, users are likely to register for a chance to win and therefore become a new sales lead for your company.


Here’s an example of a branded Puzzle game that any brand can launch for their Facebook audience. All you have to do is share the promotion link on your Facebook page and wait for the magic to happen (yes, we mean users registering in the app!). You can also run Facebook Ads to attract more participants!

Facebook promotion idea #4: Collect UGC with Photo Contests

Facebook is good not only for generating leads but also for collecting UGC. You can obtain high-quality pictures, videos, and texts from your social media followers that you can then reuse for your marketing purposes. It’s an important aspect for anyone looking to increase customer trust, as according to many studies user-generated content is the most authentic content brands can share on social media.

ideas for facebook promotions: photo contest from devonshire hotel and restaurant group

And if you wish to convert even more Facebook followers into leads then here’s an idea: invite your online community to vote for their favorite entries. User leaves their votes by filling out a registration form. You can then download all the voters and organize a random giveaway for them – it will be an additional motivation to participate.

Discover how a small photography studio raised engagement and charity funds with a pet-themed Facebook Photo Contest. They got thousands of views, visits, and comments while raising money for the favorite charity.

Ideas for Facebook promotions: #5 Find out more about your Facebook community with surveys

This one’s for anyone looking to find out more about their online community, or simply wanting to collect some market insights.

A great idea for your Facebook sweepstakes is a Survey with a registration form. Simply create some questions with multiple answer options and share the link with your Facebook audience. Don’t forget to raffle a prize among all registered participants! You could also distribute discount code or vouchers to all participants.

ideas for facebook promotions

What do you think? Are you ready to organize a Facebook promotion? Don’t worry if you have questions that haven’t been answered in this blog post. You can online chat with us!