How to organize World Cup Predictions for your Brand

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
The football World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, and the woman's edition is quickly catching up to the men's cup in level, popularity, and coverage. The 2023 Women's World Cup in Au-NZ will kick off on July 20 and it’s already becoming a popular topic all over social media. If you think that a big part of your audience is football fans maybe it’d be a good idea for your brand to organize World Cup predictions. In this blog post, we take you through tips and resources for organizing a branded betting pool.

Find out all the stages of the FIFA Women’s World Cup

Chances are you’re not a die-hard football fan but that shouldn’t stop you from launching World Cup predictions for your brand because you need basic information about the different phases of the tournament. Remember that not all countries qualify for the World Cup, so it’s possible that your home team won’t be participating on the big stage.

Focus on the group stage

The very first challenge for any team is to make it through the group stage of the World Cup, in which all four teams of each group play against each other. The most appealing dynamic can be to choose a country to support and follow its progress in the tournament.

  • The first option is to organize a general betting pool and ask participants to guess the outcome of every game in the group stage. In this case, you could set up a ranking system to award points for each successful prediction to then give a prize to the user with the highest score. 
  • Another option is to organize a betting pool around your country’s team and keep track of every of every. In this case, you could include several questions, such as the number of goals that the team will score for every game and which players will score them.

Don’t forget to include the Terms & Conditions in your promotion and to include the participation dates and conditions for the tournament’s stages.

Discover several World Cup promotion ideas that you can organize to boost your brand during the football championship.

Prepare a prize and launch your Women’s World Cup predictions

Online users are always keen to participate in online giveaways or contests. However, they don’t participate just for the sake of participating, it’s the prize that motivates them to join online promotions. So even if your followers are big football fans, make sure you offer an incentive that appeals to them. In this article In this article you will find some ideas on what are the best prizes for a football betting pool

With all this in mind you can organize a group phrase betting pool. Even if you are a fan of your national football team, there’s no way of telling if it will advance to the next round, so we recommend you to activate only this phase. Take a look at this example that the online store Electrocosto organized for the 2022 World Cup. All microsite-type promotions are optimized for participation and sharing via mobile devices since the majority of users will access your promotion from their smartphones. Share the betting pool on social media, through newsletters, social ads, or feature it on a banner or widget on your e-commerce platform. This way you will increase visibility and get more participants to follow your competition.

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Mind the marketing objectives of your Women’s World Cup predictions promotion

Organizing a promotion for the Women’s World Cup serves several purposes. For starters, women’s football has gained a lot of visibility and recognition in recent years. What’s more the 2023 World Cup will be the largest women’s sporting event in history, with an expected audience of around 2 billion viewers. FIFA estimates that one and a half million people will follow the tournament’s 64 matches, which will serve as the perfect platform to generate interest among more girls and women towards this sport. In fact, over 1 million tickets have already been sold for spectators to attend the tournament taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Therefore, focusing your promotions around an event that will capture the attention of many people for a month is a good strategy to increase brand recognition and visibility. It’s also a way to enhance engagement and affinity with your target audience. However, if your main goal is to capture leads, you must carefully design the betting pool’s registration form to request the personal data that you want to gather. If you want your promotion to go viral, work on the referral system, create viral texts, and use an email platform.

Keep an eye on the results of the Women’s World Cup matches

You should update the scores after each match to recalculate the participant’s scores. Use the email platform to inform the participants that you have updated the scores and share the URL of the World Cup Betting Pool microsite or ranking so they can see their current position. Similarly, after the groups stage, you can confirm who is leading the ranking and decide whether to continue the game with the round of 16 or, if your country is no longer in the World Cup, conclude the contest and announce the winner.

How to choose the winner. If you’re only running a single betting pool, you can award the prize to the participant with the highest score (the one who has correctly answered the most questions in the pool), who will be ranked number 1 on the leaderboard. Alternatively, you can conduct a random draw among all participants or among those who have achieved a certain number of points. Let’s say you have 10 participants who have correctly predicted the results and are tied on points, but you only have one prize. How do you deal with this? You can conduct a random draw among them.

What’s important here is to have the prizes and the winner selection method determined before the start of the World Cup betting pool. This point should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions and announced when promoting the contest. This way, you manage your audience’s expectations effectively!

Extend your World Cup predictions promotion with a final stage tournament

Once the group stage is completed, you can extend the game if your national team has moved onto the elimination stages or if your audience remains engaged with the championship, even if their team is no longer competing. Introduce a tournament bracket starting from the round of 16, where participants can vote for the teams they believe will move forward in each round.

This dynamic allows you to contact the participants periodically to communicate the results of each phase and encourage them to vote for the next round. In total, they will have four opportunities to vote, once for each round, predicting the teams they believe will move on.

It is also important to consider the prizes you are giving away. For example, in addition to giving a prize to the participant who correctly predicts the winner of the World Cup. Additionally, you can also provide prizes for those who correctly predict each phase. This way, you distribute incentives for participation. If you only have one prize per phase (or the final) and multiple winners, the random selection tool provided by Easypromos is the perfect solution. You can segment and select as finalists only those participants who have correctly predicted the results of each phase and conduct a random draw among them to determine the winner.

If you like this promotion idea for the World Cup but have doubts about how to implement it for your brand, feel free to contact our support chat. We will be happy to help.