Women's World Cup Promotion Ideas

Women's World Cup Promotion Ideas

Ideas for Australia & New Zealand Women's World Cup

Women's footbal has been growing exponentially in followers and exposure with the Women's World Cup being its biggest event.  With millions of people from around the world tuning in to follow the action, you have a great opportunity to touch base with your audience and generate engagement and visibility for your brand. Stay top of mind with customers, give away unforgettable prizes, and generate leads from loyal followers - it's all possible with our Women's World Cup promotion ideas and resources!


Try our demos and download pre-configured templates for your games, giveaways, contests, and betting pools.


  • World Cup promotions for social media: generate engagement with giveaways

    Social media giveaways are always a great way of generating engagement and visibility, as well as gaining new followers. Take this opportunity to boost your brand's online presence and awareness, and organize a World Cup giveaway or a simple betting pool with comments. Don't forget to raffle an appealing prize - it'll help you attract more users and therefore further boost your brand. 


    world cup giveaway fifa 2022


  • Entertain your audience with World Cup games - and collect leads in the meantime

    Online users love to interact with creative content and branded mini-games happen to be original and entertaining. Launch a World Cup game to expose clients to your corporate image and convert users into qualified sales leads. The more you share the game online, the more users you will attract and convert! Try our demos and download your favorite templates to launch your own gamified promotion for the 2023 Women's World Cup.


    World Cup Puzzle game for brands Qatar 2022


    • Entertain and engage your audience with a World Cup Puzzle game, in which users rearrange puzzle pieces to discover where the grand final will take place. Everyone loves a bit of a challenge and that applies to your audience too. Invite them to participate in a World Cup Match It game, in which users match football players with their home teams.
    • As far as sports competitions go,  the FIFA World Cup is as big as it gets in terms of audience and reach with millions of people worldwide cheering for their national teams. The starting lineup is a fundamental part of a team’s strategy and a major source of discussion and speculation among fans and sports commentators alike. With the “Build your Team” you can challenge users to try to predict their teams’ lineup for upcoming matches. Try the DEMO now and build your team!

    • Talking about entertainment, here's something that your audience is going to love! Encourage your online community to partake in a World Cup Personality Quiz. Users answer a series of questions to find out which football player they're most like!

    • Still not sure which World Cup app would best suit your needs? Take a look at our blog post full of ideas and examples of football promotions organized by a variety of different brands.

  • Generate and maintain engagement with Multi-Stage promotions

    A total of 68 matches will be played over 28 days - this gives you plenty of opportunities to engage your audience. But instead of launching new campaigns every week, why don't you organize a promotion over an extended period of time? Invite followers and customers to participate in your campaigns with various stages, including games, tournaments, and betting pools!


    betting pool for world cup qatar 2022


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