Valentine’s Day Giveaway Ideas That Your Audience Will Love

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And with US consumers spending more than $27 billion on Valentine’s Day last year, it’s an unmissable moment for brands. Find out how you can show some love with your online community on February 14th – with simple Valentine’s Day giveaways on your favorite social media channels!

Valentine’s Day might seem like just another event created by the capitalist world. But nothing could be further from the truth! The very first Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the year 496 and since then it’s become probably the most romantic event of the year.

We’re here today to make sure you don’t run out of creative campaign ideas for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. To be more exact, we will take a look at effective ideas for Valentine’s Day giveaways on social media. Read on to learn more about growing your brand, and staying top of mind with your customers right in time for Saint Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day expenditure

Social media giveaways are the key to maintain engagement, therefore today we will share with you a bunch of great examples of social media sweepstakes that will give your audience moonstruck eyes!

Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas to boost engagement on Instagram

Valentine’s Day is most popular with couples, this is why the majority of giveaway prizes aim at couples. Getaways, dinners, spa sessions for two… But Valentine’s Day isn’t just for sweethearts! And you just can’t forget about the huge group of singles out there! Create great customer relationships by remembering and targeting that great segment with your Valentine’s Day Instagram Giveaways!

Valentine's Day giveaway ideas

LaCroix Water is known for their great online promotions, and they didn’t disappoint this time either! The brand was looking to reward 100 participants with trendy t-shirts and merch hats! The giveaway was based on comments where people had to tag someone they love. Comments giveaways tend to go viral, as people tag their friends, who most of the time also join the giveaway, tagging someone new. Can you see where we’re going here?

Chicco Chai went for the same giveaway structure! However, apart from tagging friends in comments, the participants were also asked to follow the accounts of the organizing brands.

Valentine's Day giveaway ideas

Here, apart from incentivizing the followers, the brands also achieved some extra marketing objectives. They grew their online presence and also gained new followers, which leads to increased brand and product awareness.

Valentine’s Day social media giveaways are always a great way to entertain your audience and build loyalty. Comments giveaways attract engaged customers who automatically become your brand promoters by tagging their family and friends. All you need is an attractive prize, an appealing picture, and an encouraging description!

Valentine's Day Promotion Ideas

Grow your social media presence with Facebook Valentine’s giveaways

Do you know why Valentine’s Day giveaways are so popular on Facebook? They’re easy. Easy to run, easy to take part in, and easy to select a winner. All you have to do is publish an encouraging post announcing the giveaway and explaining all the details – that includes the prize!

Valentine's Day social media giveaways. Screenshot of a Valentine's Day giveaway on Facebook, organized by Waurn Ponds Shopping Center. Valentine's Day giveaway ideas

Here’s an example from Waurn Ponds, a popular local shopping center and social hub in Australia. They decided to treat five couples to Valentine’s dinner dates and cinema tickets. All the followers had to do was leave a comment on the post, and tell everyone about the best Valentine’s gift they had ever received. 

Open questions are great for boosting Facebook engagement – they quick-start conversations and get people to share with your brand, which leads to brand intimacy – an important emotional bond with your customers that often leads to increased loyalty and trust.

Once your Facebook Valentine’s Day giveaway is over, it’s time to select a random winner!

Running a Valentine’s Day giveaway on social media? Don’t forget to use our giveaway apps to choose a random winner. The giveaway applications guarantee an automatic and transparent winner selection.

Run Valentine’s Day Twitter Giveaways to build an online presence

It’s quite obvious that the easier the giveaway is, the more participants it will have. So if your goal is to work on the online presence of your brand, then this is the right giveaway for you!

Valentine's Day giveaway ideas Twitter giveaway

Hunter & Gather wanted to promote their products and work on their online presence right in time for Valentine’s Day. They asked their followers to retweet the promotional tweet for their chance to win and… that’s it! Easy entry requirements made this Twitter Valentine’s Day giveaway quite successful!

Note that Twitter gives you more flexibility than any other social media network when it comes to entry requirements. Run a Valentine’s Day sweepstakes on Twitter and ask your followers to follow you, retweet, or reply to your promotional post! And once the participation period is over, it’s time to choose a winner with the Easypromos Twitter giveaway app.

Multi-Network Giveaway for Valentine’s Day

Many brands decide to run several Valentine’s Day giveaways, often on different social media channels. But if you don’t want to give away more than one prize, but still wish to engage followers on different networks then a Multi-Network Giveaway might be the right choice for your brand.

Valentine's Day giveaway ideas: Multi-Network giveaway

Run a Multi-Network Valentine’s Day promotion to unite all your social networks. It also combines separate posts, different languages, and even separate profiles, just like in the example above. This yarn brand ran a contest on both Facebook and Instagram, for their communities in France and the UK. Look closely to notice that the posts were written in two different languages. They were then combined into the same giveaway! That must be one of the most creative Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas!

You can follow exactly the same steps and engage your Facebook and Instagram followers with one Valentine’s Day giveaway.

Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas for any brand

One last thing: remember that ANY brand can celebrate Valentine’s Day on social media – it’s all about successful ideas! With a fun competition dynamic and attractive prize, anyone can run Valentine’s Day social media giveaways.

Take this example, from a website that conducts online surveys. It doesn’t seem like a natural pick for Valentine’s Day, right?

Valentine's Day giveaway ideas.

But the brand came up with the perfect contest. First, they asked followers to comment with their favorite love song – and the reason why. Then they chose five winners and shared a charming romantic prize: a pair of tickets for a Valentine’s Day event, plus complimentary gifts.

If you can think of an engaging question, and imagine an exciting prize, then your Valentine’s Day social media giveaways are bound to be a success!

In need of more inspiration? Or maybe you want to run Valentine’s Day games for your social media community?

Are you ready to create your own social media giveaways? Or maybe you have Valentine’s Day giveaway ideas that you would like to share with our readers? In case of any questions, you can always contact our Support Team!