Twitter Giveaway

Gain new followers and increase interactions on your profile with a Twitter giveaway. You can organize it among users who have retweeted or commented on one of your tweets. Or among those who have posted their own content with your campaign hashtag and a mention of your brand. With Easypromos, you can have the giveaway up and running in just a few minutes. You will quickly see an increase in all your Twitter metrics.

Increased interactions, wider reach, more followers on Twitter.

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Twitter Giveaway

What kind of giveaways can you create with Twitter?


Organize a random giveaway for all users that retweet one or more of your tweets. You can also require that all participants follow your account.

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Choose a winner from among users that reply to your one or various tweets. You can also require that all participants follow your account.

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Mention + Hashtag

Pull all tweets from users who've mentioned your brand and campaign hashtag and run a random draw among them. You can ask them to follow you too.

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Twitter Giveaway Main Features

  • Easy set up of three kinds of Twitter giveaways

    The application has been designed so you can carry out your giveaway with just five clicks, following a fully assisted, guided process. Simply choose the type of giveaway you wish to run: among those who retweet, use your hashtag and mention you, or comment on one of your tweets.

  • Filter, exclude, or blacklist

    Manage your giveaway's participants and finalists with the user management and exclusion tools provided by the app: blacklisted users, previous winners, and exclusion of specific users. You can exclude up to 10 users.

  • Pick winners and alternates randomly

    The application automatically and randomly picks the winners and alternates for your Twitter giveaway. You can pick up to 10 participants among winners and substitutes and publish the results on a customizable page.

  • Manage winners and prizes

    All-round system to notify the winners, confirm their contact information, and manage the substitution of winners by substitutes. You will be able to manage prize delivery in an efficient and controlled manner.

  • Certificate of validity

    After picking the winner, the system generates a certificate of validity to provide transparency to your Twitter giveaway. The certificate states that winners were randomly picked using the Easypromos platform. It also indicates the date and time of the giveaway.

Twitter Giveaway is available in the following plans:

Basic PRO

Number of giveaways


Maximum number of participants


Giveaway based on retweets of one single tweet

RTs of more than one tweet

Replies to one tweet

Mention + hashtag

Support for sponsored tweets

Certificate of Validity

Maximum age of tweets (days)


Results published on the Winners Page

Automatic selection of substitute winners

Claim Your Prize system

Blacklist bad users

Exclude former winners

Run multiple giveaways on one tweet

Broadcast Mode - virtual video of the prize draw

VAT not included

Twitter Giveaway Complete Features

  • Quick and easy setup
  • Create and host terms and conditions More info.
  • Include several tweets in a single retweet giveaway (all must include the same hashtag)
  • Blacklist or exclude malicious users
  • Exclude previous winners
  • Exclude users manually
  • Control duplicated users
  • Pick winners and alternates randomly
  • Get a Certificate of Validity to prove the prize draw was fair ad transparent
  • Announce winners with a customized webpage
  • Announce winners with a custom animated video More info
  • Notify winners in real time via Twitter
  • Verify winners and collect contact details with the Claim Your Prize tool More info
  • Manage alternates and disqualifications

Twitter Giveaway Case Studies

  • Go viral with Twitter giveaways

    Vodafone Yu reached their target audience by asking people to retweet in exchange for unmissable prizes.

    Agency: Sra. Rushmore

    Client: Vodafone yu

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  • Reward loyal followers

    Sports brand Salomon celebrated 30,000 followers on Twitter with a giveaway every two hours.

    Client: Salomon Spain

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Twitter Giveaway: Resources and help

  • Tutorial

    Step by step tuturial on how to use Easypromos to create a reliable Twitter Giveaway among your followers.
  • Claim Your Prize

    Learn how to configure the tool so that the winners of your giveaways can claim their prize, and you can easily manage the delivery.
  • How to create a successful Twitter Giveaway

    Learn all you need to know with these five five examples of how to create a successful Tweeter giveaway.

Twitter Giveaway Frequently Asked Questions