How to use virtual coins to reward your customers and build loyalty

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Virtual Coins are a reward, which in turn, is an essential component of gamification that attracts and convinces users to participate in a promotion. Just as you can reward participants with a chance to enter a giveaway or offer them a discount coupon upon completing their registration, you can offer them coins for each action completed within the promotion. Let's look at some examples and ideas on how to use coins and how you can customize this reward.

Coins to Give Value to Participant Actions

In promotions where users can participate more than once, offering coins as a reward is an appealing option. Everyone understands coins as a currency that can be exchanged for products. And so, give them an intrinsic value.

Try the following Validate Codes DEMO. When users register and verify their code, they earn coins, which they can accumulate in their wallets. Users can check their coin balance at any time and access the rewards list to check the cost of each prize.

virtual coins as reward: redeem coins for prizes

When a user has enough coins for the desired prize, they can redeem it. When a prize is redeemed, the system can send an automatic email to confirm the transaction and provide instructions to claim the prize. Additionally, the promotion organizer can receive a notification each time someone redeems coins for a prize and access statistics on prize stock to manage or replenish it if necessary.


Turning Purchases into Points

If what you want is to turn customers’ purchases into points that can be accumulated and included in your loyalty program, the “virtual coins” feature will also serve this purpose. Take a look at the following demo of purchase ticket validation. For each ticket uploaded, the user earns 25 points. These can be accumulated within the same promotion or linked, via API, to your customer loyalty program to be added to points from other actions.

virtual coins as reward: Validate receipts to earn points


Play Games to Earn Points

Games are a good dynamic to interact with your audience. Typically, participants are rewarded for being at the top of the players’ ranking. However, there are other ways to reward players, such as giving out coins for each challenge completed.

Games imply an emotional reward and provide added value to a brand’s customer rewards system. What’s more, brands can create their “own” currency, be it points, stars, kudos, etc.

virtual coins as reward: play a game to earn loyalty points


View Content to Earn Points

Yet another action you can reward with coins is viewing or reading brand content. You can deliver text, images, or video within your promotion and require users to view it to complete the challenge. If you use the “requirement” function, users must watch the entire video to complete the action and earn coins.

You can also link to content to read or embed a video and a quiz that users must answer to earn coins. In this case, you can give coins to participants who answer the questions or only to those who get a certain number of correct answers.

You can try this action, and others, by participating in this loyalty portal demo.

Watch content to earn coins


Reward participants who follow you on social media

You can also reward users who decide to follow you on social media. Even if it is not possible to verify it automatically, you can include a button to redirect them to your social media profile for them to follow you. Participants who visit the profile from that button will count as followers and will be awarded points. In the following example, each of the brand’s social media profiles links are displayed. For each social network followed, users earn 5 points.

Earn coins for following social Media accounts


Earning Coins for Daily Recurrence

Do you want to present daily content and ensure your users view it? Present each content in a stage and ask users to check-in. The key to having users visit the website regularly is to reward them for it. Besides interesting content, offer them the incentive of earning points, and you’ll see how they get used to visiting the site daily.

You can present it in various forms: videos with trivia questions, content in image or text format with a link to a website, timed quizzes, etc. In the end, coins, points, or stars are a way to reward your audience and achieve engagement in long-term promotions. Such promotions can work as your brand’s loyalty program, as they allow you to present multiple actions to interact with your audience, a unique registration per user, and a profile where they can check their points and the prizes they can redeem them for.

earn loyalty points for checking in

Have you considered rewarding participants in your promotions with virtual coins? Try it now with the Easypromos White Label or Corporate Plan. This feature allows you to:

  • Name your coin and upload its image.
  • Assign prizes that are coins in many microsite-type dynamics: quizzes, UGC, check-in, ticket validation, etc.
  • Decide how many coins are earned in each action.
  • Determine how many coins are needed to redeem each gift.

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