Promotions Using Validate Receipts App with OCR System | Benefits and Objectives

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You have most likely recently seen a number of promotions at shops in which brands require customers to upload a purchase receipt as part of their customer rewards promotions. This should come as no surprise as these kinds of promotions allow brands to achieve multiple marketing objectives that would otherwise be very difficult to get.


Six Steps to Create a Successful Spin the Wheel promotion

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When it comes to games of chance, few have become as ubiquitous and popular as the all-time classic Spin the Wheel. From decades-lasting TV game shows to traveling fun fairs, this game of chance is as recognizable as it is simple to play. Give a spin, cross your fingers, and find out right there and then if you have won a prize.


Generate engagement with a Hidden Objects Game that doesn’t require download

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As the digital revolution takes hold in the marketing world, catching users’ attention has become the number one priority for marketers and gamified campaigns are becoming the go-to tool to achieve that objective. A branded Hidden Objects Mini-Game could be the solution you’re looking for, and it doesn’t require downloading!


How to Make a Giveaway Winner Announcement
Giveaway Winner Announcement

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Announcing and communicating the winners of a giveaway might well be the single most important stage of your promotion. After all, what good does it make to go through all the process of carrying out a giveaway if by the end of it it isn’t clear who’s the winner?


Graduation Party Games to Customize and Play Online

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Graduation parties are all about celebrating the hard work, dedication, and endless hours of lectures, seminars, research, and studies that you’ve put in over the course of recent years. Want to make sure your party stands out? In this article, we share ideas and examples of graduation party games that you can fully customize and play online. Take a look!


20 Instagram Giveaway Ideas for your Business
20 Instagram Giveaway Ides for your Business

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You don’t have to be a big brand to generate engagement, interaction and increase sales among your online community. Once users discover a brand on Instagram, it’s easy to turn them into followers provided that the brand offers them an interesting product and valuable information. A good way to promote your brand’s Instagram profile is to constantly launch giveaways. This will draw new followers and clients and show them what your brand has to offer. Keep on reading to discover up to 20 practical ideas that will give you the perfect excuse to carry out Instagram giveaways and grow your audience.


Ten Ways to Access an Easypromos Promotion

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Microsite-style promotions are just like a website. You can share them on social media, in newsletters, or with a QR code. Here are some ideas to help you understand how users will access the promotions and to plan the promotion of your actions on social media.


5 Marketing Gamification Examples Accessible to any Brand
Marketing Gamification Examples

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Gamification is becoming a staple term in marketing. It’s slowly but surely making itself a part of many interactive marketing campaigns. If you haven’t considered implementing it into your marketing strategy, it might be time for you to do it. In this article, we are going over some examples to profit from games and entertaining actions, which by the way, can be fully customized with your brand image.


Ideas to Celebrate Father’s Day in the Workplace
Celebrate Father's Day at the workplace

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Given the amount of time that we spend at the workplace, the importance of a good working environment is paramount. If your objective as a manager or HR professional is to improve communication, performance, motivation, and engagement among your team, team-building activities are always a good idea. In this article, we will go over some ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in the workplace.


How to Promote your Brand with Promo Codes on Social Media

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Wondering how to use social media to increase sales? Take a look at how brands use promo codes to boost profitability and stay top of mind with customers.