How to Integrate Campaign Monitor with Your Easypromos Promotions

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Do you use Campaign Monitor for email marketing? Here’s how to set up an integration with Easypromos, and seamlessly bring promotion participants into your email marketing funnel. We share all the information and ideas you need for successful email integration.


How to Boost Brand Engagement with an Interactive Timed Quiz

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We all know how important engagement is and how much of an effect it has on businesses. But sometimes we hit the wall trying to come up with newer, better, and more converting ways to engage and keep our audience. But here’s some great news! The new Easypromos application is all you need to take brand engagement through the roof! In addition, the new Timed Quiz will help you attract new customers and retain the existing ones. Ready to discover your new engagement boosting tool? Read on to find out more about the Easypromos Timed Quiz.


How to Increase YouTube Views with Giveaways and Contests

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Want to grow your YouTube channel or get more views on your latest video? It’s tough to get noticed without a big audience. Here’s how to reach more subscribers – and increase YouTube views – with easy giveaway apps, contests and games.


4 interactive content marketing campaigns that boosted product promotion

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We look at 4 brands which have cracked the code on content marketing. Here’s what makes the best content marketing campaigns and product promotion strategies stand out!


How to integrate Google Analytics with your Easypromos promotion

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Why does your brand run digital promotions? To boost sales, generate leads or collect data? Whatever your goals, you can achieve more when you integrate online promotions with Google Analytics. Here’s how to set up an integration and supercharge your marketing campaigns.


How to Integrate Contests and Promotions with HubSpot

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It’s no secret that online contests are an important part of lead generation. But are you making the most of online promotions – or are you leaving valuable sales leads on the table? The trick is to get those leads linked up to your CRM so you can keep the buyer’s journey moving. Here’s how to integrate your promotions with HubSpot, easily and efficiently.


Easy and Effective Marketing Ideas for Small Business Saturday 2020
Marketing ideas for Small Business Saturday

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If you run a small business, local store or ecommerce, then Small Business Saturday is for you! Here’s everything you need to know about the holiday – plus 6 simple marketing ideas to promote your business on #smallbizsat.


How to Create a Branded Minesweeper Game

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Struggling to capture your audience’s attention? What about a classic mini-game that will get shared online, help you collect data, and keep people coming back for more? Here’s how to build your own Minesweeper game to boost brand engagement and harness your followers’ nostalgia.


How to Build Quizzes for Social Media

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Surveys and quizzes can help you entertain followers, educate customers and collect data from your target market. Here’s how to create and share quizzes on social networks – with just a few minutes’ work.


How to Target Story Ads for Instagram Giveaways

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Today, 33% of the most viewed Instagram Stories belong to brands. Stand out and make the most of your Instagram giveaways’ potential with these tips.