Interactive Gamified Promotions: Word Shuffle

César Rodríguez
César Rodríguez
A digital Word Shuffle game is more than just fun —it's a powerful marketing tool. Discover how this game offers a unique strategy for enhancing engagement, expanding audience reach, and fortifying brand presence in today's dynamic digital landscape.

Gamified promotions have become one of the most sought-after digital marketing strategies. They leverage the principles of game design and human psychology to engage and motivate customers, ultimately driving brand awareness, customer loyalty, and increased sales. However, not all games are created equal, and choosing the one that will engage and entertain your target audience is the key to your promotion’s success. If you’re looking to strengthen brand awareness, generate leads, and promote your product or service while entertaining your target audience, a Word Shuffle gamified promotion will do the trick.

In this article, we will delve into the features and advantages of creating and launching a Word Shuffle game using the Easypromos platform and will take a look at some real-life examples of successful promotions.

Word Shuffle

How does Word Shuffle work?

The principle of the game is quite straightforward: players have to place the letters presented to them in the right order to reveal the hidden word or phrase within the allotted time.

With Easypromos, creating a digital Word Shuffle game has never been easier. You might think that the most time-consuming aspect of creating the game would be coming up with the words and clues. Maybe not if you plan to only include 5 words in the game, but as the number of words to include grows, so does the time and effort required. Well, not quite! The Easypromos promotion editor incorporates an AI tool that will automatically generate the words and clues. All you have to do is indicate the language, the topic, and how many questions you want. The AI tool will then generate the questions and all you have to do is choose the ones you want to include. It’s that Easy!

Use the AI tool to create your Word Shuffle game

Define the format of the clue

The words generated by the AI tool will include a written clue for the players, which you can edit if you wish to. However, if you want to make the game more visual, say to include images of your products, you can upload an image to serve as a clue instead of a written one. Want to mix it up and use written and visual clues? You can do that too!

Word Shuffle game with visual clues

How many words can be uploaded?

The editor allows you to upload up to 500 words and the game itself can include from one to 25 randomly chosen words per game. However, to provide a positive playing experience, we recommend including between 3 and 10 words per game.

Prize Distribution

Games are fun, and that’s why people play them. But for a gamified promotional action to be truly successful, entertainment alone is simply not enough. And this is where prizes and the way you distribute them comes into play. Firstly, choose a prize, or prizes, that are both attractive and relevant to your target audience. Secondly, define how those prizes will be given away. Easypromos offers a wide variety of prize distribution strategies. Here are a few ideas:

  • The top-ranked players get a prize
  • A final prize draw is carried out among the X top-ranked players
  • All registered players enter a final prize draw
  • Or a combination of all of the above!

Get a feel of the user experience with this Valentine’s Word Shuffle demo.

Word Shuffle game to reward your audience and build loyalty

Membership and loyalty programs offer numerous advantages for both brands and customers. For brands, they drive customer retention, boost revenue, offer valuable consumer insights, and encourage brand advocacy. On the other hand, customers enjoy exclusive discounts or personalized offers, but most importantly a sense of belonging within a community. Add a little fun to the chance of winning a prize with an entertaining and engaging game, and success is guaranteed!

University of Kentucky Word Shuffle game

In the example above, the Alumni Association of the University of Kentucky wanted to show its members its appreciation and reward them with the possibility of winning a prize, whilst entertaining and challenging them with a Word Shuffle game. Players simply had to fill out the registration form to play the game and enter the final prize draw. The lucky winner got a Keeneland Racecourse Prize Pack that included tickets to an exclusive VIP room.

Word Shuffle to promote your product offer

Product promotion and brand recall are two essentials of any marketing strategy. Brands are constantly in search of new strategies to implement them and gamified promotional actions are now a consolidated trend.

Silken Hotels gamified promotion

Take a look at this promotion launched by the Silken Hotel chain in Spain. The brand launched a Word Shuffle game in which players had to guess the names of the cities where that chain has hotels. With this action, the organizers not only promoted their establishments in a fun manner but also made sure that their audience knew in which Spanish cities they had a presence.

Educate your audience on your product or brand with a Word Shuffle game

Velvet MGL is a chocolate and patisserie shop in the Spanish city of Tarragona that offers a unique and high-quality product. The shop launched a Word Shuffle game to promote its product offering and to educate its audience on aspects ranging from their shop’s location to the source of their chocolate.

Velvet MGL Word Shuffle game

The shop communicated the promotion on all their social media accounts and fostered competitiveness, and therefore engagement, by rewarding the ten fastest players with a prize.

In the following example, the South African gym chain Edge launched a promotion giving participants a chance to win from a one-day pass to a full year’s membership to their fitness centers. Players had to register for the promotion and unscramble a series of words related to health and fitness.

Edge fitness clubs gamified promotion

Raise awareness with a Word Shuffle game

La Rioja Recicla is a public initiative that aims to educate the population of the autonomous community of La Rioja in Spain, on recycling and its benefits. As part of their campaign to educate and raise awareness, the organization launched a Word Shuffle game that included educational content. Additionally, users who registered and played entered a final prize draw for the chance to win one of three Spanish cured hams.

Word Shuffle game to educate and raise awareness

So now you know. If you’re looking for a gamified promotion to promote your brand that is both fun and engaging, customizable, and easy to set up and manage, the Easypromos Word Shuffle app ticks all the boxes.

We hope you find this article useful and inspiring. If you have any doubts or questions don’t hesitate to contact us via live-chat. We will be happy to help.

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