The ultimate guide to creating digital coupons with Easypromos

Miquel Bonfill
Miquel Bonfill
Coupon campaigns are highly efficient actions to attract and retain customers. Easypromos provides an all-in-one tool to create and distribute all kinds of digital coupons . This guide covers the general characteristics and kinds of coupons, how to create them, and prize redemption methods.

Coupons are a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers. Recent studies show that 60% of consumers in the United States used online coupons in 2023, and 73% of shoppers are willing to provide their email addresses to receive a 20% discount coupon.

With Easypromos, creating and distributing digital coupons has never been so simple and effective. Whether you want to boost sales in your physical store or e-commerce, coupons allow you to instantly reward your customers in line with your brand’s style. From online redeemable electronic coupons to in-store coupons redeemable at the point of sale, Easypromos has the perfect solution for you.

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how to create, customize, and distribute digital coupons with Easypromos.


Main features of Easypromos’ Coupons

A coupon is a digital document or code that allows holders to obtain a discount or benefit when purchasing a product or service. Companies use coupons as a marketing tool to encourage purchases, attract new customers, retain existing ones, or promote a specific product or service.

Coupons manages or generated with the Easypromos platform have the following main features::

  • Unique alphanumeric codes: In most cases, coupons consist of unique alphanumeric codes distributed among users. Easypromos can manage various delivery methods, from providing the same code to all participants to handling promotions with millions of different codes.
  • QR code or barcode format: In addition to alphanumeric codes, Easypromos offers the option to display the code in QR code or barcode format. The following formats are supported: EAN-13, CODE 128, and CODE 39.
  • Unit control: With Easypromos, you have the capability of determining the quantity of units that will be distributed for each coupon. In the case of coupons linked to physical prizes, the number of units is usually limited. However, for coupons linked to discounts, the campaign administrator has the option to not set a limit on the potential number of coupons that can be distributed.
  • Expiration date management: Possibility of assigning an expiration date to coupons. This date can be specific, or to create a sense of urgency, a relative expiration date can be set based on the moment the coupon was delivered. For example: ‘You have 15 minutes to claim your free drink.’
  • Personalized PDFs creation: Each coupon can include a personalized PDF with dynamic information about the coupon holder. We will cover this in detail later in this guide.
  • Instructions and download options: With Easypromos, you can configure usage instructions and coupon download options to guide the user through the redemption process.
  • Prize redemption tool: Allows for quick and secure code verification at the point of sale through a comprehensive prize redemption tool that supports two redemption methods. We will dedicate a specific section of the guide to this point.
  • User-data collection: Easypromos dynamics where coupons are distributed require users to fill out a registration form, which can be fully customized. This provides valuable data that can be used to better understand your audience.
  • Automated email delivery: Coupons can be sent to users via email, Easypromos provides a platform to send personalized transactional emails automatically as soon as a user has obtained the coupon.
  • Comprehensive reporting: Easypromos offers reports and statistics that allow you to see how coupons are distributed and redeemed. The administrator can download Excel reports to find out who obtained a coupon and, if the coupons have a redemption system, how many have been used, and where.

Types of coupons

Easypromos offers two main types of coupons, each one has their own advantages and is more appropriate for specific scenarios.

A. E-Coupons (digital prizes):

  • Alphanumeric codes that clients can redeem during their shopping process in your e-commerce.
  • They can be unique and individual codes for each customer or a single code for all customers. E.g.: XmasDiscount20%
  • The most common process would involve creating your own discount codes for your e-commerce (Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, etc) and copy-paste these codes to your Easypromos promotion to be distributed among your customers.
  • E-coupons can also consist of codes associated with gift cards from Amazon. Shopify, Netflix, or any other gift card system.
Example: digital game with a digital coupon prize

B. Point-of-sale Coupons (physical prizes):

  • In-store coupons are vouchers (sometimes also referred to as ‘vouchers’) that customers can redeem for products or services at a physical establishment. These coupons can be presented digitally on a mobile device or printed.
  • These coupons represent the digital evolution of traditional discount vouchers, but instead of being printed on paper, they are digital.
  • They can be redeemed in physical stores by showing the coupon information on the mobile device or printing the coupon.
  • They are ideal for promotions where you want participants to visit the store to redeem the prize.
  • Since they require in-person interaction to be redeemed, in-store coupons can provide valuable data about customer preferences and behaviors in the store.
Digital coupon redeemable at physical shop


Boost sales and increase foot traffic to your points of sale with digital coupons and redeemable prizes. Create you coupons easily and automatically with the coupon app.


Coupon redemption methods

Redemption methods determine how customers can use coupons to claim offers or prizes. Easypromos offers redemption methods that are suitable for both physical and digital environments. Let’s see how they work:


A. Physical point-of-sale redemption

Coupons can be redeemed at the physical point-of-sale in the following ways:

A.1 Canjeo mostrando el móvil Mobile phone redemption

  • Customers show the coupon on their mobile phones to the staff in the shop.
  • Users use the redemption slider function on their phone.
  • Once verified, the prize is handed over to the user and the corresponding digital voucher cannot be used again.
  • The main advantage of this method is that it keeps the interaction time between staff and customers to a minimum.
  • Coupons are displayed on a screen with a countdown and a sliding button that prevents making screenshots so that the coupon can be used repeatedly.
  • This redemption method is ideal for establishments with high levels of sales activity. For example, fast-food shops that reward customers with free sodas or fries.

A.2 QR code scan redemption using the Easypromos validation portal

  • For this option, the Easypromos validation portal comes into play. It consists of a tool that keeps track of all validated coupons in real-time.
  • The user shows a coupon with a QR code on it.
  • The staff in the shop scans the QR code and the system checks on the spot that the coupon hasn’t been used before and validates it.
  • It is not necessary to download any app to validate the QR code coupon as it is scanned using a mobile phone camera.
  • If, for any reason, the code cannot be scanned, the coupon’s code can be entered manually in the system.

In both cases, since the entire distribution and redemption process is carried out through the Easypromos platform, we guarantee that the coupons can only be redeemed once, and we provide comprehensive information about when and where each coupon has been redeemed.

A.3 Redemption through the client’s own coupon validation system

  • There are scenarios where customers already have their own coupon validation system and use Easypromos solely for coupon distribution.
  • In this context, coupons distributed through Easypromos can be associated with an alphanumeric code, a QR code, or a barcode, depending on what the customer’s validation system accepts.
  • If QR codes or barcodes are used, the customer’s store employees can scan the coupons using the same barcode reader on their POS system, or alternatively, enter the alphanumeric code of the coupon directly into the POS system.
  • If the customer’s validation system is used, the analysis of the distributed codes versus the redeemed codes will have to be done by combining the information from Easypromos with the information from the customer’s system.
Example: digital coupon with bar code


B. Redemption on a digital platform or e-commerce

Digital coupons can be redeemed on digital platforms through a simple process:

  • In the case of digital coupons, Easypromos’ role is limited to the coupon delivery; the core redemption process is carried out either on the client’s e-commerce platform or the platform associated with the gift card.
  • Customers enter the unique coupon code in the appropriate field during the checkout process on the e-commerce website or the corresponding digital platform (such as Amazon, Spotify, etc.).
  • Once entered, the client’s system automatically validates the coupon code to ensure it is legitimate and has not been used previously.


Customized PDFs linked to a digital coupon

Many consumers still value the familiar feeling of a printed coupon in hand. At Easypromos, we have found an elegant way to merge the best of both worlds: by associating a downloadable and fully customized PDF with digital coupons. This practice reduces the mental gap between the traditional offline coupon and the modern online coupon, providing a smooth transition that respects users’ preference for something tangible.

When creating a coupon in Easypromos, there is the option to enable downloadable content so that users can download the coupon in PDF format and receive it by email. Here’s how it works:

  • Automatic PDF Generation: Easypromos can automatically generate a PDF of the coupon. This PDF will include the unique alphanumeric coupon code, making redemption easy both online and in physical stores.
  • Full Customization: The PDF can include various graphical elements such as text, images, and visual separators. This allows the creation of an attractive and functional design that highlights the coupon’s important details.
  • Validation QR Code: A validation QR code can also be included in the PDF, making it easier to redeem the coupon at the point of sale.
  • Drag & Drop: The distribution of text and graphic elements in the PDF can be easily customized using a convenient drag-and-drop system.
  • Use of Variables: Dynamic variables can be included in the PDF, such as the name and last name of the person who has won the coupon.
  • Email Delivery: Once personalized, the PDF can be automatically emailed to users who have got a coupon.
  • Custom PDFs: Easypromos also supports the import of external PDFs. The most common case being uploading numbered concert tickets. In other words, the user receives the original concert ticket directly.
Easypromos digital coupon editor

PDF customization provides an effective way to maintain a connection with the offline world, offering customers a flexible and satisfying redemption experience. Creating customized coupons ensures that every aspect of the coupon reflects your brand’s identity, adding coherence to the entire promotional campaign.


Ways to distribute coupons

The coupon distribution functionality is universal across all Easypromos dynamics, meaning any promotion, giveaway, contest, or game in Easypromos can incorporate coupons as prizes.

This section provides a summary of the most common practices, but we recommend visiting the Easypromos applications catalog for up-to-date and extensive information on all our products.

  • Registration Form: A coupon is delivered in exchange for users leaving their contact information. It’s the most direct and straightforward dynamic. As mentioned at the beginning of this guide, statistics show that over 70% of shoppers would be willing to fill out a registration form in exchange for a 20% discount coupon. A universal rule is that the higher the perceived value of the coupon, the more information we can ask from the user without the risk of them leaving the process halfway.
  • Mass Email to a User List: If you want to reward users you already have contact with, whether they are customers or newsletter subscribers, this method is ideal. You simply need to upload a file with user data to Easypromos, and from there, you can send an email to each user with a unique coupon. For example, if you have a food delivery service, you can offer a discount to all those who placed an order within the last week. Both the coupon and the email can include user information for a fully personalized experience.
  • Direct Prize Dynamics: One of the most fun ways to distribute prizes is through classic dynamics like a Prize Wheel’ or a Scratch and Win digital scratchcard. Any of the prizes assigned in these dynamics can be coupons. Distributing coupons through direct prize dynamics not only rewards users, but also creates a memorable and positive association with your brand.
  • Interactive Games: In recent years, it has become clear that simple interactive games like puzzles, word searches, or quizzes significantly increase user engagement, especially when a global ranking with participant scores is displayed. In Easypromos, you can tailor the distribution of coupons based on user performance in these games. For example, a high score in a trivia game could result in a coupon with a more significant discount. This strategy not only introduces a fun element, but also encourages effort and active participation, making the distribution of coupons a more rewarding and personalized experience.
  • Discount or Coupon Book: With Easypromos you can create a Coupon Book, a multi-stage promotion where you group several discounts so that users can easily explore the offers. For example, you can have sections for discounts on new products and others for popular products. Users navigate the directory, choosing the coupons that interest them. This strategy enriches the user experience, highlights different product categories, and encourages loyalty by allowing users to come back and discover new offers.
  • User-Generated Content (UGC) Contests: Combining user-generated content contests with the delivery of discount coupons is an effective tactic to reward participation. For example, in a photo contest where the grand prize could be a trip to New York, you can offer discount coupons to all participants simply for entering the contest. This tactic not only incentivizes participation, but also values the time and effort of each participant. Therefore, creating a positive and lasting relationship between them and your brand.
  • Offline Coupons: Yet another possibility is that the client distributes coupons in a more traditional way. I.e., code printed in a brochure, flyers, or a physical coupon booklet. 

Easypromos allows you to use its validation portal to verify these codes, even if they weren’t distributed through a registration form in Easypromos. The client simply uploads the coupon codes to Easypromos, and through the validation portal, can track how many codes have been redeemed and at which establishments the redemptions were made.



The digital world has redefined the way we interact with customers, and digital coupons have become an essential tool in this interaction. Throughout this guide, we have explored how Easypromos makes it easy to create, distribute, and manage digital coupons. Thus, enabling brands to connect with their audiences effectively and creatively. The possibilities are almost limitless, and the various distribution and customization methods offered by Easypromos make coupon delivery an enriching experience for both businesses and users.

Infographic, types of digital coupons

Infographic, types of digital coupons


If you have any questions or would like to see Easypromos in action, our sales team is here to help you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to explore all the solutions that the platform has to offer to help you achieve your marketing goals.

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