Examples of Successful Lead Generation Campaigns on Social Media

Kamila Palka
Kamila Palka
If you’re in charge of generating leads then you definitely know how tough it is to come up with effective and efficient strategies to collect the so desired leads. Social media brings together a tremendous number of people, therefore it is a perfect place to turn to for data collection. But it is often difficult to attract the attention of your target audience and even more to obtain their contact details. However, it’s totally doable with the right approach and the results can be resounding! Are you interested in finding out more about generating leads on social media? Read on because we’re about to explain some interesting facts and examples!

According to the recent statistics published by HubSpot, lead generation is the top priority for marketers. In fact, 61% of respondents reported that generating leads and traffic is the hardest challenge they face. The truth is that there are many different ways to obtain details from potential customers but without a doubt, social media is where you can reach new prospects at the lowest cost. This is thanks to the possibilities of dissemination and audience segmentation that social media offers. 

Key aspects for better lead conversion on social media

Before we proceed to analyze examples of successful lead generation strategies, let’s take a look at some key points to have in mind when putting together a new lead generation campaign.

Motivate users to share their contact details 

The 21st-century customer is more aware of the value of their personal data, therefore they’re not likely to share personal email addresses or phone numbers for no particular reason. Thus if you’re organizing a lead generation campaign on social media ensure to offer something interesting in return for new contact details, simply because promotions with incentivized participation are much more popular than the ones without any rewards. Discount coupons, fun experiences, short getaways, gift boxes full of your products, or even product samples do the work. If you can’t decide which option to go for put yourself in your followers’ shoes and ask yourself: “In return for what prize would I share my contact details?”. 

lead generation on social media

The example from Hello Padel Academy shows perfectly how brands should use social media for lead generation. The brand shared a link to their lead capturing promotion across social media networks to attract more participants and make the quiz go viral. 

Explain well how you will use the contact details

Over the past few years, many companies have acquired new leads on a massive scale, with little or no segmentation, and sometimes without any knowledge of their origin. More direct and responsible data collection (Zero-Party Data) is now possible thanks to the GDPR, the maturity of online users, and a thorough analysis of the previously used lead generation techniques. Brand honesty is important for all companies and their customers, therefore honest and clear explanation of how data will be used is essential and expected. In return, participants who agree to receive targeted commercial communications will be high-quality potential customers, fully aware of how your brand uses their data. 

Don’t be too demanding when asking for personal information

The amount of personal information that you request in the registration form is inversely proportional to the final number of users registered in your promotion. The reason for this is that potential participants focus their attention on the promotion, contest, or giveaway with certain expectations. If the user decides that the prize and promotion are worth sharing their data they will proceed. However, if you’re asking for too much information the potential participants will quickly feel discouraged and won’t proceed with the registration process. 

Therefore, in order to avoid discouraging your potential participants start by asking for little and only essential information that you really need. In the future, you will be able to segment the newly obtained leads with more personalized promotions and campaigns. 

Let’s not forget that the registration form is not the only way to obtain information about your new potential customers. Questionnaires, such as Personality Quizzes or Surveys provide information about participants’ likes, dislikes, and preferences. This information can be then used to offer better targeted promotions. 

lead generation on social media

Generate engagement and provide entertainment

The average American consumer sees about 5000 ads every day. That’s the reason why grabbing the attention of your target audience is the very first thing you must do it order to generate leads. Online communities respond well to gamified promotions, simply because interactive and engaging content like stands out. The good news is that interactive and playable promotions are now within the reach of any brand. 

If you’re planning a lead generation campaign you should also take into consideration the entertainment that you’re delivering your audience. The conversion rate tends to be better whenever campaigns stimulate the participants’ creativity or invite them to join a challenge or a game.

Plan the dissemination strategy

The type of promotion and incentives are the two main factors that determine the success of any campaign. But dissemination also plays a vital role in the final results. 

Before you launch your lead generation campaign you need to make a plan on how and where you want to share the promotion. The frequency of your posts and visual aspects are as important as the text. 

If your goal is to reach as many potential participants as possible we recommend that your organic publications should always be accompanied by paid ads and sponsored posts. When it comes to social media a small advertising investment can make a big difference. 

So which social media channels are the best for your promoting your lead generation campaign? Some brands see better results on Facebook than on Instagram, while others prefer Twitter than YouTube. Other emerging social media channels like TikTok, Linkedin, or even Strava can be a great source of traffic for your campaign; it all depends on your brand and products. The best way to identify the best social media network for your brand and campaign is by closely monitoring the response, impressions, and interactions that you’re getting on your posts. Next time you organize a lead generation campaign on social media you will already know in which channels you should invest more to optimize the ROI. 

We will now take a look at lead generation campaigns that got resounding results with the help of social media. Get ready for some inspiring examples! 

15000 participants in a Hidden Objects game

Prevencion Salud is an Argentinian prepaid health insurance company that regularly launches social media actions to increase brand engagement and awareness. The brand launched a Hidden Objects game to celebrate their 6th anniversary and also grow their database. 15000 participants shared their contact details for a chance to win a new notebook. 

lead generation on social media

More than 5000 leads collected with a Match It game

Devonshire Hotels & Restaurants is a group of luxury hotels, inns and cottages in the United Kingdom. Devonshire Hotels & Restaurants gamified their marketing strategy and launched a branded Match It game. Apart from looking to attract the attention of a wider public the brand also wanted to expand their mailing list in order to communicate with potential clients.

lead generation on social media

The hotel group shared their branded Valentine’s Day game across social media channels to convert social media followers into leads. Participants shared their contact details and in return, they got a chance to win a romantic overnight stay at any Devonshire Hotel location. The brand generated almost 5,400 new contact details. 

Easypromos applications permit you to share Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions of your digital promotions. To comply with GDPR rules you can easily add opt-in fields that users accept to confirm they’ve read the legal bases. Therefore, you expand your mailing list with zero-party data.

More than 2000 new contact details with a Personality Quiz

Personality Quizzes tend to be popular with online communities. They provide entertainment and at the end of the questionnaire participants see personalized messages. Spar – a multinational franchise of food retail – launched Valentine’s Day campaign in which they raffled a romantic dinner for two. Participants answered a series of questions about their likes and dislikes about Valentine’s Day for a chance to win.

lead generation on social media

Did you know that you can use the participants’ answers to segment your leads for more personalized communication?

3000 entrants in a Writing Contest

The incentive is always the main motivation for joining a contest. AussieYouTOO helps those that inspire to study and work in Australia. Every year the company organizes a competition in which they give away a free mini-scholarship. Last year, AussieYouTOO launched a Writing Contest in which they asked the participants to answer a very simple question: “How would you communicate without knowing English?”. 

More than 3000 participants shared their answers in a Writing Contest. It was a great way to grab the attention of potential customers and promote their product and brand. In addition, the had 3000 pieces of user-generated content to use for their promotional purposes. 

Did you know that with the Easypromos auto login you can restrict participation only to the users registered in your app, customer area, or intranet? It’s a great way to offer personalized promotions available only to your clients and reward their loyalty.

1000 UGC pieces and contact details generated with a Scenes app

Did you know that user-generated content is the most authentic content brands can share? So what’s better than organizing a campaign to collect UGC?

TravelUp is a travel agency from the United Kingdom. The brand was looking to advertize flights to Brazil so they organized an online contest in collaboration with LATAM Airlines. One lucky participant won return tickets for two to Sao Paolo.

lead generation on social media

Pizza is one of the most popular dishes in Sao Paolo, therefore the brand invited their audience to create their own pizzas using the Scenes app. The campaign brought almost 1000 participants who shared their pizzas designs along with their contact details.

As you can see turning to social media for lead generation is a fantastic idea that can bring resounding results. We really hope that these examples have given you a great idea of how to create your own lead generation campaign on social media channels. So if you’re looking to expand your mailing list while entertaining and engaging your audience you know now what to do! And in case of any questions or doubts, you can contact our Support Team.

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