How to Launch a Game + Giveaway and Integrate it with HubSpot

Gerard Vergés
If you’re looking to enhance your digital marketing strategy, increase brand awareness, and capture new clients, surprise your audience with a game + giveaway! And not only that, in this article we will go into how to integrate it with HubSpot.

Gamification is a very attractive way to capture new leads and showcase your brand as strategically and technologically innovative. There are plenty of reasons to carry out online giveaways. These might include public holidays, company anniversaries, or collaborations with brands or influencers. Moreover, implementing a game plus a customized giveaway is an original way of thinking outside the box and catching your audience’s attention. By gamifying your promotion you will increase your customer appeal, not to mention retaining and engaging your audience. 

Keep on reading to learn how to set up a game + giveaway, how to link it to HubSpot, and make the most out of your online campaign. Are you ready to beat the competition?

Define the objective for the game + giveaway

Have you decided on a game? With Easypromos you can fully customize interactive online games with your corporate image: puzzles, wordsearch, matching games, hidden objects, etc. Additionally, Easypromos offers other gamified dynamics such as prize roulettes, quizzes, personality tests, etc.

Once you have decided on the game, and before launching it, you need to define a good strategy and set attainable goals. Firstly, ask yourself: what is your primary objective? This could be promoting a new product, increasing your social media followers, or increasing your website traffic. Secondly, set a well-defined objective and strategy to achieve your intended reach.

While organizing your campaign, think of how and where. That is to say, on which platforms and applications are you going to post your promotion? Are you using only social networks? Moreover, games can be posted as a dedicated website and use a link to promote it on any digital medium. You can also embed the game on your website or blog or even use a pop-up.

Customizing the game elements with Easypromos

One of the advantages of setting up a game + giveaway with Easypromos is the possibility of swiftly and easily customizing the promotional action. Use the elements of your corporate image to configure the game: your logo, colors, font, images, etc. You can also manage the gameplay level, that is, game difficulty, playing time, movements, and so on.

You can configure all the game parameters and upload your images or photos to customize the final game design with your brand identity This includes the game board, cards, background, instructions, prizes, coupons, etc.

Integrating the game + giveaway with HubSpot’s CRM

The only thing left to do to create the full game + giveaway is to integrate it with HubSpot. In the article How to Launch a Giveaway with HubSpot Integration, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to import the new contacts into your database using the HubSpot tool.

HubSpot integration tool

Game participation allows registering the players’ emails and turning them into leads to nurture your HubSpot database. When a new contact is included in the CRM, personalized value content can be sent according to the buyer persona so that the customer moves forward in the buyer cycle.

Keep in mind that one of the most important steps is to choose the registration form fields. What information do you wish to collect? What information is relevant to your business? During the registration process, you are mining essential information on the buyer persona and you can decide which information fields are important to you.

Activate your HubSpot integration before posting your promotion online and get all the information from day one!

How can I foster game competitiveness to capture more leads?

Competition among users to win the game starts the moment you create a game + giveaway. However, there are ways to further incentivize participation, offer attractive prizes and creative rankings:

  • Scores and ranking. Post a giveaway with several prizes and set up the game so that points are awarded according to the participant’s activity. Post a real-time ranking to increase competitiveness. 
  • Follow-up emails. Send emails to participants to inform them about their participation. Additionally, confirm their scores or send coupons and prizes; you can do it using Easypromos or HubSpot. 

Game + Giveway HubSpot Integration

  • Incentivize sharing. The more people participate, the better. Hence, motivate participants to share the promotion and offer them rewards for every friend they invite. Finally, posting the game on several social networks is a good way to increase participation and shares.

Analyze and measure the campaign’s results

The most fun and relevant stage starts once the giveaway finishes: results analysis. Consequently, it’s important to not just leave these data to collect dust. To improve your strategy and understand why a campaign did or did not work, its results have to be measured and analyzed. Has the objective been reached?

Taking your objectives as a baseline, it is paramount to know which indicators you will use to measure the results. Easypromos and HubSpot offer a variety of options to analyze the collected data, or use the tools available to you, even the free ones!

Measure the results with HubSpot

HubSpot is a powerful tool and it will help you know whether you have reached your goals. The amount of contacts collected is a good success indicator. There are, however, other options within the system that generate a clearer data collection:

  • Contact lists. You can create specific contact lists to categorize where contacts come from. This allows you to distinguish between contacts that come from a web registration form or from the game + giveaway. 
  • HubSpot campaigns. The best way to have a general visualization of all of the information is to create a campaign within HubSpot. Access Marketing > Campaigns and start your analysis!

Game and Giveaway HubSpot integration

Game and Giveaway HubSpot integration

Easypromos and report management

Easypromos’ platform registers and measures participants’ activities and shows the data in reports and statistics. Some of the data you can collect includes: visitors per page, visit sources, conversion ratio, gameplay time, clicks, etc.

Instagram Insights

Instagram offers company profiles free access to visualization of interactions, comments, visits to the profile, new followers, clicks, and others. review Instagram’s metrics to check out the interactions during the giveaway.

These measurements will help you analyze ROI and optimize your future campaigns. A marketing campaign based on a customized game fosters user engagement and strengthens your brand’s awareness. Make the most of your next giveaway with Easypromos and HubSpot integration!