User Login Options in Easypromos Games

Sílvia Martí
Sílvia Martí
Discover the user login options in Easypromos Games. Learn when to put the registration form before and after the game, and when to fully disable it. Discover advantages and characteristics of each option.

If you’re looking for a way to entertain your audience or strengthen relationships with your customers, then it’s likely that branded mini-games have crossed your mind. You’ve been probably also focusing on other goals that you’d want to accomplish with a playable promotion, but it’s possible that you’ve missed one important point. Viz the participation process.

It’s not a secret that you’re hoping the game will generate high engagement, no matter what application you go for (Puzzle, Memory, Hidden Objects, etc.). Maybe you already know whether you will allow single or multiple participation, and perhaps the prizes are already waiting on your desk for the lucky winners! But even if it seems banal, there’s one question you should be asking yourself: When will the users register, before or after they play? Or maybe they will participate anonymously?

Our Puzzle, Memory, Match It, Wordsearch, Hidden Objects, and Minesweeper games allow you to decide when you request user information. You can choose to put the form before or after the game, or completely disable the registration form. Bear in mind that by putting the form in one place or another, you not only change but also establish the way users will participate in your promotion. Today, we will take you through the advantages and characteristics of each option. And we hope that by the end of this post you will know which login option is better for you!

Reasons for pre-participation registration

By enabling the “Login” option before the game, you immediately get better control of participating users. This is simply because they have to register before they get to play. From that moment on, all the activity from each user will be counted as “participations” under one registered account. The users can also be given several opportunities to play (per hour, day, or entire promotion).

Login options in Easypromos games, mobile preview

The pre-participation registration has many benefits for both, the organizer and the participant.

Login options in Easypromos games, advantages for players and organizers

More login options

Promotions created with Easypromos incorporate the social login option. This feature allows participants to identify themselves using their Facebook, Google, X, TikTok, Twitch, or Linkedin credentials. By offering various login options you eliminate possible difficulties that users might face when signing up. By allowing more login options you will recruit more participants.

Greater security

By placing the registration form before the game, you obligate the user to verify their email address in order to complete the registration process and gain access to the game. The anti-fraud system will also refuse access to specified email addresses. For example, temporary or prohibited domains, or blacklisted users.

More Gameplay options

With the pre-participation registration, you can allow users to play multiple times a day. This means that the player can repeat the game continuously throughout the day, until the moment they reach the limit of their daily opportunities. All the entries will be added to the same registered user, and the highest score will be displayed in the overall ranking.

Login options in games

In this tutorial, you will find all the characteristics of games with pre-participation registration.

The pre-participation registration is a great option for promotions that last at least one week. It is also recommended that these games should be difficult to solve. This will motivate the user to come back daily to try to beat their previous score.

This is also a good option if your focus is on customer loyalty and retention. Branded mini-games with pre-participation registration are also effective if you’re looking to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website. 

When it comes to games with pre-participation registration, prizes are very important. It is also vital to determine how you will select the winners. Thanks to the integrated anti-fraud systems, you can give away the main prize to the fastest participant, as the whole participation process is secure and transparent. It is also a great idea to distribute smaller incentives. For example:

  • Reward all players that achieved the minimum number of points. This is a great way to reward the users’ participation and time that they put into your game.
  • Direct prize for the fastest player each day. This will motivate the users to come back to play.
  • Raffle a prize between all participants and award them with additional entries for each day the played.

Do you want to test our Puzzle DEMO with pre-participation registration? It’s a great way to learn about the real user-experience!

Reasons for registration after participation

Are you looking to energize your social media networks and expose the audience to your corporate image? Then challenge them to a fun game with the registration form after participation. If lead generation is not your primary goal of the game, there’s no need for a participation barrier that could be created by requesting customer details before the game. It’s important to remember that some members of your online community simply won’t be ready to share their contact details just to gain access to your promotion. Therefore, by putting the registration form after the game you allow more users to experience your gamified campaign, thus be exposed to your corporate image and products.

Another important aspect to consider is the prize you give away. It’s undeniable that attractive incentives encourage more users to take part in a promotion. Moreover, the option to play and then sign up gives all participants the same odds of winning the prize, as the participants can play as many times as they want before they decide to register their score. 

Branded games allow you to offer your audience some entertainment, but it is also a very unique way to obtain user data. If you decide to place the registration form after the game, then remember that the game shouldn’t be too difficult to complete. This is so that the user can solve the challenge at one of their first attempts. Another way to convince more users to share their data is to offer each registered person a discount code or voucher.

Login options games

Single, multi and anonymous participation

One of the main differences between games with registration form before and after the participation is the number of participation opportunities that the user gets.

  • If the user first plays and then registers, they get only one chance to participate throughout the whole duration of the promotion.
  • When the user first registers and then plays, the brand determines how many times each user can participate. (For example, you can give three daily participations.)
  • If you disable the registration form and allow the users to participate anonymously, the users will be able to play as many times as they wish. In this case, the brand shares the game as a way to entertain their audience, only to increase engagement and brand awareness. Anti-fraud systems will also be disabled, there will be no prize to win.

The prize, difficulty level, and gameplay options are the three most important aspects to have in mind when setting up your own branded mini-game. Give them a thought before deciding on the duration of the promotion and the difficulty level of the game. This way you will avoid participation barriers and increase the overall brand engagement. 

Do you have doubts about setting up your own branded mini-game? Contact our Support Team, always available to inspire and assist!